NBA Africa, because the NBA is betting on basketball and business on the continent

Commissioner Silver and DeCombe Mutombo have unveiled new companies that will conduct business across the continent. Rwanda launches new BAL starting point: “Africa’s future is bright and we want to use sports to keep the spotlight on efficiency”

A brand new company to manage investments in Africa, where “basketball is likely to be the first game on the continent in the next decade”. This is a big step that the NBA has decided to take on the continent it has already chosen for its first league outside of North America, the Basketball Africa League which it conducts with FIBA ​​and has filled it with excitement and TV ratings in its first week, Rwanda Kigali bubble. The BAL was a point of arrival, but it immediately became a starting point: NBA Africa, a new company that would operate in relative autonomy from the New York office and where former players such as DeCambe Mutombo, Grant Hill also invested, Loul Deng and Joachim Noir .


Basketball is on the rise in Africa. “We are currently proud of a team of 55 African-born players or at least one African player in the NBA,” said Commissioner Adam Silver from New York via Zoom. To further develop the game, we need a distinct entity that understands African basketball in the region, what it takes to grow it, and the conditions in Africa that it is impossible for us to do in New York. ” We will be directly involved in managing it, which operates the opening season in Kigali but which in the coming years, according to the original pre-epidemic plan, we will do. We run junior leagues and try to build academies for young talents, which is only in Senegal at the moment but what we plan to do is open. Open elsewhere. Which says about the heroes that our fans will feel close to them. “” We are sitting on a gold mine of talent and potential, which I believe that We can thank the NBA, “said Tunde Folavio, one of the main investors in the new NBA Africa.


It’s not just about investing in basketball. The president of the new BAL, Amadu Gallo Fall (a kind of African Eurolig who, Silver assures, will soon have a female opponent) told the Gazette that the NBA and basketball could become the engine of Africa’s economic growth. “Africa’s future is bright and we want to use sports to shed light on the continent’s potential and its ability to be at the center of the world,” Williams said. Silver Deputy Mark Tatum’s example illustrates that part of the project has already begun: “The first season of the BAL is being played in Kigali, an arena where we have nothing to envy. NBA Dakar, Senegal and South Africa. Soon more. Will be added “. “Every project needs high-level leadership to succeed, and that’s where it comes in,” explained Tope Lowani, head of the fund, a major investor in NBA Africa.


Basketball as the engine of growth of an entire continent. In 1993, the NBA, led by Commissioner David Stern, landed in Africa for the first time. Life Change “It seems to me that I made that trip yesterday – Mutombo said in his muffled voice. When I was younger, in the Congo, I never dreamed I could go where I am today with basketball. And I’m really amazed at what basketball and the NBA have done for Africa. I want to return to this continent what Africa has given me. And I’m glad that thanks to the NBA and BAL, many other African players can try to follow my example. For once, Mutombo’s famous finger is not trembling to say no: the NBA is bringing all its knowledge to Africa, not just to increase basketball and its fan base, but to help the whole continent through basketball. , To make a basket.

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