Nintendo Switch Sports is a beautiful return to the past: preview

Surely that feeling has a name, between wonder and disbelief, so Technology can do things that seemed impossible to us. We can call it an innovation, but when the Nintendo Wii came back in 2006, it didn’t seem like the technology had taken an easy step forward. Grab a real magic wand with that Play tennis and bowling It simply cannot be labeled as progress. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe but when I saw the preview of the Nintendo Switch sports there was some difference but I felt almost like then.

Is Nintendo Switch Sports the Truth?

Of course yes. Music is the right oneThe inexperience of the characters remains unchanged (even if at the graphic level we are light years away from the animated cone of the Wii Sport) and Fun with friends is guaranteed. Great classics like tennis, bowling, golf (not available at launch and scheduled for an update in the fall) and chanbara (sword fighting) are back, with three great news stories added: football, volleyball and badminton. The new location is a big step up from the old resort. We are in a kind Sports park for hipsters Each courtyard has a combed cafe where you can have a 9 euro celery smoothie at the end of the game. Very reminiscent of Gran Turismo Cafe, Japanese developers must choose the roast aesthetic. The name is not very friendly to the Italian audience: Spoko SquareLaughter is guaranteed and in it he is truly true to his roots.

Nintendo Switch Sports: Preview confirms the test

Classic sport

There has been little or nothing change in bowling except the introduction of a mode with interruptions and interruptions which seems absolutely bad to see on paper but which I still have not found pleasure in trying. Chhanbara now has only one swordA power sword and two-sword mode but the feeling in my hand was a little awkward, definitely not the best of the bunch. Tennis, my favorite of the older generation, As beautiful as it is single as it is twice as unfavorable. Playing on a split screen, 2v2, the player that is not serving is dropped into a small part of the screen where it is very difficult to navigate. The single, on the other hand, is as beautiful as I remember And that was the catalyst for the magic that I told you before. Joy-con removal (the strap I recommend or you can say goodbye to controllers and TVs) and dunks and reverses is a guaranteed fun, especially in company.

Newcomers to the Nintendo Switch sport

What’s amazing about this new title is not just the mention of the past but Announcement That’s what this new generation sports title is all about. Badminton is a delightful variation of tennis Volleyball and soccer are the real gems of this title. The first one amazed me with its variety of moves, play styles and combinations. There is reception, block, dunk, dribble and serve, all with specific movements to do. Playing volleyball guarantees a good sweat If you fall into a competitive attitude. It’s fun, fresh and varied, somewhat like we switched from Wii Sports to Wii Sports Resort, with More movement and more sensitivity. The real hit of this game for European spectators, in my opinion, would be football. This is virtually the human version of the rocket league: the ball is 2 meters high, it bounces on all surfaces except the goal and there is a Stamina system To run or make more powerful shots. With 4 vs. 4 online mode the game is coming out soon after landing in stores Many gamer friends will have their own version of football with them Not even getting up from the sofa. During launch, foot support can only be used for penalties but an update is coming so that it can be used as an input for all shots.

Nintendo Switch Sports: Preview confirms the test

Waiting for review

This Go back to the world of sports The living room works. It’s a game to play in company, with friends or family With its awkwardness it ensures laughter and a sense of community Among all participants. You sweat, and not a little, have some fun with some action sports like tennis and bowling. Shame on doubles tennis but the rest of the experience has been well taken care of and Well done. Is it worth buying on the first day? Honestly, some pieces are still missing (golf in the first place) but it will definitely end up in the (long) list. Items to keep an eye out for next Black Friday.

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