High hopes for Italians


Country of Champions TurinSwing tennis as well as paddle talent. Thus, after the unveiling of an amazing Lorenzo Sonego, The city of Mol seems to have grown another notable genius within its walls. If the hope had already survived that an Italian could play and qualify at a higher level in the paddle, the young Marco Cassette Now that seems like a great confirmation. There are now a lot of expectations for the ’99 class, with an integrated title as the best blue in this new and popular game. Only 2021 Three successes in the circuit Slam And victory at the same time Master’s degree. Climb to success that seems to be strengthened by a strong and fruitful partnership, as with Simon CremonaWith which he enters the Privia Dale World Paddle Tour. A high-goal athlete Cassette: “My biggest dream is to play Olympic after blue shirt..

Marco Casseta at the top of the blue paddle. An emotion that started after tennis: “I immediately fell in love with it”

Captain Inn of the Blue Juniors 2017After recently embarking on his adventure to discover the game in glasses alone 4 The year Turin has already enjoyed considerable success. Marco with the current title of the most powerful Italy in the paddle Cassette He started showing interest in the game as soon as he quit tennis and immediately fell in love with it.

Graduated from Scientific High School MazarelloI stopped playing tennis – In fact the Turinis announcement, as reported Della is the best in Korea – A friend took me to trial in a public court Decathlon. I immediately fell in love with it. Mobility and fun as well as for team play, which I like the most. I loved being in a team and doing doubles, in tennis I wanted to go the way Bhavasori

Above all an increasingly popular game Italy, Thanks for its immediacy and fun due to its dynamics. A discipline where there is no lack of team play, which is fundamental here. Could it spread further by expanding the audience of fans?

In a sequel Italy Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Certainly not a slight fuss for the couple CassetteCremonaAmong the first to enter the Privia Dale World Paddle Tour. Recently launched Premier PaddleInternational tournament founded by Luigi CarraroPresident International Paddle FoundationWhose first date a Doha Very successful.

Cassette is a new hope in the game, thanks to a coach like Raul Rodriguez. Turin players look ahead: “My dream is to play in the Olympics”

I train at Rufini and the gym, the difference with tennis? Explosives and speed that must be trained for a small pitch. But like tennis, you have to be a very trained and ready physical “animal” – He then continued CassetteExplains the necessary techniques – Times are tough, even the paddle has changed in terms of power, it remains a game of chance: you always have to choose your shot based on your opponent and your partner in the moment “.

A skill not indifferent to Turin, which has the potential to grow, encouraged by the same circle TurinThanks to a coach like Raul Rodriguez:

The club has invested a lot for me, even calling for a world-class coach like Raউl RodriguezHe actually explained Cassette – Me and Simon Cremona We will play together all year round but we have to make sure we win Italy And reach the top 100 in the world, play, fight, enter the final draw and get closer to the Spaniards and Argentina

An athlete who looks forward CassetteBe sure about the value of a game like Paddle and its great potential as a player:

There are already important national teams, but we have the structure to do more. The president will take care of it CarraroWhich has already given birth Premier Paddle. He also works for the Olympics, here is my biggest dream: playing with a blue jersey – After finishing class in ’99, he admitted that he had another challenge to win – I only need one test to discuss a degree in exercise science: Physiology is a tough competitor, but here we are

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Liliana Longoni

(Credit-Photo – Italian Paddle Outdoor Championship 2021 – San Paddle Rexion – 29 August 2021 – Casseta Marco – Photo Giampiero Sposito)


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