16 rounds Citta di Firenze under 18 • Nove da Firenze

The 45th edition of the Under-18 International Youth Tournament “Città di Firenze” aligns itself with the Round of 16, and many Italians still flock to the Florentine Youth Festival, with free admission, which resumes high-level junior tennis.

And the surprise comes from Ligurian, who trained at the Academia de Piatti, Giacomo Nasei, who went through three qualifying rounds to beat the board’s favorite German Liam Gavrilides 64-60. I held on and he started to make mistakes and so I took advantage of this moment and was able to win this race as well. ” After 3 hours of play, the Italians took the match home, with Ben Duis Swiss scoring Manfredi Graziani and Andrin Casanova and Slovenian Matic Kriznik scoring 63-64 to beat Italian Jacopo Billardo.

The first two favorites advanced to the women’s draw. Evialina Laskevich, who played without a flag, defeated Denis Valente by 75 60 and Dutch Isis Luis van den Brock (2) by Gaia Greco by 36 63 61.

The entire Sarkolo tennis franchise then gathered at the Palagina court to applaud Paradisky for losing two sets (64 64) to Estonian Elizabeth Isla. “At first I was a bit tense, then I started playing my tennis and I was able to get through the rounds,” explained Rafa Nadal of Spain. Now the derby with Vittoria Paganetti for the Tuscan player.

Whoever wins will face number one in the quarter finals Doubles tournaments have also begun and will end on Sunday, April 17, with the number two pair of Paradisi and Vandenbrook as the favorites in the women’s draw with the couple Evilina Laskevic and Ella MacDonald. Among men, the blue pair is Nicolo Siavarela and Daniel Minigini before the couple Mackiez Kos and Stepan Mruzek. The first meeting with the experts at Mayer Pediatric Hospital, which worked on the theme “Sports and Healthy Nutrition”, will be very popular and with a lot of participation. Physics prospects for all “Always with doctors and specialists at Meyer Hospital. Tournament is directed by Giovanni del Panta while event referee is expert Sebastiano Cavara. Free access to Florence Tennis Club. That would be a great opportunity.

Circolo del Tennis Firenze 1898 is located in the green lungs of the city, inside the Parco delle Cassin, with its centuries-old tradition and, above all, a place to enjoy fun and exciting encounters. According to the new Covid rule, the capacity of the plant will be 100%, but to access it, one has to access basic green pass like stadium and FPP2 mask. The 2nd trophy of the women’s tournament will be “Roda de Bellegard de St. Larry”.

The recognition was established in 2019 because Roda de Belegard was a player at the Florence Tennis Club and the first Italian champion for two years in a row. Her main commitment was social, which saw her as a volunteer on the front line during the First World War, a Red Cross nurse. Subsequently, the fate of Stigliano Hospital where he contracted the terrible “Spanish” flu, he died at a very young age of 28 years. For his commitment during the Great War he received the Silver Medal for Military Heroism Patrosinio 2022: The event is sponsored by the 2022 Tournament Sponsor and Partner of the Municipality of Florence: Special thanks to all the sponsors and partners for their support and gratitude. The main sponsors of the San Paolo initiative, to the partners: -Prinj Beverages and Food-Spirulina Bekagli-Aquila Energy-Firenze Manutenzioni-Oceana Water Treatment-Casa D’Alam Pandolfini-Fanfani Clinical Research-Allianz The official ball of the Babolat tournament

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