Novi. The bones of abandoned bags in the countryside fear another murder, then twist: they were a dog

Prosecutors, Carabinieri and Forensic Medicine analyzed the remains, which were closed for hours through Bosco, but eventually showed that it was a dog.

novi Bones were found inside a black garbage bag and there were other bags of the same size next to it, all closed. This is the scenario where Modenes investigators found themselves investigating for more than two hours, calling for the second time in a few days to deal with a possible homicide after Tore’s autopsy, where a skull and human bones were found in a sack. Typhoid in Toronto.

Navi, bones in abandoned sacks in the countryside

The report did indeed warn the entire system, with extreme caution in checking for accuracy and accuracy. In the end, however, the alarm went down a lot: the bones were there, but they were probably of a dead dog abandoned by some cyclists and some frequent walkers in the countryside between Novi and Fosoli.


It was past midnight when a volunteer who was in charge of cleaning the canyon entered Bosco. It is a road that connects Novi to Rollo. He saw those black sacks abandoned on the side of the road, near the bridge over the canal. They are covered by slightly tall grass but are visible to those who pass and use attention. The attendant stops, opens a pot from which some flies come out and the bones come out. Properly it stops and the alarm goes off. Other pedestrians stop by his side and inspect the interior awaiting investigators’ intervention.

“I saw three men standing in the middle of the morning as they looked inside the bag – a witness who rode his bike to work in Bosco would say at lunchtime – I don’t know what they were doing, but the police deployment now I understand it’s a There was no superficial control.


The first to arrive are carabinieri. There are local police in Novi and Terre de Argin. They have the job of blocking the road, distracting the scene and preventing curious people from getting too interested, putting the work of the science department at risk. In fact, it should not be forgotten that the first investigative hypothesis relates to a possible murder case and therefore every detail can be basic. The Carabinierio of the Compagnia di Carpi Investigative Unit also went through Bosco: they first became aware of the situation when the team from the Provincial Investigation Unit left Modena with two experts on a scientific survey. The Prosecutor’s Office was immediately notified and Dr. Lucia de Santis will also arrive in Novi for a preliminary visit.


Garbage bags are carefully opened. There are bones, you have to understand whether they are human remains or not. Fear of confronting another dead person in a violent situation has provoked clashes between investigators. They are exciting until complications are resolved without consulting forensic medicine. The bones are proved by an animal, probably from a dog, found in a bowl inside such a sack. Others are filled with material that looks like plastic, but investigations will dispel the last suspicion because everything was properly cataloged and taken into custody by the Novi Carabinieri.

It was about 3 o’clock when the military patrols left the scene and the local police could reopen the entry ramps through Bosco. The tight-lipped smiles show the excitement she felt during the investigation because no one says it, but the fear was a body, probably of Saman Abbas, present for a long time in the investigators’ assessment.

Hypothesis of anterior corpse

Since Saman Abbas has disappeared with each discovery of an unidentified body, it is thought to be his. The girl, who went missing on April 30, 2021, is still missing and was killed, according to prosecutors. And if his name is associated with every macabre discovery, it was even more so yesterday because it is just 20 kilometers below Novellara to Novi. For this reason, the caution in the investigation was extreme. The Carabinieri’s scientific department has always been very careful and everyone wore a white overall to avoid polluting the scene during yesterday’s survey. The presence of Dr. de Santis, a magistrate who dealt with the complex murder of two brothers found in Jokka or a mother killed at the hands of his son in Modena, was another indication of being extremely careful about the case.

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