Exotic Animals and How to Treat Them: What New Italian Laws Provide

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Andrea Cassini

Area Manager – Exotic Animal LAV

When you think of animals ExternalThe lion immediately remembers, Tiger And elephants, spiders in fear, but also snakes and squirrels. Those who have never seen in their lives, In Movies Or in cartoons? There are some types though that actually live FamiliesLike Fish Which you can observe in the aquarium, for example. These animals always bring a lot Curiosity, But nothing like encouraging their lives in our home and more generally in Italy. You probably know that there are some studies that show how much pain these animals suffer inside CageDisplay cases or trays, and so much research going on Health risks Related to the treatment of animals, related to risk zoonosesOr infections in humans by animals.

However, another sad fact is that you can buy animals Canary For only 10-20 euros. Unfortunately, it is common practice that those who buy these birds do not care for them, because Veterinarian It will cost more than the canary itself. There Consequences This is because people like to leave them To die.

Exotic Animals: What the law provides


On 23 April 2021, Law 53 on Exotic Animals was published in the Official Gazette. The active law transfers European Regulation 2016/429. Force entry should be May 8, but there is a problem: Implementing decree missing. Despite Stress By industry associations, e.g. LAVWhich has also carried out an investigation into the treatment and marketing of these animals, which is not yet available. Hint Officials on how to implement the law.

Andrea Cassini“Let them be #acasaloro free”, in charge of the LAV campaign, speaks for us: “We are fully satisfied with the law that has been passed in Parliament, thanks to an amendment that is included in Article 14 letter q. Specific Restrictions on Occupation, Trade, and Breeding of Indigenous and Allocthonous Wildlife, And external. Now the last step is missing, related to an implementing decree. “. You know when Italy at a certain time, thanks to human activity, Tiger mosquito? Here, it is an Allocthonus subspecies, not native to the area. By autocothnos, on the other hand, we mean all animals that, even if they are wild, are endemic to where they live.

And for the zoo?

The law does not touch The zoo Licensed, which has one Law Already controlled. The subject of the new law will be i PrivateTherefore, we mean circus. All this Place Will be affected, while “Classic” or Licensed will not be included Law. “Conversely, in reality they will be more valuable than those who are in the legal gray range and work without proper permission.” Says Cassini.

Even with someone Criticism, The Italian parliament voted in favor of the law, following the directives of European law. There too France It did the same thing, but the French government predicted a much more significant package Reform.

French example

We have to tell you, at least this time I am Seconds We. In fact, a few months ago Standard package In order to protect animal welfare. The law prohibits Shows With circus and dolphinaria wildlife, American mink farms close but above all Stop To sell Pets In stores. “By nature, a decision like the French government would be ideal.”Andrea Casini acknowledges, and continues: “We have no idea how Italian law enforcement will be integrated into the decree. In fact, we fear that even after the vote in Parliament, there is no political will to move forward. French law is a much broader package than the range of decisions made on animals. “. In light of the Kovid epidemic, you may not know that France It has been forced to vote on a law because it contains Record 100 thousand animals Abandoned Every year.
“France has therefore tried to limit both the problem of animal suffering and the problem of communicable animal diseases.”.

French law is a much broader and bolder package than the range of decisions made on animals

Types of animals

“There are thousands Exotic animals, Between species and sub-species on the Italian market, and they range in many years. Being animal from CollectionThey almost take a glimpse ObjectsThat is, they are no longer reduced to living creatures but to objects. “Cassini explains.

Their purchase is unfortunately one Fashion, In 2020 LAVs recorded a huge demand for African hedgehogs, while in 2021 for flying squirrels. Then there are: pythons, bosses, reptiles, various geckos, chameleons.

“There are so many birds in the air Parrots, Such as the gray parrot, which is of African descent, was legal until a few years ago. 71% of people died as a result of its trade ExportSo it died more than the survivors, which means it was one of the endangered species. Extinction Cassini explains, condemning: “Since then, due Trade This animal is no longer marketable and has been added to the list QuotesWhich is part of it Washington Conference.

But Cassini explains that i Insert time These are usually not short and this means that it is too late to see if any species is endangered or suffering and if these animals are disappearing. Place of origin.

The problem with marketing

If you pay attention to the name of the law, you will notice that it speaks of “native and allochthonous wild animals.” There Department Italy includes all the animals that come from abroad, so all those that should live in nature Accommodation A key is completely different from her Cage, A terrarium or a pan. You need to know that then there is a question Public safetyBecause the biggest The epidemic All that has happened in the past years is the origin of animals. There More than 1,600 zoological viruses have been observed in the United StatesIn particular, from the American Agency for Cooperation and Development (USAID), about the potential for pathogens. Jump of species. “Inside Exhibition The situation is similar to China’s wet market (the market for purchased and slaughtered animals), which is more raw at the visible level. “, LAV condemns. In this environment, animals of different origins coexist forcibly in the whole context Uncontrolled.

Illegal business

“In addition to the ban on occupation and trade, our request is to create one Registry systemTo observe the animals present on Italian soil today “ Says Cassini.

It may seem unreasonable to you, but The number of exotic animals present in Italy is not known at all. There are obligations for dogs Microchip And registration, this rule does not exist for everyone else. “In Italy, for example, it is not known how many tigers there are on Italian soil, there is an article published a year ago that investigates the number of tigers in Italy.”Andrea Cassini says, and continues: We believe our number is three times that of the government, CITES and the Ministry of Environmental Transfer. The Trade Occurs in a manner Informal And this leads to complete ignorance about this phenomenon. Officially, there are 3 million animal sales data, our estimates are not three but double. “.

Cassini explains that exchanges often take place Internet, At various online e-commerce sites and at exotic animal fairs. These trades are not tracked and cannot be tracked at the moment.

“Legalizing them in our country will make it clearer that they can’t be marketed.”Reassures Cassini.

And for those who own an exotic creature?

For those who possess exotic creatures There is no fear of expulsion. Growing up in a home environment, they are not able to make a living independently. “What Our offer Is asked A regulationThat is, those who have an alien creature only need to declare that they have it. “Cassini explains and continues: “They can’t sell it and so they can’t Reproduction. There will be a point where no more animals will be kept. “.

Animal welfare finally finds new ones I hearA law that allows us to protect them and protect ourselves.

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