Miyazaki cartoons that teach us important lessons about life and nature

Miyazaki’s animated films can teach us a lot even though we are no longer children. Themes reflect our everyday choices.

Cartoons Which is not just for kids but for those who, on the contrary, they mainly want to talk to adults. Is Animation film From Hayao Miyazaki, The famous Japanese director and screenwriter who has given life to countless fictional characters in recent decades without forgetting the theme of respect for the environment. A tradition then carried by her son and Studio Ghibli.

Many of his films deserve to be seen and probably revised years later and in the light of greater environmental awareness. There Protection of the natural environment From building speculation, to rediscovering greater contact with nature, the theme of friendship, and the struggle for one’s ideals are at the heart of these timeless films.

Here you are 10 cartoons of Miyazaki + 1 Don’t forget their main messages.

Nausicaa in the wind valley

Since its release in 1984, “Nausicaa della Valle del Vento” has attracted attention for its environmental message. Nausicaa is a young princess who faces the kingdom of Tolmechia, who in turn tries to recover an ancient weapon to wipe out a jungle populated by giant insects. Nausicaa, held hostage by her enemies, fights to free herself and shows great courage under the tree that will lead her to discover Poisonous forest Clear water flows and air can become breathable again. This picture reminds us that life is a struggle, just like that Environmental protectionSo you never give up.

Wind valley nausicaa

The Moving Castle of Shout

“Howl’s Moving Castle” is a cartoon version of “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Win Jones. Through this film, which was released in Italian cinema in 2005, Miyazaki won the Golden Lion for life. The story of Howell and Sophie, the protagonist, teaches us that we shouldn’t Don’t give too much importance to appearance. For example, a wooden stick can be a squarecrow and a friend that can save our lives. Sophie, who transforms herself into an old woman by a spell, shows all her courage in the face of adversity: age does not matter, We should always be ready for new adventures, Like Ruby Holt, who saw the sea for the first time in 100 years.


Enchanted city

The protagonist is Chihiro, a little girl who, along with her parents, finds herself living in an enchanted city, where the spirit lives. The film is inspired by author Kashiwaba Sachiko’s book “Wonderful Land Beyond the Fog”. It is considered Masterpiece of the Japanese director And in 2003 it won an Oscar for Best Animated Film. Chihiro’s story teaches us that Nothing happens by accident: When Chihiro falls into the river, he remembers that he and Hakur had met before. As a child, Chihiro fell into the water and was rescued by the spirit of the Kohaku River.

Enchanted city

My friend Totoro

In the film center “My friend Totoro” we find the theme Respect for nature. The two sisters moved from the countryside to the city, still children, hospitalized to be close to their mother. There is also no shortage of supernatural beings at this time, including Totoro, Lo The spirit of nature Its shape is like a big animal, like a bear and a raccoon. He is the keeper and protector of the forest. Thanks to the new life in the countryside, girls discover nature and understand why it is important to respect it.


Pony on the hill

Pony is a fish girl who sees herself leaving her home at the bottom of the ocean, is transported by a jellyfish and finds herself on a beach where she is rescued by a boy named Sosuke. Ponyo, the man who wants to be because he fell in love with Sosu, performs a mantra that breaks the balance of nature and brings a terrible tsunami to where Sosu lives. As soon as Pony gave up his power, everything came back to balance. The film teaches us that each of our smallest activities can affect the environment in which we live and reflect us. Climate change And while their causes are linked to humanitarian action, one question was not so relevant, more than the release of the film in Japan (2008) and Italy (2009) today. Following the Fukushima disaster in Japan in 2011, it is time to review the film with perhaps newer, more conscious eyes.


Laputa, The Castle in the Sky

Laputa is named after the fictional island described by Jonathan Swift in the novel Gulliver’s Travels. The story begins with a girl named Shita escaping from a group of pirates who want to catch her. He dropped out of the spaceship he was traveling in and so he met Paju, who became his friend. They set out on an adventurous journey together to bring Shita back home. Paji is an orphaned young man who works in a mine. Change your life In the name of friendshipThis film depicts a profound and fundamental value: Meeting a friend “miraculously” can save your life.



“Arietti – The Secret World Under the Floor” is an animated film based on a series of children’s stories written by Miyazaki. It arrived in Italy in 2011. We find among the main themes of the film Criticism of consumerism and the importance of recycling and recycling, Given that the heroes creatively use objects that would otherwise be discarded. Then there are the important themes of diversity and peaceful coexistence between very different people, but able to mutually respect each other, as happens between Ariety and the show.


Poppy Hill

An animated film that deals with historical reflection. “Poppy Mountain” was originally founded in 1963, marking the year before the Tokyo Olympics Reconstruction of Japan After the war. At the center we find the theme of Japan’s modernization and the controversy over the demolition of an old, now dilapidated building, which, however, is full of memories related to school life. Students, including Nayak, Umi and Shun, stand in line to defend it and join forces to rebuild it. The message is more relevant than ever: Restore abandoned buildings against the ongoing progress of concrete Which takes away land from agriculture.

Poppy Hill

The story of Teramar

The director of this film is Goya Miyazaki, the son of Hayao. This is the author Ursula K. Based on Le Guin’s novel The Earthcy Bicycle. It is inspired by a manga written by Hayao himself. We are in a fictional state where countless disasters affect the environment and population: epidemics, famines, droughts. The earth is dominated by four elements: the earth and the sea, which belong to men: air and fire, which belong to the dragon. Again the message is very clear: We need to fight and take responsibility to save the planet.


Pom Poko

Pom Poko is full of references to Japanese mythology and legends, which surround the country’s culture and history. Here we find Tanuki, who is capable of taking on any form and playing tricks on humans, usually innocent. In the picture, Tanuki Tama struggles to recover the mountains, but unfortunately they can do nothing against the speculation building and the destruction of their habitat. A certain pessimism exists, which we should reflect Consequences of reckless use of power to dominate the planet They are stealing the fertile land of the local people in the name of construction and economic development.

Pom Poko

Princess Manono

Princess Manonoke (princess of the vengeful spirit) is a founder raised by the wolf-god Moro, the keeper of the forest, who annoys people for their aggressive behavior. In this animated film, Miyazaki did not want to tell the exact history of medieval Japan, as can be inferred from the setting, but He wanted To describe in language The first dawn of the conflictApparently insoluble, Between the natural world and modern industrial civilization. The landscapes in the photo are inspired by the Yakushima forest.


What is your favorite Miyazaki movie? Do you have any other work to advise?

Let’s not forget that another picture of the famous director is coming, who is returning from ‘leisure’ to direct a new picture.

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