Adopting a clean-faced Pyrenean sheepdog: why not do it

A Shaved-faced Pyrenees Shipdog: What you need to know to understand what an ideal owner should look like.

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The choice of breed for adoption may seem simple and rather If we want to analyze the issue, before proceeding with buying a puppy, you must know that There are some aspects to explore.

In the interests of both the puppy and the owner, for both of them to live happily together, it is important to find the right combination of character and lifestyle.

In this article, we will focus specifically Why take one Short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd dog.

Why, choose this breed and What is his ideal master?

Adopting a clean-faced Pyrenean sheepdog: character and ideal owner

Get a clear picture of the Pyrenean Sheepdog breed with a shaved face, Information about the character and description of the ideal owner is essential.

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If your decision now is firm about buying a Pyrenean Sheepdog puppy with a shaved faceIt is essential to have information about the origin and characteristics This species is physical.

We know, it is A dog breed of French descent, officially recognized Society Central Canine and French Ministry of Agriculture, In 1926.

It is Small to medium sized dogsMuscular and agile measuring about 40-50 cm and weighing about 10 kg.

Decorated with a cape, Long or semi-long end All over the body, Except (By name) For the faceWhere it is satin.

The colors approved by the standard are several, in fact they are: black, harlequin, mixed gray fan, fan mix with black spot or white spot, acknowledged, but very rare, also gray.

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Shaved-faced Pyrenees Shepdog, just because it is Accustomed to climatic conditions and adverse soils, it has a good resistant fiber.

In fact, Born as a working dogHorses are much appreciated by traders and pastoralists. Today it is a versatile dogOf a bold and cautious nature.

However, he also knows how to be U.n Good companion dog That Kids love itFor its playful spirit and its boundless power.

IS Loyal to his LordAfter all, he is obedient and obedient.

Pyrenean Sheepdog ShaveA dog is able to share space And time with other dogs, the important thing is to do it with early socialization.

Just like cousin with long hair, it is active Very suspicious of strangers, It takes multiple contacts and some time.

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Long-haired Pyrenees Aries dog lifestyle

The Lifestyle of Pyrenean sheep dog with a shaved faceAll you need to know To complete the knowledge of the species.

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Pyrenean sheep dog with shaved face, A dog who loves to live outsideOn the other hand he was born as a herd dog and that is his nature.

However, it fits Also very good To live at home Or in an apartment with family.

Still, You need to walk more than two a dayIt cannot be kept locked in the house all day At least a couple of hours He must be able to cut them in the garden or in the park.

About it A nation Very athletic, Also suitable for dog play, such as: obedience and agility, flyball and work trials.

He is able to burn a lot of calories, so much energy that he burns in an effort to do the work assigned to him.

To take care of this breed coat It doesn’t take long to get out, or much less.

That’s enough, Therefore, Brush at least twice a weekWith a comb, a carder and a brush.

Pyrenean sheep dog with shaved face, In general it enjoys a healthy and strong constitutionIn fact, if kept well, it can stay The average lifespan is about 14 years.

In the end, If you have decided to adopt a Pyrenean Sheepdog with a shaved face, it is always best to visit kennels. That can guarantee the integrity of the animal, which has no minimum cost About 1200 euros.

If you want to know again Many other curiosities about Pyrenean Sheepdog with a shaved face, With many tips for naming your puppy, you can find them in this article.

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