Playing cholo, Guardiola escapes: Metropolitan celebrates extermination as victory. First page

Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano and so Manchester did not score a goal
City (1-0 in the first leg) snatched the qualifiers
Champions League semifinals.
In control of the first half of the match,
Skating resumes on hot coals ignited by Atletico Madrid, curved
Not in the game but by the impenetrable irony of his fate
Deny a success after all deserves. Exactly the game at recovery
Garibaldi of Atletico, who pushed the City Meter to the meter,
Confused and unable to make play, with their backs to the wall, back off
Goals saved by Ederson, a couple of spectacular save writers.
Colconeros sent the goal to both teams for the time being
Extra time and possibly a penalty kick lottery. Pure pleasure for
Thrill seekers

Moving and also playing with a knife in the unfortunate second half
The teeth of Simeon’s boys. Has scored three goals with one jerk
(Griezmann, Cunha, Carrasco) and a final game with the sword, in
Wanda 60 thousand words.
Hot epilogue, on the giant mix
In the Ederson area, the British solved with a millimeter deviation
Acrobatic rescue followed a foul followed by a poisonous tail with Maxirisa
By Philip, already booked in the first half, Foden: Red for the excited
Without the Atletico defender who finished the challenge in ten men
However, leave an inch. Eight referees warned him, The
The arrogant and poisonous German Siebert, who endured the edge for a long time
Without regretting Madrid’s prosthesis, however, the match ended late
In the first half, controlled by the red-hot City, Atletico finished the goal only once (first in half an hour) and immediately.
The endless initiative of the opponent. Post hit by Gundogan, best
At the end of a wonderful deed, all the first mahrej-
From Colchoneros’s harmful pinpricks
There was some part of Ederson and the feeling of Guardiola’s team
The red thread of the match is caught.

Reversed in the second half, Atletico revived and bold, no advantage
Hold 0-0 and we can all out it
Forcible attack.
In the end, playing football for the first time was enough for City
45 ‘, Pep will take good note. Who will be the opponent in the semifinals
Citizens need to find the best for themselves.
Chronology of the match in retrospect. Athletic start shots,
60 thousand pushed by Wanda. Simeon is panting outside the area
Technique calls him for vertical, Renan Lodi executes, City
From replica with deep slings, all seasoned with pressing hints
On one side and on the other. For a while we play cat-and-mouse, but no
We still understand who is a cat and who is a rat. Colconeros pushes,
Ahead but with trial, so that DNA is not forgotten, it would be better to change
Within days the skin and toxic refusal to disclose the verdict
Pep Guardiola, an echo at the game Cholo Simeone (“Prehistoric Football”)
“Football of the Sixties”, Arigo Sachs stuck in Atletico.

Sweater Del Bell is pleased with the openness of the two teams
The football that lives in the writer, even the referee German Seibert
Ignore the show, contributing to the way it scrolls faster
Some obvious flaws. 12 A ‘Forgive an anthracnose at full speed
The handsome Felipe’s on Foden’s shoulder, yellow was a must, instead
Rough central gets away with a short speech, while poor
Foden, hitting the back of the head, paused for three minutes and came back
Head bandage Yellow Felipe will come a little later, this time his
Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

Guardiola removes Foden along left-handed out and Little Bomber
He sees the demon (in every sense) Savic who bites him and expects without him.
Good luckHowever, the city’s strategy has some advantages, and its frequent changes
Who increases the pressure of the citizens on Atletico in the game ahead
Reduced the line of defense and returned to ancient love:
Concentration in
In the middle of the field, the terrible closing and instantaneous rise in the ball carrier,
Especially on the lively Renan Lodi who engaged him in the long chase
Quick walker, but not successful in the decisive game. Played
Those who fail for half an hour in the growing arrembante city for a hair.
Delicious cut picks by Mahrez, from right to center
Walker, served the ball over Foden, the soft side for Gundogan
He jumped like a hawk and emptied from about ten meters, hitting the pole
To the right of Oblak; Turkey’s next tap is lost in the field-
German. A big round ball like the house, which indicates the growth of the city,
67% ball possession and overall calm control of the match
Atletico occasionally catches.

Everything changes in the shot. Griezmann’s Expedition (Laporta in the corner)
Diana of the rescue word. The city crumbled, retreating, Bernardo Silva e
Rodri misses the initial support in midfield, Debruin Latita (will)
20 ‘replaced by Sterling, but never found). Its verve is not enough
Gundogan to hold the English hut, which staggers but does not fall
. Before
Griezmann’s left-handed clean ball, the winger is also open to invitation
Zoya kisses Felix, fast and slippery like a lizard in the sun. Inside
Walker lost his left ankle in a fight with Lodi. It depends on Aké.
Simeon cards randomly: outside Griezmann, Renan Lodi and Coke, inside
Carasco, Korea and De Paul.
Rhythm with Atletico attack, remnants
Rugby scrum, which forces the city to retreat. Go down to the area
Korea will not move the referee with the light touch of Cancello.
Finishing is Rossinian. Enter Elder Fernandinho (37, at the end of the season)
Will leave town) for tired Silva and start gathering wood in front
Simeone responded by sending Suarez and Kuhna to the field on behalf of Lemar E.

Joao Felix. Atletico 4-2-4, Cunha fights with him and shoots the Stones
Shin corrects the movement of the ball which would create serious problems a
Ederson. City is the rope, extraordinary reservations allow him
Keep his goal unchanged, the goal flutters in the English penalty area,
Although it does not want to be implemented.
Bad, very bad ending. Felipe Arota Foden, the English fell to the ground
Savik jumps on her and grabs her to force her
Get up. The blows begin, the jerks fly, Sibert assists Serafik and
When the storm calmed down he drew yellow and red for the Serbian defender
For Felipe, desperately believes he has been wronged, but he is wrong
Some of the players of City are smart in the injury time of nine minutes
After the collision he stays on the ground, Simeon gets angry and claps
The audience applauds him and in the end he also gets yellow. Very final
Nine minutes become worthy of Shakespearean drama
Atletico still has time to terrorize the nation
Carasco’s free-kick from the left that Ederson manages to exploit as he exits
High and guess who lives on the ground? Goalkeeper Ederson. The flute
In the final, the City players hugged each other, aware that they had fled
Beautiful Wonder has remained in the great generous public stand and
Celebrating her boys as if Atletico had hit
You go to bed happy to watch a real game
Football, though football of the past. Too bad, fight for the final stain
Field but you know, no one is perfect.

Athletic Madrid-Manchester City 0-0

Atletico Madrid (3-5-2): Oblock; Savic, Felipe, Reinildo Mandava; Lorente, Coke (69 ‘de Paul), Condogbia, Lemar (82’ Suarez), Lodi (70 ‘Korea); Joao Felix (82 ‘Cunha), Griezmann (69’ Carasco). Coach: Simeon.

Manchester City (4-3-3): Ederson; Walker (74 ‘AK), Stones, Laporte, Cancello; De Bruyne (65 ‘Sterling), Rodry, Gundogan; Mahrez, Foden, Bernardo Silva (80 ‘Fernandinho). Coach: Guardiola.

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