The Golden Weight Garden is open to the prosecutor’s office in Verona

Rain of people’s money a Garden And create New castle for sports in Alberta, Veronese area. A Unveiled in the prosecutor’s office To verify the accuracy and suitability of the operation. Announced by the newspaper L’Arena.

A 57,000 square meter garden, located between Provinces 18 and 19, in front of the artisan area of ​​the town of Scaligero, to be purchased by the municipality 859,000 euros. Prices are competed on a complaint drawn by a citizen with the help of some professionals, especially because on the same land, 2016It was acquired by individuals who now sell it only to the municipality 200,000 euros.

The land has already been dubbed by some “Miracle field”, Quoting Pinocchio’s passage where cats and foxes advise dolls to bury coins in a case where a sequin tree would grow. When the current owner bought the area it was not a garden, but a cultivable land, but the six-year price increase has caused some confusion, especially among those who do not support the administration of Giovanni Rutar. To determine the purchase price, the municipality assigns agriculturist Gino Beninka to make an estimate. Once the sworn assessment is done, the entity goes back to a lawyer to draw the initial purchase. Meanwhile, in the budget, the council has already entered the amount required for the purchase: 800 thousand euros will be financed by taking a mortgage, the remaining 59 thousand euros will be recovered from the organization’s own funds. It will, however, only begin. It is then necessary to provide access and exit roads from the area, which is rather complicated because the site is bounded by two provincial roads.


Another burden would be drainage concerns. The area is actually a valley, located at a lower elevation than the road and is subject to frequent flooding. Until the nineteenth century it was called Valle de Gradenighi: it was filled with water to grow flax. It is accessed by crossing a small bridge and a dirt road that is highlighted in the exhibition, “must be extended”. All of these methods will involve additional expenditure of money. Sports facilities have to be built there without considering the cost. The same minority councilor, David Marin, expressed his suspicions to the council: “Currently, the Ponte Assay, a sports area consisting of a football field within a building and parking lot of about 21,000 square meters.” “56 thousand square meters for what? I believe they are too much for the needs of our small municipality, ”he observed. The councilor further noted that “it would be more appropriate to provide for the restoration of areas such as former swimming pools that have been abandoned for some time, or to consider purchasing other land that does not involve such high costs”. Finally, the complaint suggests another way: “Why not start a confiscation process, which can be cheaper?”.


“We have not yet been notified of the complaint by the prosecutor’s office,” Giovanni Ruta reported. “The project was still part of our electoral agenda. The cost paid by the municipality is 13 euros per square meter, and any taxes. The comparison with 2016 is not very appropriate, considering the changes in the market and the current owner has planted fruit trees and installed irrigation system. The agriculturist estimated the value of the area at 15 euros per square meter. The investment, therefore, is certainly not high. There could be two possible football fields, a new building and a tennis court, as well as a parking lot, “he concluded.

(Source: L’Arena)

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