3×3 Basketball, goodbye to Tokyo Olympics

Live Italy China (Final Result 13-19): We are out of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Italy China 13-19: Unfortunately its adventure 3 × 3 women’s basketball at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We have already seen how competitive the Asian national team was during the group stage: after all, it snatched the world title from us two years ago and closed the first round of the Olympic tournament. 5 wins and 2 losses. He has already clearly beaten Italy, and the same thing happened today: Andrea Capobianco tried to get stuck in the blues score but China was always ahead and at fairly confident intervals, then came to extend our resistance to the final. In 19-13 to return to the surface, the most valuable basketball of 3 × 3 counts 2 points, the Asians have three resources; So it ended, with the last moment of the match where neither team could score any more goals. So China will challenge the United States in the semifinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics; Italy is back in the country one step away from the medal area, embarrassing but certainly a good experience that will work for the future as well. (Adjective by Claudio Francini)

Basketball 3 × 3 Women’s Olympics Tokyo 2020

Italy ChinaAomi is playing, live from Urban Sports Park Tuesday, July 26 at 1.30 pm: In the tournament 3 × 3 women’s basketball at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Blues immediately return to the field to face the reigning world champions, which is virtually the quarter-finals. We briefly recall that six national teams emerged from a single group of 8: the first two, namely the USA and the Russian Olympic Committee – Who beat us a few hours ago – They qualified directly for the semifinals (and will be able to rest in the Italian afternoon).

From third to sixth they are in the quarterfinals and they face a dry challenge to enter the top 4, which will be held tomorrow. The Italy-China live broadcast of the 3 × 3 women’s basketball tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics promises to be absolutely complex for girls trained by Andrea Capobianco, who have little to lose and so they will play with a free mind, chase. A dream that can become a reality. All that remains is to find out in a few hours how the situation will turn out, when we return to the field to play a very important match …

Live Italy China Basketball 3 × 3 Women: How To Watch Tokyo 2020 Olympics

As always, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Italy China Basketball 3 × 3 women’s live TV should be visible on Rye Sport, if Rye is not duo: in fact, the event should be broadcast on state television where Italy can go to the medal zone. (Also for its short duration), we must also remember that the official broadcaster of the event is Discovery + who will follow the entire program. Includes live streaming video viewing, Amazon Prime and Eurosport Player subscriptions; The next platform will also be visible to DAZN customers.

Live Italy China Basketball 3 × 3 Women’s Olympics Tokyo 2020: Results and Background

Italy and China are starting soon: so it’s important to remember very briefly how things turned out in the 3 × 3 women’s basketball tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Mongolia on the first day and Romania on the second day (two matches were played on the day) For the rest, they have always lost: they bravely and authoritatively stood first in the group against the United States, but also suffered net defeats from the Russian Olympic Committee, Japan, and, unfortunately, China. Which overwhelmed itself with a result of 22-13. Also for this reason it will not be easy to come to the head of the Asian national team; Of course two days have passed and a lot can change, starting with physical condition and awareness of playing for something bigger; The field will always be the highest judge and so it is up to us to observe what our girls will be able to do soon …

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