Maserata Canel, Staff: “At the end of the year we’ll be out of work. Who will take care of the animals?”

MACERATA – Coordinator Tiziana Giannoni: “So far we have chosen not to show. But we can no longer remain silent about our frustration, anger, and anxiety. In recent years we have never given up on ourselves so that every dog ​​can find a family. ”

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Tijiana Gianoni

Employees of the Maserata Kennel, Meridiana Cooperative spoke with the coordinator, tIziana Gianoni: “We will be out of work at the end of the year (La Meridiana has announced that it will leave management by the end of the year, Ed) Depression, anger and anxiety are emotions we can’t keep quiet about. ” They say they have so far “not to reveal us, waiting, every day, together with the dog we take care of with dedication and skill, that everything will be fine”. Over the months, he said, he and other staff have read “amazing statements we learned from the newspaper, with Maserata’s managers praising the reality outside the province, not spending a word on our local work. Significant reduction in government expenditure for 7.


Their job is weird, because “for every dog ​​we leave to adopt, our risk of losing our total hours has always increased and for many of us, Maserata Kennel is the only job we have. Yet – Giannoni continues – Unlike other structures, which are not as empty as we are today, we have never given up on ourselves so that each dog has a chance to be assigned to a family. After all this is why we were always there, even when earthquakes, epidemics, snowy days or landslides and floods on the side of the road made the canal inaccessible. It also happened to leave our cars at the beginning of the kennel access road and to reach the structure on foot, in the mud or snow, and to ensure the well-being of the dog. Over the years, we have become a point of reference for many people who come to the canal to look for dogs, look for benefits, ask for information, or even comfort themselves for the loss of their pets. Each of our initiatives, the many activities organized in collaboration with the voluntary organization Argo, stands in the stands, among the people, at the fair for hours on end. Municipality “. Then Ascoli won the famous announcement to welcome the dogs «it was a joy for us. The general management has already shown the chart of the new job company with our extended employment contract and we have immediately started the necessary intervention to prepare the boxes. We were happy to dedicate ourselves to other dogs, who had many opportunities to be adopted through our work. If the other canals are full and we are almost empty, it is because we are here, with the training we have received in the cooperative, with the sensitivity that we are all in the service of a job, which is probably “just work”. No, but it’s a bit of a “mission”. And, then, with us, in recent years there have been volunteer, job grants, social inclusion internships, public utility workers, school and work alternative students. All work for the performance of an important public service.

Kennel-Maserata-Cane-Luna-Walking-With-Bhuntaria-AlessiaGiannoni then thinks that even going to their Facebook page “Municipal Kenel-Meridiana Social Co-operative” is understandable. “The attention and love we put into it, even in publishing our dog adoption posts. Not everyone is aware of this, but the dogs we host, thanks to the collaboration with the voluntary organization Argo, have the opportunity to go for a walk; This is why our videos and photos depict dogs on the field, on the farm, on the street All activities that enhance the socialization of the dog with humans and the possibility of entering a new family. After so many years and what a great disappointment to hear with this important result, that the municipality does not allow to take care of the dogs of other municipalities in greater numbers than our municipality.. Now We live in a paradox. For each dog that we can take care of, our work time will be reduced, because the municipality has blocked the possibility of taking other dogs. Salary on the one hand and love for dogs on the other. At the end of the year we will lose our jobs and in addition to the worries of our lives, there are worries for the animals we have been following for years. What will happen to them? Who will take care of it? We are ready to welcome other municipal dogs, ensuring that the gates of the Maserata Canal, being a public facility, are always open to anyone. What if our dogs end up in private facilities, such as the one I recently visited where, despite having time to open to the public, written notice, I was barred from entering? “

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