“Djokovic’s goal Roland Garros” [AUDIO ESCLUSIVO]

Goran Ivanisevich During his career he was no. Won 2 and 22 singles trophies in the world in 1994, including the historic 2001 Wimbledon where he participated Wild card, Thus becoming the first to win. The former Croatian tennis player is now one of the pillars of the team Novak DjokovicAfter coaching compatriot Marin Cilic (with whom he won the US Open 2014), Thomas Berdych and Milos Raonic.

Ubitenis Ubaldo arrives at Scanagatta’s director inside Sergio Tachini Al’s stand Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, Ivanisevich touches on various issues between his past as a player and his present and future. 1 in the world under his leadership. Alejandro Davidovich Fokinar’s goal in the second round of the Monegasque Masters 1000 (but, as you will read, not so much according to the Croatian coach) is aimed at a resumption together with Roland Garros. Below we offer a full transcript of our conversation with Director Scanagatta.

Scanagatta: We met many years ago when he played one of his first finals in Florence and has a great history behind him in Italy., Isn’t that so?

Ivanisevich: “I won the Bonfiglio Trophy, the Avenues Tournament, then I have memories of Florence, Milan indoors and in Rome I won doubles with Omar Campores and in Palermo I played the final with Diego Nargiso. I love Italy, it’s a country near my hometown of Split and I have fond memories of playing there

Scanagatta: You played well in Rome too, didn’t you?

Ivanisevich: “Yes, until the final. I didn’t play that game well, I almost didn’t show up. I went to bed at 9:30 the night before, maybe I’m too rested (laughs)

Scanagatta: Marin Cilic had the best experience as a coach when he won the US Open, didn’t he?

Ivanisevich: “Yes, this is my first experience as a coach. Winning the Grand Slam with the Marines came at a time when the big three were dominant, except for him, Warinka and Del Potro. No one expected him to win but in the last three meetings he has defeated Berdych, Federer and Nishikori.

Scanagatta: I’m not saying this because he’s here but in my personal ranking, he was in the top three on the list of the best people to interview at a press conference, even at Wimbledon in 2001 it was incredible, wasn’t it?

Ivanisevich: “It was an interesting fortnight. I enjoyed myself at the press conference, with the journalists. Maybe sometimes I was too honest to say what I thought but I enjoyed those moments a lot. I always said that there were three Goran Ivanisevic: the good, the bad and the urgent one

Scanagatta: How was your experience with Djokovic, starting with the recent omission? Is it true that you don’t like it?

Ivanisevich: “She was not feeling well, had the flu and was not 100% ready to compete. Three weeks ago he could not compete here for the restrictions so it was very difficult to prepare mentally. We didn’t expect anything spectacular from this tournament, our goal is Roland Garros. Now he will play a few more tournaments this week and then he will be ready for Paris

Scanagatta: Don’t you think that if he had won against Davidovich Fokina and then played against Evans or Goffin, he would have found the best form of match after match?

Ivanisevich: “He is one of the best players in the history of tennis. These players always find ways to win and get out of trouble. He will find a way for his perseverance. Also last year he started badly after losing to Evans here and also reached the semifinals in Belgrade, then he started playing well in Rome and he won Belgrade and Roland Garros, so I’m not worried.

Scanagatta: When he decided to play in the Olympics to win a Grand Slam last year, don’t you think it was too much for him?

Ivanisevich: “First of all he loves to play for his country, even in the Davis Cup he always wants to play for Serbia. No one could stop him from playing in the Olympics and I don’t think he was wrong. Playing mixed doubles maybe he got hurt because in the end he got tired. I don’t think he lost in the final of the US Open, Medvedev is an incredible player and that day was even better. Novak was not Novak in that sport but I don’t think it’s because of the Olympics, it’s a humanitarian issue and it could happen

Scanagatta: Are you trying to change Djokovic’s calendar because of vaccination problems? Have you tried to change his mind about the vaccine?

Ivanisevich: “Our plan was very tough, three weeks ago I said he would not be able to play in Monte Carlo. To make him change his mind about the vaccine? Life is her decision as well, which I respect. I love her even more because she has kept her faith at the cost of ruining her career. He is the only one in the world who was a believer from the beginning and for that I respect him more than ever.

Scanagatta: Will he follow Roland Garros in all tournaments before him?

Ivanisevich: “We still have to talk about the schedule, but the plan is to play as many tournaments as he can., Day by day based on how things develop

Scanagatta: And what about your sponsor, Sergio Tacchini?

Ivanisevich: “I started playing with this sponsor after reaching the semifinals in Monte Carlo in 1995, I won Wimbledon with Sergio Tachini. People can recognize me now for this combination. Monte Carlo? It probably has the best view of all tennis tournaments in the world

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