Serie A2 Old Wild West – All About Ristopro Fabriano-Tegenis Verona Recovery


Thursday, January 6, at 5:00 p.m.
Jesse (Ann): Ristopro Fabriano-Tegenis Verona

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The match

Ristopro Fabriano-Tegenis Verona

Where: PalaTriccoli, Jesi (An)
When: Thursday, January 6, at 5:00 p.m.
Referees: Bartolomeo, Longobucco, Ugolini
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Here is Ristopro Fabriano

Lorenzo Pansa (Coach) – “We are playing against a very strong team, made to achieve important goals and that has faced different problems from us so far, because they are associated with Kovid. Verona has talent, quality and size in all categories, we have to be good at playing a very tough and careful game, try to limit the number of turnovers and find our balance in the new structure with which we will face it and the next two. Match “.

Marco Santiangeli (player) – “After being out for more than a month, I will finally return to the field. Verona’s goal is different from ours, it’s a team built to go to the bottom, do well and win. “On our part, we will give 100% from the first to the last minute, because it is important to get points in the standings and we will try our best to succeed.”

Note: – Ristopro returns to the field on the twelfth day after 25 days of the last match in Latina. Pivot winger Patrick Baldasser, with whom the contract expired at the end of December, is no longer part of the list of card makers. During the break, Roberto Maruli, who lost his right forefinger during the match in Latin, and Marco Santiangeli, who will wear a mask to protect the operated nasal septum, resumed training. Due to the unavailability of the scheduled date for the recovery of Osimo Palabaldinelli, held at the Palatricoli of Ristopro-Tejenis Jesse, which hosted coach Lorenzo Panser’s team’s first official match of the season, won 71-66 on the 11th against Chiti in the opening day of the Super Cup.

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Verona here

Alessandro Ramagalli (Coach) – “It simply came to our notice then. Fabriano is in the middle of a restoration of his roster that can be completed if the transfer window allows; We have been in a perfect storm for a month now because of the covid infection. This is a very difficult game to summarize. They will definitely recover Maruli and Santiangeli who will form a trio of outsiders together with Smith who will have major responsibilities over property, a team that likes to play at high speeds. Baldassar’s sale reduced Long’s rotation to three, allowing Fabriano’s game to continue, allowing the three outsiders to make the game. However, it is difficult to frame the match. We have to think about responding to what is happening and first of all we have to respond with the game. Our attack, in the last few games, has dried up, we must improve the ability to move the ball, reduce the number of turnovers which was a very important element in the last two games and improve the defensive transformation that must be. Ability to give the ball more value. Then there is the value of free throws: we work hard, both on the team and in the individual, setting goals for each. We tried to touch on the issues that touched on those parts of the game where we showed the biggest flaws in the last time. “

Note: – Tejenis Verona has three positive ones left.

Average – The match will be broadcast live on LNP Pass. Telenovo will offer the match on Channel 117 on Fridays at 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm on a delayed basis.

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