Last hour between Letizia Battaglia, her loved one and dog Rumi-

From Felice Cavalaro

Photographer died at his home in Palermo with the consolation of his daughter Shova, two sisters Cinzia and Patrizia, two nephews Marta and Matteo, and close friends.

Palermo – The last image of Letizia Bataglia’s farewell involves the finger. His, still warm, beautiful, his daughter is also tightened by a photography teacher. Holding the fingers of Martha and Matteo’s light hands, the beloved grandchildren are lost during the separation. Their eyes are fixed on Mimma, the devoted assistant, who can do nothing but dominate the pyramid of love, Rumi, letting the Tibetan dog of Letizia’s handcuffs. In the last three days of fasting and sorrow. Now with two paws on the bed of the concubine, extending the neck, with that weaved mouth, letting out the nails of Letizia.


Sick blood, stuck lungs, broken bones, swollen face from a waterfall in the last few days, the photojournalist who spoke of the Mafia massacre, Pierre Santi Matterrela spoke of the ambush, if he was able to disassociate himself from his body, Palermo, Pasolini and Ezra Pa. He would submit this last shot to his story. In the strongest and most tender love of his life. Everyone stretches out with those hard fingers to hold him, to resist, because after the pain of the last few months it was no longer possible. Just like Cyngia and Patrizia, the other two sisters next to her, they couldn’t. With his best friend, Mariel Balsamo and a few others. In the mezzanine of a modern building in the seventies, between the Polytama and the Piazza Crosby, the bourgeois heart from which he began to speak, from the weakest, the youngest, the most vulnerable districts, to the hungry.


A mezzanine was made to make an office, but was transformed into a home and workshop by a mother because, she said, ‘this is what I am with all of you’. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me Happily, she has been happy to have him on her side for the past two difficult years, although it marks the separation of her beloved daughter from India and Nepal, where she built a photography school, worked with the poorest women and children in the end, and, therefore, far from Sicily. Repeating Mom’s same promise, I couldn’t leave her. Even when she was admitted to Candela and photographed with an oxygen mask and a secret burning cigarette …

Cigarettes are banned till the end

But how is Orvieto going? ”Shuva, Patrizia and Syngia asked just two weeks ago. But he can’t say he’s presenting a book, a lecture, an exhibition. And the sisters hooked up to the phone and arranged for a room for the disabled, a suitable seat on the plane, and an oxygen tank. She set foot in Orvito, stubbornly, but the next day, continued to dress, hurrying to get back to her doctors here, to Amelia Intert, a resigned pulmonologist in the face of the desire for a banned cigarette, with one eye. The children who looked at the cigarette with two fingers at me three hours before death. And I pretend to indulge him. I gave him a fantasy. He took it, put his finger on her lips, then started walking away ….


It happened at dinner, but the crisis started at noon. Ground pressure and other values. Panic over not getting family doctor. Then call 118, Shobha continues: Only two nurses have arrived, ready to take her to the hospital, but we will never see her again … No, no. Mom stay here. One afternoon to help him, to test the oxygen, to realize that the moment and death was coming which two months ago Letizia refused to see the face, when the brother next door closed his eyes. No, I’m not going to decorate. Take a picture and bring it to me. She liked to see him like that for the last time, Letizia. In one click. How much he would do for himself if he could get up from Latvian and caress Rumi, as they say, in Tibet, where he was born with Buddhism 2,500 years ago, he learned to read the traveler’s adornment of this queen portrait. Another meeting point for the disrupted project.

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