From Versace to Shanghai: Fascinating story of new lockdown

Achievement Greta Bianchi Fb – Building Lockdown in Shanghai

Following the discovery of new cases involving the Omicron variant, the Chinese megalopolis of Shanghai launched an unprecedented lockdown on March 28, 2022. Here is the story of Greta Bianchi who has lived and worked there since 2014. Adapted from VareseNews.

From Versace to Shanghai: Fascinating story of new lockdown

# “If for two years the propaganda has hailed the zero-case strategy as a success, now is not the time to change our ways.

Credit varesenews – Greta Bianchi

After the first wave of 2020 A certain was made in China Balance And with Adopting the “Zero Covid” policy We were all pretty calm. So far. I have always personally supported the zero-case strategy. […] Now the virus has changed but it does not lead to a change in the strategy followed by the government and the inspiration is in my opinion purely cultural: face it. If two years of propaganda praises the Zero Case strategy Like an injury It is not possible to admit now that we need to change direction Because it can create Doubts about other policies adopted by the government Thus it is better to “support” the population for the lack of XiJay.

# Strategy changes since the arrival of Omicrome in December 2021

Achievement Greta Bianchi Fb – Building Lockdown in Shanghai

At first it was easy enough to isolate positive people and their contacts. But the numbers continue to grow, and we have a lot here. […] In February Quarantine Hotel There were those who returned from abroad Completely full Citywide. One then began “Strategic” closures in risky areas City: I got a positive, I set his building apart for 48 hours, I check everyone and if I can’t find another case, release everyone. You’ve probably seen the video People are locked in restaurants and shopping malls For the same reason. Omicron is though […] Much more contagious (although much less lethal, it is not of much interest to the government) so the virus continues. 48 hours became 2 + 12 (Two days off with two tests and then free but up to the 14th day with control test) if not directly 14 (14 day isolation with test) “.

# “Walking down the street was like playing a squid game”

Credit Greta Bianchi FB – Lockdown Shanghai

In the first week of March the area of ​​the closed city continues to grow, Turning on the street seems like a squid game. The March 13Sunday is a beautiful day with 28 degrees, I go out for brunch and stay out till evening, Back home I find defeat in my compound, They are shutting everything down And they don’t want to let me in, it doesn’t matter, I have a pet and a work PC at home, do you think that stops me? They tell me that if I enter I must stay within 14 days, I was expecting 2 + 12 but oh well I go inside and keep my heart at peace. The test will be held on Monday (but apparently they forgot to call me to do it) and then every day at 2pm a chess player (male wearing white overall) asks me if I am free to take the test. I have no choice but to keep you at home

# Organization for food shopping

Having to stay home for two weeks, I do the shopping And already there I see the first things that are not added, There are very few supermarket delivery services in my compoundBecause it’s a risky area with a positive case, and that’s why I make other purchases from a warehouse, which are delivered 6 days later (usually half a day), and I still have a lot of pressure on my back every day. Friday 18 I went down to the entrance to breathe fresh air because you couldn’t even go for a walk in the garden, and to my great surprise (only 5 days out of 14 planned) I left to find the police tape, I enter more parks and I see people running as if they are running for life towards the escalator where we have a way out. Half an hour later I’m celebrating with my friends. Looks like this “bleach” could work off. But no. March 24 at 8 am […] I was on my way to work when a neighbor came up to me screaming like crazy: “Stop!”. That’s how I found it From the night before my compound lockdown, again

