Straight / Sassari Tortona (Final Result 83-87): Success deserves by the Lombards!

Live Sassari Tortona (Result 83-87): End of the game

Dalathona beat Dinamo Sassari 83-87 in an away match at the support of PalaceSport Roberta Seradimigni. In the first half it was the guests who dominated from the start, forcing the hosts to chase them, thus widening the gap even before they returned. The rest is in the changing room for a long break. In the second half, the Bianconeri let themselves be surprised by Biancoblou’s new attitude, able to nibble on valuable points. Banco’s effort in the last part of the match was not enough to end with a 18 to 18 draw. Two points earned today allowed Tortona to reach 22 in the basketball standings in the league. Thus, the direct rival of Dinamo Sassari’s day, remained exactly 20 points. (Chronicle Alessandro Reynolds)

Live Sassari Tortona Streaming Video TV: How To Watch A1 Series Match

There Show live From Sasari Tortona This will not be the one that will be broadcast on our television channel for the Championship Day. Appointment at Discovery Plus, the official broadcaster of the Basketball League from this season: Vision Live streaming video And obviously reserved for customers. We remind you that on the official website of the league, which you can find at, you will also find all the useful information of the match, especially the play-by-play scoreboard and the box score updated in real time. .

Third fourth

After finishing the third quarter, Dinamo Sassari and Tortona are now 65 to 69. In these first bars of the second half, after returning to the paraquet from the locker room after the break, Biancobolu managed to win by a margin of 23 to 20, reversing the trend of the previously acclaimed challenge with commitment and effort. Bianconari is a bit surprised by the new attitude of the opponent but still allows little to handle good products. (Updated by Alessandro Rinoldi)

The end of the first half

At the end of the second quarter or in the first half, Dinamo Sassari and Tortona’s teams recently returned to the locker room at long intervals of 42 to 49. The clock ticks and the two teams score again and again although they can beat the Lombards 26 to 23. The Sardinians struggled to correct their negligence and faced some difficulties in managing the ball. The best scorer of the match so far is No. 22 J. Sanders Darthona for 15 points. (Updated by Alessandro Rinoldi)

First fourth

The first quarter match between Dinamo Sassari and Tortona in Sardinia ended with a score of 19 to 23. In the early stages of the match, the guests, led by Coach Ramandino, soon took control of the operation, forcing the hosts trained by Coach Buchi to chase. They have 2 to 0 thefts and 1 to 4 losses for them. Here are the official lines: DYNAMO SASSARI – Bendzius, Burnell, Diop, Kruslin, Robinson. Available: Bilan, Chassis, Debechi, Gandini, Gentle, Logan, Trier. Coach: Buchi. Tortona – Kane, Macura, Sanders, Severini, Wright. Available: Cannon, Philly, Mascolo, Mortellaro, Rota, Tavernelli. Trainer: Ramandino. (Updated by Alessandro Rinoldi)

Tell me two!

We’re both close to the ball Sasari TortonPer. The situation created after the recovery at the Serie A1 standings is certainly intriguing: Dinamo’s victory at the Parquet in Trieste extended the fourth-team grouping to five in the standings, with Banco de Sardegna less than a game officially the head of the grouping. Bertram, who lost to Milan in the immediate rematch of the Copa Italia final, are now in eighth place; Reggio Emilia, Trieste and Brindisi in front of him but obviously the picture is not complete.

Already today, among other things, a victory in Palasradimigni would send Marco Ramandino and his Darthona Basket to fourth place, or rather it could, because then we have to see what the other outcome will be. In any case, we’ve already said that the newly promoted Piedmontes’ championship has already been decorated in such a remarkable way, with Pesaro reaching the bottom of the final eight; Of course now that the play-offs are within reach we will try to go and get them, and we’ll see if that happens. In the meantime, however, let’s relax and talk on the sidelines of Palaseredimigni, where Sassari Tortona’s live broadcast is about to begin! (Adjective by Claudio Francini)

Sassari Tortona: The Return

In its direct Sasari Tortona We should have a great return to Miro Bilan. Croatian center returns to Dynamo: For the past two seasons he has been one of the reference players for Gianmarco Pojeko’s team, winning the Super Cup and reaching the Championship final then losing to Venice in Game-7. Bilan formed an extraordinary board with Marco Spicu and was among the nominees for the regular season MVP award; Dinamo let him and Spisu go for the summer, and Bilan began playing for Prometheus alongside former Brindisi D’Angelo Harrison.

However, last week, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine: so the championship was postponed, the teams could not continue their activities and Bilan, like everyone else, returned to the market. Sassari, who also found a respectable center at Christian Mekoulou, did not repeat it twice: the Croatian is back at the base, and Piero Bucci has a player on the roster who knows the Italian championship very well Will be able to shake hands, and since then, who knows …

Sasari Tortona: Curious Crossing!

Sasari Tortona It is a live game in PalaSerradimigni, with a pair of balls on Sunday 13 March at 18:00: The match is valid for the 22nd day of the Basketball Championship. A1 Series 2021-2022, And compares two realities that come in different ways but are equally interesting for their qualities. A bad start, with a change of coach Dinamo knew how to change gears and got into the game with their sails, as they won in Trento last Sunday and then won. Recovery on Trieste’s nutsWith 4 points he launched in fourth place and still has one game to hold ৷

Bartram has the same points but one more game, and if the regular season ends today, he will qualify for the playoffs: Two consecutive defeats against Milan Apparently the balance on the trial has not changed, the new promotion is clearly doing very well as no one could expect the same speed and quality in the first year in Serie A1. Then we’ll see what happens soon in the live broadcast of Sassari Tortona, while we wait for the match to start, let’s consider some of the main issues arising from this afternoon.

Live Sassari Tortona: Results and Background

Sasari Tortona It was an interesting game, of course: both teams were in Pesaro for the last eight of the Italian Cup, Banco de Sardegna collected 20 points from Milan in the first round and Bertram dramatically eliminated Trieste and Vertus Bologna, then at least the first half was heavily played with Olympia only for the fall. . Marco Ramandino has been duly nominated for the Coach of the Year award: his Darthona is doing a great job and if he reaches the playoffs he will add another brick to a remarkable season, marked by great offensive quality with interpreters like JP Macura and Mike. Daum is inserted immediately.

Sassari is a former warship that had to reconsider its approach to basketball with the departure of Gianmarco Pojeko, but with the advent of Piero Buchi there has been some relief; Also, in the last few days a certain Miro Bilan has returned to Sardinia, a player who was fundamental to the direction of the Atomic Fly and risked being a great added value in the playoff race. Then it will be interesting to find out how the Croatian center will be able to rejoin the changed team a few months ago …

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