BF F8 – Roseto beat Cividel and wins the Italian Cup

Pallakanestro Roseto beat Gesteco Cividel in the qualifying final of the higher division to lift the Serie B Italian Cup home. PalaMaggetti’s three-day conclusion is a combination of the rare intensity and competitive spirit in a good game between two great teams that has given legitimacy to their great season so far. With Roseto in the game in the first half, Cividel certainly did not give up and returned thanks to his defensive injury. The result was a logical final point, determined by the episodes below the screams at Rosetto Sports Hall’s rapture.

Gerometa starts with the same quintet that Gesteco started the semifinals with. Rota in the control room, Chiera and Laudoni to complete the external battery, Miani and Battistini provide athletes immediately under the basket. Roseto starts with Di Emidio metronome, Pastore, Serafini, Amoroso and Nikolic. A good selection of Leophilchem ​​shoots, backed by an excellent percentage, allows the Rosetans to make a strong start. Amoroso, De Amido and Nicolিকc scored from three points and Frulian led the Home Blues 7-16 with a time out on the bench. At 9-22, Rosetano’s advantage increased with a few baskets of de Carmine who turned the turn mag. Getting good things from Cividel Casses and Ohenen depends on the second violin which reduces the difficulty before 16-23. 19-25 Eugenio Rotter came in 10 ‘with three free shots.

Cividel hit his defense early in the second quarter. Rita and Chiera hit from outside the pressure and further reduced the distance to -4. After Battistini’s triple 27-31 and po 32-36. But Roseto doesn’t let himself get involved. The free throws of Serafini and Amoroso and a part of the 11-0 with a few winning conclusions from Nicolিকের that made the home crowd excited. Cividale continued shooting from outside and closed the first half below 11 points (32-43) So much inertia in the hands of Leophilchem.

At the start of the second half, Roseto reached his maximum advantage with a triple from De Amido (32-46). The Quagliar team seems to be moving towards velvet but they are now starting to deal with Gesteco’s defense which suppressed the Abruzzo attack and looked at the inconvenience. Laudoni scores 4 points in a row, the result of his talent and athleticism for Cividel, who reached -2 ​​with the perfect rotor ride on the line. Towards the end of the last 2 of the third quarter, the rotor support for the pesano crowned the return of the Friulians (52-52). The game again intensifies. Miyani’s free players put Gesteco ahead (54-52), followed by D’Medio and Rotor. 56 Even At the end of the third period.

Pastor’s Triple and Serafini’s basket screaming below his curve, adrenaline flowing in the open last quarter. Roseto +5 but Cividel is always more alive than ever. Loudoni wallowed in such a game and put his Triple Yellows ahead 62-61. Leophilchem ​​Laudoni (62-63) takes a free shot from D’Medio, born out of sportman Like Bu. In response, Cividel pulled out a triple of cheerleaders in the pastor’s face. Roseto is seen on the ropes after the ball lost in Amoroso’s attack was accurately doubled in the low post, but Cividel does not take advantage and strength with Batistini. Amoroso dropped to -1 with a 1/2 free, his 5th foul on Rota Jumpognar’s defense and this episode set the Italian Cup. Amaroso scores from Undertaking (65-66) and the turn Maggie explodes like the old days. Cividel makes a mistake and is not like Cheerleader playing in a rebound fight. Amoroso is free and DeMedio sends 2/2 credit to Leophilchem ​​who is the winner.

Gesteco Cividale – Liofilchem ​​Roseto 65-69 (19-25, 13-18, 24-13, 9-13)
Gesteco Cividale: Eugenio Rota 12 (0/1, 1/2), Leonardo Batistini 12 (1/6, 2/8), Adrian Chiere 11 (1/4, 3/7), Stefano Loudoni 9 (1/3, 2/4), Alessandro Payesano 8 (4/4, 0/4), Gabriel Miyani 6 (2/5, 0/3), Alessandro Casses 5 (1/2, 1/6), Daniel Owen 2 (1 / 1, 0/0), Enrico Mikalich 0 (0/0, 0/0), Shaka Balladino 0 (0/0, 0/0), Matteo Frasinetti 0 (0/0, 0/0) Free throws: 16 / 17 – Rebounds: 31 7 + 24 (Leonardo Batistini 9) – Assist: 9 (Eugenio Rota 4)
Leophilchem ​​Roseto: Eduardo de Amido 17 (1/3, 2/5), Valerio Amaroso 15 (3/4, 2/11), Alexa Nicolic 11 (5/8, 0/0), Andrea Pastor 10 (1) / 4, 2/5), Alberto Serafini 7 (2/4, 0/0), Gianluca de Carmine 5 (2/2, 0/0), Ricardo Bassi 4 (2/2, 0/0), Alfonso Jumpogna 0 (0/3, 0/2), Nikola Mrovic 0 (0/0, 0/0), Antonio Rugiero 0 (0/0, 0/0), Niccolo Geta 0 (0/0, 0/0), Andrea De Taco 0 (0/0, 0/0) Free Throw: 19/25 – Rebound: 39 8 + 31 (Alberto Serafini 9) – Assist: 14 (Andre Pastor 5)

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