Don’t tell the cat … A very fragmented picture suggests prudence in forecasting

The mayor is not yet, the list is yet to come, June 12 is far away, yet there are already those who are municipal councilors, councilors, deputy mayors and heads of municipalities. Or, at least, it treats itself as such. Self-promotions abound in the social farming highs, where the new profile demands for a more explicit keyboard lion choice. So much so that in the evening the mayoral candidate Valerio Donato had to speak spontaneously that “I haven’t seen the lists yet because my coalition table hasn’t started yet”. As a result, ‘the candidates on the various lists in my support will be determined by the alliance.’ The clarification is very convenient, as it helps to avoid adventurous progress, of which the chief assumes an advantage in the prediction of the vote, arising from the number of statements in support of the more or less known indicators already included. The political city circuit, in the current and past administrative seasons. Experience has shown that a first serious assessment of predictive projection can only be given at the moment of presentation of the list, by their number in each alliance, by their composition. Professor Donato is right to get his hands on and get out of this somewhat childish game, which means more insecurity among its practitioners who are more likely to fall for it.

At this point, the attitude of this or that character or the direction of departure and the aggregate he represents to the mayoral candidates can be reported with considerable accuracy. Careful that speech should still be considered explicitly on the part of the electorate which is usually an expression of the center-right political alliance. Even in its administrative consideration, it is true that Catanzaro is not the administrative of the country, with all respect to the countries. And this is not a list of two advanced citizens who face each other, one with a squiler symbol and the other with a wheat ear. National teams must always pass a test. A step that is certainly not painless. The center-left coalition did so, so much so that Nicola Fiorita formalized her candidacy only after the approval of the Democratic Party and M5Stelle. The Italian Brothers, the UDC, and the diverse world that Noi Con is looking for a place in the periphery with Italy and courage, officially because we are looking, so the center-right alliance has not yet done, or has not yet done, a single synthesis that is still missing.

In the face of this pattern, Valerio Donato has repeatedly reiterated his desire to disassociate himself from party plans and, as a result, individually or as a list party or movement, to welcome everyone to accept his program and his leadership. In short, we are confronted with two discriminatory perspectives, the extent of which is difficult to predict at the moment, whether in the end Donato’s program-centric perspective will prevail or the party-centric perspective that is now openly supported by Vincenzo Spiegel (UDC) and more. By Wanda Ferro (FDI). Without neglecting, it actually considers it quite reliable, that in the end the center-right will present itself divided in the vote, part with Donato according to the support already expressed, and part with other territorial options represented by Antonello Talerico.

At the moment it seems interested in the next solution, in the absence of a single key, part of the UDC of Speziale, Noi con Italia, Officine del Sud, Coraggio Italia is not related to Sergio Abramo. No signal comes from the Italian Brothers, so much so that a solo presence seems impossible. If things really evolve in this sense, the June vote could be far more fragmented than it has been so far, making the assumption of a ballot with uncertain results even more consistent, conditioned by subsequent appearances.

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