Robert Johnson’s choice

Cantu basketball e Robert Johnson Separated, the player will continue the season in Poland. This happens frequently in the Italian Serie A and often in the A2 as well, but this is the first time any player has broken a contract because he does not want to abide by the anti-Covid-19 protocols. Robert Johnson has always claimed to be a staunch no-wax for religious reasons and for his wife. The agency, through its president Aliyev, said it had made every effort to persuade the player to be vaccinated and to respect the team’s toughest deal, but to no avail. The paradox is that Johnson could have continued the game at Serie A, where “professional” status does not force players to be vaccinated, and so on the Super Green pass, but a swab is performed 48 hours before a training session. Or a match. In A2, on the other hand, amateur status forces players and staff to take the Super Green Pass and therefore the vaccine. There is no vaccination obligation at Legia Kosz and in the Polish league and so Johnson decided to bring his luggage as a player and his family. The burden of replacing a player in Cantu with 20 points per game, on the basis of which the company planned to return to A.

The same fate, the same reason, but the destination is for players from Turkey, even Forlì Kenny Hayes, Who quickly left Forley to wear the opium tank top, a team completely restructured (including new ownership), after cutting foreign contracts in December last year, the amount of salary to keep only Turkish players and young players in the squad. The opium crisis was probably caused by a lack of economic stability that exposed it to the high value of the Turkish lira against the dollar, which no longer allowed the company to honor deals with American players. However, as a result of the choices made, the team is now trying to save itself by hiring foreign players who are finished standing (tied with the other two) and willing to risk their salaries. Hayes certainly doesn’t care about Afyon’s cause, but he doesn’t want to be vaccinated, he prefers to run the risk of not getting paid.

The basketball family mourned his death Lucia Harris, The first player to enter the Nicemith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the first player to be drafted by an NBA team, who died suddenly at the age of 66. Harris, although she had a very short career, was considered the first modern female basketball player to play the role of Pivot. Thanks to his extraordinary (for the time being) height of 191 cm, excellent technical skills and a pronounced dynamism, the player was literally impressive in his 4 years at Delta State University where he averaged 25.9 points and 14.4 rebounds per game which earned him the All American title for three years. Has done. Thanks to Harris, Delta State has a record of 109 wins out of 115 games (never equal) (to keep .947 in the NBA), has won the national championship three times at the AIWW Women’s Basketball Tournament (then the ancestor of what would be the women’s NCAA). With the national team jersey, Harris won gold at the Pan American Games and a silver at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, becoming the first woman to earn a point at an Olympic basketball tournament.

The icing on the cake in 1977: The call for the third round of the NBA Draft New Orleans Jazz, Probably a publicity stunt, although the first and so far the only one, has never been performed, not even for an audition, because at that time Harris was pregnant and not interested in playing with men. Then in the 1979/80 season with Houston Angels before finally hanging his boots at the age of 25. Although he has always declared that he has no regrets for his short sporting life, and in fact, he has always said that he is proud of the results obtained, which is imprinted with respect for the family, it is easy to imagine what his career might be like. If Harris was born, for example, in the late nineties, with WNBA and today’s rich sponsorship. Possibility to show immense talent in front of global audience. And the image of today’s athletes, recognized and recognized around the world, clearly contradicts those of the seventies, when basketball paid for university, but did not provide financial security for the future, and one (too much) remains short. Brackets in the lives of many players, often the best.

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