They were accused of abandoning a mother cat with kittens, the judge acquitted them

It is a complex story that led to the trial of two women, Setimo Toriniz, NDB and their daughter SS, who were accused of abandoning animals after the condemnation of Sever Carabinieri Forestali.

The leader contacted the local department in the summer of 2019 after the owner of a village trucking company found a mother cat with her five kittens in a box. Unfortunately, a child was hit by the family’s pit bull before the women were able to protect him. The other cats were left in a box made on the premises of the industrial warehouse, hoping to find shelter for them.

Leader Sebana Manager confirmed that he was contacted by NDB at the time: “Since we could not immediately welcome them, we have filed an appeal. The lady published the pictures we sent. A few days later I recognized them in pictures shown by a forest ranger: he told me that they had been abandoned in Bovina, a few kilometers from the shed. “. In fact, Marshall was the man who had already found the cats along a detached road between Seva and Paraldo. The soldier called one of his friends, also a volunteer leader, who had taken the poor animals into custody. The next day it appeared that they were the same as the ones already advertised: “I tried to contact the two phone numbers given to me: – The manager remembers Lida – One was the lady’s address, the other the daughter’s address. Mom told me they were in good hands but couldn’t tell me who adopted them, invited me to contact her daughter. The daughter, Palte, said her mother was aware of the details of the adoption, not her. I haven’t received any response from either of them. “.

From here the charges against the two started, then sent to trial. However, during the investigation it came up that SS was on leave at the time of the alleged abandonment. Even his mother has denied getting rid of the little guests for whom he has added, he has already done many things: “I fed and cleaned them and found shelter for them. I went to the vet and a bar at the service to ask if anyone wanted kittens, we already had four dogs and we couldn’t keep them together. “. The mother cat and her kitten would go away on their own without anyone noticing: “One day we will never find them again. We have looked for them everywhere, because we have already found out who will adopt them. “.

Although the SS’s externality was clear, prosecutor Rafael Delpui did not believe in his mother’s honesty and asked the NDB to pay a ইউরো 700 fine. The court also received a plea from Fabrizio Bosio, a lawyer representing the leader: the association demanded a thousand euros in compensation. “A miserable behavior” The lawyer commented: “Fortunately, the kittens were found on the side of the road, in a forest without houses.”. Contrary to lawyer Stefano Bozio’s opinion, SS’s lawyer: “The investigation did not confirm the defendants’ abandonment or neglect but their sense of humanity: they found the box, they could have moved on but they did not.. The prosecution, the lawyer added, “Doesn’t take into account the nature of the animals: cats can walk away if they feel independent and in a dangerous situation. Cats have been found just four kilometers from the shed, a short distance away.”. Similar remarks by lawyer Simone Pietro Buffo who defended the NDB: “Cats, even young ones, travel farther distances than they can be found. As soon as the crows fly through the meadow they can easily reach that distance.”.

Judge Anna Gilly acquitted both defendants. Happy ending, whatever, for the cat family too: all the cats have finally found a family. The mother and puppy were with two volunteers rescued from the street, while the other two young children were adopted by Savona.



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