# The Shanghai Lockdown was announced unexpectedly on March 27 at 9.30pm

Credit Greta Bianchi FB – Bags with food distributed to citizens of Shanghai

I try to organize myself, I got the big shopping I was talking about and fortunately no supermarket supplied me at the moment. […] They keep opening and closing people with standards that we are still trying to understand. Driving in Shanghai Municipality seems to be under the influence of drugs, nothing more is understood. Positive growth and first picture Expo 2010 hangers used as “quarantine centers”, scary things. Come here Beijing officials To control the situation and on March 24 they say “Don’t worry We’re definitely here to fix things Let’s not put the city on lockdown“Everyone was afraid that Shanghai was not China. Shanghai cannot be left untouched and locked down, it will be an economic and political drama. March 26 He arrived at 21.30 Unexpectedly lockdown has been announced. […] The people of the city (aptly so) Got crazy to stock up. […] March 31, Government Distribution a Bag with groceries To a large part of the population. On April 1, the Pudong lockdown does not end, and in the meantime the Puxi lockdown officially begins. On April 5, I made a crazy scene to the chairman of the neighborhood committee and told him that if I died without food, they would think of telling my consulate and my parents. The magic word, I collect a carton of eggs, potatoes and carrots in an hour, now lunch every day

# “Lockdown in Italy was walking in the park

Just pure The lockdown in Italy was walking in the park. Here You don’t go out the front doorYou don’t go shopping, you don’t walk your dog, you don’t go jogging Or at work with self-certification. Shanghai blocked. Absolutely. Those who complain about the “health dictatorship” are now invited to visit Shanghai

# “Mentally, they are worried about being literally taken away from their home and dragged to these famous quarantine centers.

Shanghai, 26 million people, April 9, with 24,000 asymptomatic cases and one thousand symptoms, zero deaths. Ridiculous numbers you will think. What news? So sad then? At the emotional level Meanwhile I don’t know when it will end. One minimal expectation was that the government would give up, change its mind about the Shanghai Zero-Case policy, which is instead being pursued in an increasingly credible way, as if it were a war that must be won, at all costs. Mentally, he is worried […] By being that positive you literally come Taken from their home And drag yourself into these celebrities Quarantine CenterWith thousands of positive people, Extremely poor health condition And without a guarantee of how long you have to stay. The matter is happening If you have pets And the test is positive Government “Take responsibility” for your pet, that is Kills himBecause they still think animals spread the virus. The matter is happening If you have a child and it tests positiveIt is sent to do Quarantine only in specialized hospitalsRegardless of age, Even kids

# “The situation has been strongly condemned, thanks to numerous debates on Chinese social networks and word of mouth.

Fortunately this day The situation has been strongly condemned, thanks to numerous debates on Chinese social networks and word of mouth. And they were Establishment of animal sheltersWhen a parent can do that Quarantine with children takes all the responsibility With the possibility of being appropriate, positive. Unfortunately, the policy regarding the quarantine of symptoms has not changed yet […]. There are no doctors or nurses because they are all engaged in repeat tests of 26 million people. You’re scared because you can’t get out of the house even if you are sick, in other words If you have a heart attack you will catch a crack in the house and you will probably find yourself at the end of the lockdown. Hospitals are inaccessible, there is no chemo, no dialysis, no medicine, there is only covid. This is the price you are paying

# “At the practical level, food and water are becoming a problem

At the practical level, food and water are becoming a problem. The supermarkets are closed And delivery services have been suspended. Very few drivers are licensed to supply these days and most of the staff at a few available supermarkets are in lockdown, there are loads of goods that are rotting outside Shanghai because they are not allowed to enter the city. […] Group purchases are being organized and through their own compounds and we have to be somewhat stable because we clearly think of basic needs and accept what is there, but believe me there is a reason to lose and stay behind all day. […] Then everything clearly depends on the city area you are in, the management of your compound, and so on.
For this reason, l in some compounds that have been off for about a monthPeople started rebelling The agency and the press have no access to drinking water, and we have to wait for the government to provide us with something to eat but without knowing when it will come. The situation is surreal and I personally believe we are alive Shanghai is one of the shortest moments ever seen

# “Shanghai, one of the largest and richest cities in the world. We are full of meaning and yet we come back in return

On April 10, 2022, Lockdown a Shanghai, one of the largest and richest cities in the world. We are full of meaning and yet we come back in return, Exchange dish soaps for noodles or water bottles for onions. There is food, there is anger and frustration knowing it, but you will not get it with all the money in the world because of the harmful faith. Let’s go back to appreciating the little things these days […]. My company also managed to buy me one kg of carrots so today is a big party. Hopefully it will end soon and return to normal, but the original

Source: VareseNews

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