When a dog has sweet eyes it has an unexpected meaning, a study has found out what is behind that look

Some people think that sweet dog’s eyes are synonymous with their sweetness. In fact, science explains that there is something much clearer and more complex.

How many times have dogs shown their sweet eyes that are hard to resist going out or getting the food we eat at the table? And how many times have their masters failed to resist and surrendered immediately? Really a lot. In fact, it can be said practically always.


The reason is obvious: the dog, regardless of breed, has a very sweet mouth and is influenced by this feeling of asking things. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Obviously, no one is questioning Sweet and cuddly nature is man’s best friend equal superiorityBut they are not only inspired by this.

Well said, because dogs produce a similar irresistible expression They have been “forced” over the years, indeed centuries of history and training. And all this happens completely unconsciously for our animals. In a certain sense, it is a legacy that has been handed down for centuries and centuries that no dog can escape. This is virtually a natural, automatic and not at all unique fact. A similar attitude, in fact, has developed precisely towards humans and no one else. In short, to be more artificial, there are those sweet eyes A physiological and evolutionary explanation.

Why do dogs give their owners sweet eyes? The astonishing answer to science

There is more to this facial expression than just sweetness, experts say. In particular, we are talking led by scientists Professor Ann Burroughs. Belong to the scholars University of Ducson And their research only links the latest links between dogs and humans. It was recently presented at its conference Experimental biology. So we are talking about an annual meeting American Association for Anatomy. The purpose of his birth is to deepen in more detail the famous relationship that has been established for centuries between humans and dogs. In fact, it is curious to know why humans have the same emotional relationship that has become historical, not just with these creatures, and not with others.

Well, according to similar research, in order to better understand what we are talking about, wolf names need to involve another hero. It is a discourse that promotes one Physiological survey perspective. To be more clear, we need to start by considering the evolution and anatomy of the dog. By creating a more practical discourse, the aforementioned experts focus on the muscle fibers responsible for creating facial expressions. These types of fibers are found in both humans and dogs and wolves.

More specifically, we are talking about the myosin protein filament and that is what makes it The face. Also, according to research, these are rapidly twisted between the human species and the two animal species. The difference is that we can’t keep the idea of ​​men and women for long. Dogs and wolves, on the other hand, are more successful because they have more mouth mobility.

Sweetness in the eyes of a dog, it is a training that has been going on for centuries

For about 33,000 years, humans have been involved in domesticating both dogs and wolves. This has led to a very important consequence: the muscles of the latter have developed and perfected following the will of mankind. In a sense, animals have adapted to human requests and commands, betraying their different sources.

In short, it would seem that both wolves and dogs are able to amaze us with their sweet eyes. But that’s not the point at all. Therefore, there is Further differences between the two animals Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. In reality it has emerged that wolves have saved something Muscle fiber that moves slower than a dog. The reason for this kind of attitude has been stated soon: this kind of movement allows a kind of crying action. It also explains why dogs bark less than wolves.

As a result, a unique relationship has developed between humans and dogs where they can only understand each other through facial expressions. Another way to understand each other Movement around the dog’s eyes, Extremely valued by humans. Finally, the experts in question have proposed an estimate. This is related to the physiology of the muscles of the dog’s mouth which is more similar to that of humans in terms of myosin fiber type distribution than in wolves. Thus, in a certain sense, the observation that each dog resembles its owner is valid: even science has confirmed it!

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