Dog breeding compatible with Shaved Pyrenean Shepdog

Dog breeding compatible with Shaved Pyrenean Shepdog. Let’s see what these varieties are and their main features.

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Pyrenean sheep dog with a shaved mouthA small breed of dog Of French origin, it shares many of its features with its long-haired cousin.

Although it is A dog from the mountainsAs the name suggests, and therefore suitable for a type of work in contact with the sail, also Able to be an excellent companion dog.

It makes sense to think about socializing with a puppy to humans and other animals, but it would be possible to support him with other dogs of the same and different breeds if you want.

So let’s find out what compatible dog breeds are Shaved-faced Pyrenees with Aries dogs.

Dog breeding compatible with Shaved Pyrenean Shepdog

Dog breeds compatible with shaved-faced Pyrenean sheepdogs may differ, as this dog can handle herds both indoors and outdoors.

Therefore, the breeds we are going to offer range from small dogs that we usually see at home and dogs that have a love for the outdoors.

Here you are List of species compatible with Pyrenean Sheepdog with a shaved face:

  • Long-haired Pyrenean shepherd dog;
  • Australian Shepherds;
  • Border Collie;
  • Cockapoo;
  • Poodle;

Long-haired Pyrenean Shepherd Dog

First of all, his cousin, d The long-haired Pyrenean shepherd dog, one of the compatible breeds, If he is not who else.

Long-haired pyrenean shepherd dog
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The long-haired Pyrenean Shepdog is a hardworking dog, considering its origins and character traits, it is able to work hard to the best of its ability.

There is In addition, lAbility to deal with and resolve difficult situations. This is the feature indole brave, careful With extreme marked caution.

It is a good companion dog because it is very lively and extroverted, so kids love it.

This is a breed of dogMedium to small garlic, It is actually the smallest guide dog in the herd. It measures about 40-50 cm (Female slightly less) and weighs about 8-10 kg.

Overall rather short, but agile and muscular, a real bundle of tense nerves ready for spring.

Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd is the most friendly of the shepherds and is open to other species, including the short-faced Pyrenean sheepdog.

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Australian Shepherd Hall A dog with a living intelligence, loyal to its owners to whom it shows all its affection.

This breed comes often Used for livestock control, However, it is also used at sea and land rescue, anti-drug, guide dog for the blind and many other activities related to agility.

They are a good breed for children because they are very protective and tolerant

Australian Shepherd A medium to large sized dogWith a sturdy and agile body and weighs about 32 kg.

Border Collie

Border Collie Hall Bright and bright dog breed, a very intelligent dog that learns very quickly.

Border Collie
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Border Collie, a sheep dogActive, lively, strong and hardworking, great humble, awake, Sweet and especially good with children.

There is An extreme Must be busy And a great desire to please his lord, just like the shaved-faced Pyrenean sheep dog.

Being a very active dog, he doesn’t like to sit still, he doesn’t know laziness but needs to Exercise more than two hours daily.

This is a dog Well proportioned, medium size, with a harmonious and athletic look Weight about 14-20 Kg. All allowed colors but the most common variation is white-black.

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Kakapu A good companion dogBut a companion with cui take long walks.

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Kakapu is a very lively and constant dog Willingness to play, common feature with Pyrenean Sheepdog with a shaved face.

Kakapu is also very sociable and Able to make friends with All, Animals and people.

It fits well for living in an apartment, but it has a tendency to be quiet Does not like to be For A lot of time alone At home.

For this reason, they may well associate with the clear-faced Pyrenean Shepherd.

However, he needs a lord to whom he must spend time devoting time and playing.

Cockapoo, a wonderful breed of medium-sized size that originates in the United States, usually weighs no more than 9 kg, just like a shaved-faced Pyrenean sheep dog.

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Poodle is an active and dynamic dog Likes to walk, run and jump. This can be a delightful companion for the shaved-faced Pyrenean Sheepdog.

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Poodles, like the short-faced Pyrenean sheepdog, prefer to be outside. Both find themselves with a lively and joyful character that puts everyone in a good mood.

Poodle Loves its company Is not aggressive towards children and them.

It has a character Friendly, he is loyal to his family And its master, indeed it is a breed known for its fidelity and ease of training.

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