The Lazio region is working on a law on cemeteries for animals

The last hour Lazio There may be gods soon Cemeteries for burying animals The affectionate bill came from the regional group of the 5 Star Movement, and should have been discussed at the Health Commission on Monday, but the lack of a quorum forced us to postpone the amendment test. However, the promise remains to bring the text to the classroom and thus fulfill one Legal emptiness Which to this day does not allow the establishment of cemeteries for pets.

In this sense a first law was proposed Already in 2018 Roberta Lombardy, the then leader of the Pentastellata group, was assembled and merged with another director of the M5S, and another similar one recently introduced the following year. The purpose, the Pentecostal councilors insisted, was to double.

“The first is emotional, and to be sure Continuity of emotional relationships Which develops with pets and ensures a suitable burial for them – they explained – with the second we want to give a clear indication, identifying suitable places for construction of cemeteries, ensuring adequate management through a burial register and checking sanitation. Qualification ASL. Thus the remains of animals They will no longer be disposed of as wasteReducing the risk of groundwater contamination due to unauthorized burial of animals and disposing of residues in the garbage bin also reduces the risk of disease transmission. It is a rule of civilization that we hate ourselves and, above all, our four-legged friends so that the bonds formed in life are not broken. “

In the absence of specific laws, in fact, in the case of the death of an animal, mention is made EC Regulation 1069/2009, which Regulates the treatment of carcasses of domestic animals, which must be cremated. Alternatively, a human companion occupying a land may bury the animal, but a certificate from a veterinarian is required to rule out the presence of infectious disease in humans.

The burial of animals, an article in a regional law in Lazio

There is currently no specific law on animal cemeteries in the Lazio region, which is mentioned in the regional law 21/10/1997, en passant. 34 “Protection of pets and prevention of stray animals”. It is this rule that governs Article 7, “graveyards for dogs, cats and small animals” and establishes that “those who have treated their pets in a lifetime are more likely to maintain a mental bond.” 2, paragraph 1 “or the veterinary services of local health organizations” referred to, “loan grants, for both animal welfare voluntary associations and animal protection, referred to in Article 23, paragraph 1, associations between both individuals and persons, Special fenced land for such use

The law further establishes that “individuals or associations between individuals may be used for the same purpose, Also privately owned land; In the case of both free loans and private property, individuals, associations or voluntary associations between individuals create and operate structures in accordance with the statutory rules of burial in accordance with the legal decree 14 December 1992, n. 508 “.

On the other hand, there are other regions that have moved to equip themselves with oneSpecific framework law Where municipalities (if they do not already operate autonomously) may mention if they decide to create a cemetery for animals within their own territory. This includes Abruzzo, Basilicata, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Molise, Piedmont and Tuscany. Other regions, on the other hand, have adopted provisions for burying animals, once they have been burned, in the same burial as their reference to humans. They lack regional law Individuals, by contractTo take place, provide a dedicated space where it is possible to bury the animal.

Casa Rosa, the oldest cemetery for animals in Italy

The oldest animal cemetery in Italy is located in Lazio, especially in Rome. Is called Pink house And located in the Pertuens area: Inaugurated in 1923, it was born out of the idea of ​​a veterinarian. Mussolini familyAntonio Molon, the current owner, Luigi’s father, and the only one with a municipal license.

Casa Rosa was born shortly after Mussolini was able to bury a domesticated chicken, and since then the cemetery has become a place of eternal rest for many animals who have shared their lives with important and famous people. This is the case of the dog of the former president of the republic Sandro couldn’t And Giovanni LeonHouse of Savvy and its Federico FelliniAnd the cat’s Anna Magnani. Today there are hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits, geese, pigeons, parrots, horses and even some exotic animals in the cemetery.

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