All dogs are looking for a family of Brescia

Welcome four-legged friends: Spring has finally blossomed and even in April there is no shortage of puppies of Canile Refugio de Brescia who are still looking for a home. There are also three dogs reported this month by the Sos Randagi Association, a structure run for more than 20 years, let’s talk about it in a few lines (along with all the details). But given the exact corner of Easter, we also point out the beautiful initiative scheduled for Saturday 16th April.

This is a true “Happy Easter Day” scheduled from 11 a.m. to 14:14 with volunteers visiting the “Hairy Guests”. Later (from 2 pm) a solidarity banquet will be held where blankets, Easter eggs, T-shirts and gadgets will be available which will be used to finance the activities of the association. By 4pm, in the huge green area of ​​the kennel, a sweet and delicious meal for everyone and plenty of play for the kids (and not).


  • Year: About one
  • Gender female
  • Size: Medium (included)
  • About her: The CT scan confirmed the veterinarian’s suspicions and Biglia was diagnosed with a hepatic portosystemic shunt, which for the moment and hopefully forever, would be simply treated with a specific diet (hepatic) and lactulose. If surgery is ever needed, we will be with the family who will welcome it. Biglia is a very sweet, lively, cheerful and playful puppy. In the box she often cries, does not like to be alone for long, with other dogs she is fictional and loves all people. We are looking for someone who opens his heart and his house to a special soul, who, despite being so young, already needs a special adoption. If followed carefully, Biglia can lead a completely normal life. We really hope she leaves Canal soon, loved by a super family. For information, write Whatsapp message to 338 1713874 or 346 3856600.
  • Information: Brescia Kennel Shelter


  • Year: About 2
  • Gender male
  • Large size
  • About her: Samson our good monster, unfortunately 2 returned from feather care. It is a very sensitive dog, requiring its presence and qualifications, ample space and long walks. We present him as a unique dog, because although compatible with women, in the two previous adoption he has shown intolerance towards them over time. She was a shepherd with a guardian instinct, and despite her size she was a nimble jumper! Therefore, proper fencing and a safe environment are required. For information send a Whatsapp message to 338 1713874 or 346 3856600.
  • Info: Brescia Shelter Canal


  • Year: About 5
  • Gender female
  • Size: Medium-large
  • About her: Anita is a sweet and sensitive soul, found while pregnant in southern Italy, she gave birth in a canal and then we welcome her here to give her visibility. She is insecure but ready to take the plunge, both communicating with her acquaintances and during a fork she is getting used to. Disinfected, it is unfortunately positive for leishmaniasis. Compatible with playful male dogs like her. She is not afraid of any small child. Write a Whatsapp message to 338 1713874 or 346 3856600 for information.
  • Info: Brescia Shelter Canal

Brescia Kennel Refuse

Founded in October 2000, the Sos Randagi Brescia Association is a non-profit organization born out of the common passion of a number of people who have decided to put themselves at the forefront of helping those who cannot defend themselves. A few weeks ago it celebrated its first 20 years of activity. The primary goal is the conscientious care of abandoned dogs. The association is increasingly committed to conducting awareness and information dissemination for the population through information points (banquets) in the territory of the province of Brescia. However, every dog ​​in the Sos Randagi Association, no matter how much they are loved and cherished by the operators, must find their own home, a real home, including a human family, to cherish and care for them, to forget their sadness. Of the canal

They are not just puppies! In fact, they are hosted and, above all, already betrayed by adults who need to be able to regain confidence in the human race. They are not all beautiful and sometimes they are not even very beautiful. But they are alive and so everyone deserves respect and a new opportunity. For this reason, those who work within our facilities are first and foremost a reference point for our dog; Learn to know and understand their needs in order to better address any potential recipients.

Kenel Refugio de Brescia is located at Via Girelli 6, near the Brescia Everest motorway exit. It is open daily, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For information:

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