Cagliari, 91, can’t get on the bus with the dog Cagliari

It was the last day of December 2009 and it was sunny. My previous and favorite dog had been gone for two months and it was very empty at home. So, early on Facebook, I started looking for some dog ads for adoption. I saw one: white, rectangular, stubby legs, of course a strange animal. I liked it and made an appointment with the girl who kept him stuck and some more poor wretch picked up from the street. That day in December came: I entered the house with the garden and a barking and festive dog crowd greeted me. All except Biancon. “She is old and sick,” the volunteer told me. “After you have been hurt by an illness, you decide if you have the head to make this other promise.” I was sitting on a garden staircase thinking about it when I suddenly saw a quadruped half between a dwarf Doberman and a giant pinser barking madly at a crow who had unfortunately come to the fence for him. The same caterpillar jumped on me: OK, he’s the winner.

After signing the “paperwork” for the pre-assignment, the volunteer told me: “She’s about 2 years old, it’s a hurricane. I want to warn you that she’s going to run away. Don’t listen and run away. ”Thus began the love story between me and Gilly, with a caution and a river of bark. .

The first period was not easy: he was really tireless, he had to walk miles every day. At home he wanted to constantly consider and no matter what I did he stood in front of me and looked at me. I changed my habits for him: we used to walk in the morning, afternoon and evening. He has learned to work with me, to drive everywhere, to wait for me in times of need. No, I never taught him anything: our understanding was perfect. He understood what I wanted and did it. A few weeks later I overheard the volunteer on the phone asking how he was doing: “Gilly walks without a claw and follows me without even calling him”, I told him. We went to the agility dog ​​to try to calm his explosive power: our perfect relationship was also reflected in this situation. He was very good at discipline and seems to have been trained in my company since childhood. In reality it was only our love that allowed us to overcome each of the “Kunir” obstacles and difficulties.

Fiscieto and Gili

The perfect companion on every occasion, he generously welcomed the infamous Fiscieto when, a year later, directly off the streets of the Sardinian capital, he became part of the family. Two completely different characters that made them, many years later, Raymondo and Sandra all four. Quick, attentive and he presents himself as lost in his thoughts and his “Mandronia” (laziness, Sardinian). Energetic, with a shiny coat and always ready for jelly action; Indifferent, the hair is like a random pipe cleaner and always ready to rush to the fiatio sofa. Perfect imperfect match. The same thing happened when the human little brother came: the exit was done with the escort. Gili on the left, dwarf on a pram or stroller in the middle, fisciato on the right. Never any violence, never any problem: only love, kindness, welcome, respect.

Gilly has combined all the colors: his works are still remembered in Canine Analysis. Among the best: Stealing and uninvited access to the kitchen of a well-known restaurant, Mariner (historic district of Cagliari), kilometers from Poito. We were walking on the beach, often in the winter, and he was busy with his most fun: sniffing at the waves and gurgling through the sea potatoes in search of some dead and rotten fish. At a certain point he suddenly stops: at one point, like a hound, he begins to look at two poor tourists wearing white, white and blonde sandals and socks. Here: That day he started running like a splinter towards the unfortunate ones who had already spread their towels on the beach, not knowing what would happen soon. Because Gilly not only started buzzing in one of their backpacks but Conad took out a huge slice of Gruer wrapped from the charcuterie counter. I still remember their stunned gaze and my attempt to apologize in English when he smiled happily and contentedly under his mustache. Instead of going to a restaurant on a Sunday, he would sit under a table and wait for a piece of bread or something edible: he was always present at every departure, and without the danger that he would attack the table (not the diner but the table itself). . The day he was able to take off his shoes and enter the kitchen by himself, passing the waiters’ checks, no one knows how, the glass door overlooked the garden and the kitchen. I saw him run away when someone was shouting at him against all kinds of insults.

Nothing could stop her: until the last day she realized I was happy or crying. Until the moment, now with only the power to move the eyelids, he looked at me and kissed my nose and cheek. His last energy is engaged in thanking them. Together for our imaginary life, for precious and unforgettable moments, for many daily “sacrifices” (because yes, many organizations are involved in caring for a dog in a certain way), for a sleepless night sleeping on the ground so as not to leave it alone during his illness, Embroidered according to her and Fisieto’s needs for the holidays, for my daily life that we had. Says he never left her until the last moment. What’s left? Teach loyalty, respect, understanding. You snatched away what you gave me: 15 years of love between you and me, you weren’t a dog, you were and swallowed me.

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