Dishes and hands flew to Nina’s house. A book on violence against children (12/04/2022)

It was evening at Nina’s house when everything flew away. Plates fly, words fly, hands fly. Nina feels violence inside the house. Acting towards his father, mother. Nina is the protagonist of “Il Grande Volvo”, has written a new illustrated album Fulvia Degal ‘InnocentIllustrated by Sylvia Colombo (Edizioni Astragalo) Dedicated to direct violence.

Like her, about 500,000 minors are victims of violence in Italy every year. They are silent witnesses to the physical, verbal, psychological, sexual and economic violence perpetrated by men (husbands, partners, partners) against their mothers.

Care, affection and conversation are fundamental features of a good family environment. Unfortunately, in some cases these values ​​may fail, and families may be transformed into places where the violent treatment of mothers and children by men compromises both their physical and mental health.

“The starting point for me to try my hand at a story dealing with the issue of assisted violence comes to me from an operator in Bologna’s Casa delle Don who asked me to write a story that could help those who may be dealing with child victims.” Fulvia Degl ‘Innocenti, author, journalist for Famiglia Christian and author of more than 130 books for children and adolescents. “My idea was to write a story where children who saw violence (or themselves) could recognize it, but it was also a story for everyone, in the belief that children’s literature could bring young readers closer to all kinds of learning. Problems, even the most Dramatic, if said correctly, that is, to pay attention to their sensitivities, to avoid the most unpleasant details and to offer the prospect of hope and the possibility of overcoming difficulties. “

In this way Fulvia Degal ‘Innocent imagined a little girl witnessing her parents’ quarrels every day, I spoke of her bewilderment, her anguish, and her clumsy efforts to calm her father’s anger. In this way, he himself became the victim of that anger. In reality what could be described as a push or a beat turns into the beginning of a flight that fills him with so much pain from that house and flies him into the air, finally freeing and enlightening him. A flight at the end of which he returns home to discover that Ogre is gone, and that he and his mother have a new life without further violence.

The subtext suggests that, more often than not, when a mother realizes that her partner’s violence is directed not only at her but also at her children, she finds the strength to let go of that sick love and re-open herself and her children to deal with abused women. “By asking for help from one of the many associations that provide victims with the opportunity to move away from home, help them find work and new housing, and in parallel provide emotional support to help them recover from trauma immediately.”

Words alone would not have been enough without Sylvia Colombo’s provocative and dreamy imagery.

“When Fulvia told me about this book, it was immediately a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. Because the problem is really demanding and urgent, given the recent news, which one parent doesn’t always want to face,” says Colombo. “But I, a painter and a As a mother, I have always thought that even the most difficult things are really valuable for talking to children, because with the right language, with age-appropriate images, You can grow and educate through books “. (Illustrated book by Sylvia Colombo “Baby Jesus from the sea“)

“We must not forget – echoes of Fulvia de Gaulle’s innocence, who also runs the Pauline edition fiction series. Story Park And its president Icwa, Italian Association of Writers for Children – The story of the classic fairy tale with which the children of the generation have nurtured themselves, touching on things like incest (Donkey skin), Abandonment (Hansel and Gretel), Abuse (Cinderella“And those who believe in the intervention of their internal resources and other statistics in children have strengthened their ability to overcome difficulties.”

Colombo wanted to underline her mood with very strong colors, even acidic, as opposed to some background blacks, always softening the atmosphere with a “friendly” element, such as Nina’s cat. I wanted to underline the objects, the words as sharp as a blade and unfortunately the hands “fly” through very lively compositions: Whirlpools, trails and clouds that chase each otherAt one point in the story, Nina takes a fictional flight to escape the violent family reality:I depicted him in an orange balloon, a hint of color, here and there, on the house, on the street, on the sea, on the clouds.“As the text unfolds, the images change rhythm, the colors illuminate together with the words, and become more subtle, as her journey takes her to embrace her mother, now aware of her discomfort, brave, able to seek help. And a new one.” Everything is clean at home!

“Il grande volo” is a child’s dream journey, but also a mother, through this awareness that in a family, violence, no matter what form it takes, should not be tolerated, because true love does not survive on violence.6, emphasizes the painter. “I want to convey this message to mothers, fathers, children, professionals who will read this story. In fact, I believe that this book can be a useful tool for family use, but also in anti-violence centers, in organizations that do their utmost to help women and children get out of this suffocating and degraded environment. While I was researching to explain this book, I discovered that there are many! I quote 1522: This is the official anti-violence and stocking official telephone number, Promoted by the Department of Equal Opportunities and run by the Difference Women’s Association; To say; Lucha e Siesta; International House of Women; Pink telephone; Marcella House; Bologna Women’s House; International House of Women; CHIARA Onlus … without counting all the anti-violence centers in each region where irrationality, privacy, key points 7.

Opening picture:
The illustration is taken from “Il Grande Volo”, an illustrated book dedicated to perceived violence. Courtesy of the author.

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