“Monte Carlo? Too bad for Well Cinar and Museti, Sonego. Need a plan for Davis Double. Here’s my top 3 of my future No. 1”

Interviewed by Supernews Diego Nargiso, Former Italian tennis player and television commentator. Winner of the junior tournament Wimbledon In 1987, it was The youngest Italian tennis player in history to play a match at Grand Slam and win oneAt age 18, at Wimbledon in 1988. Among the heroes of Davis’ Italian team in the 90’s, especially in doubles, Nargiso revealed himself. Davis Cup team Led by Filippo Volandri and in the current Italian and international tennis scene, Top 3 players Fortune to be the new No. 1 in tennis.

Diego, you were the winner of Wimbledon Juniors in 1987, you are the youngest Italian tennis player in history to have played a match at the Grand Slam level, at the age of 17 years 9 months at the 1988 Australian Open and got one at the age of 18 in the same year edition of the Wimbledon tournament. Do you have any memories of that experience? Is there a young Italian tennis player you particularly like who can take the same path as you and be considered “predetermined”?
Memories have faded because it’s been more than 30 years now, but they still remain History of Italian Tennis And sometimes, like Wimbledon, even internationally. I hope someone can take this path. It is not important to do this at a certain age, to be able to replicate it over time, as it is doing well, for example Sinner.

Will Volander’s Italy win the Davis Cup in a few years? Is it a group that has all the credentials to do it? You said in a recent interview that “we need a coach dedicated to doubles, that Filippo Volandri can’t do everything”. Do we have flaws indicated by a lack of player propensity or do we lack a functioning organization?

I am sure Bholandri will captain the national team Davis could win the cupBut who has to do it A great pair of doubles. I don’t want to feel like one of those who criticizes Volandri’s work, on the contrary, I respect him a lot, but I still think for Davis ’double It takes a projectAnd you need to do it Availability of playersAs of now, with the exception of Fognini, Bolelli and possibly Vavasori, there are no tennis players with a tendency to play doubles, especially indoors, where today, with the new formula, the Davis Cup finals are played.

The Monte Carlo Masters 1000 is currently in progress: with the exception of Fagnini and Sonego, the only Italians to reach the round of 16 are Sinar and Museti, who will play against Rublev and Schwartzman, respectively. What do you think about Ajjuri’s performance in this tournament? Which tennis player do you think is the favorite for the 1000th win?

Monte Carlo always starts the season in red and this is not an easy tournament for anyone. The Italians did very well, they won in the second round Sinner And A great MusettiThose can be ambitious in the quarters now. Too bad for Sonego, From which I expected something more, when Fognini made her. Anyway, to win the tournament I like Rudd, one of the sitseps And Zverev.

If you had to pick the best 3 tennis players of the new generation, what would you name it and why?
It is not easy to guess who among today’s heroes will be number 1 tomorrow. Of course there will be AlkarzThen I hope Sinner And finally I say Medvedev, Losing a very tough tennis player. A little further on, Zaverev, Sitsipas, Ruud, Agar-Aliasime, Shapovalov.

Fans have been waiting for Roger Federer’s great return away from the tennis court for many months. Three days ago, the Swiss posted a picture of her on her Instagram profile with the words: “Rehab is rocking” (“Rehabilitation is booming”). Will we see him play again soon, perhaps in the Wimbledon tournament? Can King Roger still compete in this tennis landscape?
Everyone misses the old king, especially the most nostalgic. Personally, I believe that if he comes back to play it will only be because he still believes that he can at least compete on his favorite grass and at Wimbledon. And if he really competes, I hope the games we watch will tell us. It must be very difficult for him, But the king is always the king.

What do you think about women’s tennis in general and the performance of Italian tennis players? Italian women’s tennis has been in decline for years or see again Is some blue a potential or an important talent?
The female scene is facing a stage where the numbers 1 follow each other in an unpredictable way. I think so Swatech And Osaka Players with more personalities, who can inherit Bertie. For our tennis players, I don’t know much about who is coming, but I do believe that Italy, as always, will come back to make great players.

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