The sinner was great even if he lost. Italtenis could depend on him for the next 10-12 years. No doubt [VIDEO]

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The Monte Carlo Open He has always been very Italian on the stand. But not always in Ranieri III or the Court des Princess.

With the exception of more recent years, which is why today we hardly wonder if two Italians, Jannik Sinner And Lorenzo Musetti They’ve both reached the second round and it’s a rumor … ah, if only Matteo Beretini had stayed there! Maybe the three of us would have stayed in the second round.

The new era, in the principality where Barajutti was a finalist in ’77, was started 3 years ago by the invincible Bjorn Borg (6-3,7-5,6-0).

The first Italian victory was celebrated here in 2019, thanks to Fabio Fognini, who forced the “historians” to dust off the glorious trio of Nicola Pietrengelli (1961-1967 and 1968 …). And I believe that today Nicola swears against those who only insist on tennis records in the open era! If he had won in ’89 instead of ’89, everyone would have remembered at least his third victory. Instead those who were victorious before ’69 … are buried.

Three years ago we began to rejoice decades later … “Never rejoice!” When the two blues, Fabio and Lorenzo Sonego They reached the quarter finals. A half-miracle, then, was thought to be because he lost the first set against Rublev Fognini in the first round and in the second he canceled a 5 game-ball trivial game for 5-1.

The other half of the miracle, or rather a complete miracle, This happened when Fognini defeated Rafa Nadal, 11 Montecarlo Open champions, in the semifinals. Definitely harder than losing to Lazovic in the final.

It was the first sign of the Italian Renaissance (Not to mention the Roland Garros semifinals in Chechinato in 2018, of course). Since then, everything has changed. After that unexpected exploit, Fagnini finally made the top-10 When he was desperate that one of our compatriots would never succeed again, after 40 years in our last best ten (barjjutti).

It started in the following months Matteo’s remarkable growth Beretini His arrival in the top 10 of the world and being crowned by his participation in the London ATP Final (with that win against Thiem who was the first Azure in the Masters at the end of the year, after suffering a double 0-3 near Panatta in the ’75 final and from Barzjutti to ’78).

2021 was the best year of Italian tennis in the third millennium. I’ll keep it short. Two Italians in the top ten, ten in the top 100 over the weeks, Sonego near the top 20, Musetti who started to emerge, Fognini who still made fireworks here and there.

Expectations were high this year, but we started … stumbling (Except for the Australian Open where Beretini and Cena showed great respect and then at Davis we took a really big risk). In fact, it’s us who have sex, especially the sinner’s foot blisters when Beretini stops with his problem on his right little finger: Tends? Sheath? Don’t know …

The fact is that after winning 13 titles, not a single tournament has been won since that memorable April 2019.

Maybe “us” ruined us, someone thinks. But just three months, be patient.

Meanwhile, we two sons of the third millennium are in the second round. And they are still the youngest to argue that Carlitos Alcaraz lost “El Chico Prodigioso”. Concrete conversion of Principality Miami Pitan Earth (also by air …) It is not well absorbed by the new phenomenon which is not yet Nadal.

Here, and I remember it very well, I was delighted to see Nadal Sholo defeat Albert Costa in the evening and in the spotlight in 2003.Roland Garros is the current champion in 2002.

Alcaraz Nadal Nadal is the first reason Nadal is not born like Daisy. And then why Carlitos tennis is much more risky. With his topspin, Rafa passes the ball at least one meter over the net. The risks representing a real barrier to the network were almost non-existent.

Alcaraz is more, more resourceful, more aggressive in advance play, and in fact he is probably more determined in concrete than Rafa, But on the ground, when the exchange is prolonged, he makes even more mistakes than Rafa 19 years ago. De Nadal, for now, has no service: he’s broken seven times.

And then when Art Sebastian’s son (and brother) CordaGrowing up in the green clay of Florida – but little by little in the red clay of his father Petr’s Chechnya – he lost first in Miami and found time in Europe to properly prepare himself. Carlitos didn’t have that all the time. And he has kept his promise. In Paris, where the court is faster than here, he will definitely play much better. Maybe already in Rome. Korda will play in the second round against his friend Fritz, a derby. So we would definitely see at least one American in the quarter and it wasn’t that obvious. However, Corda was able to delay Alcaraz’s arrival in the top 10 in the world.

As I wrote the other day, American tennis players did not burn very much in these parts. It is known that Monte Carlo was the last American to win Hugh StewartThe fairly humble genius (who was a ball boy at the international tournament in Florence: he played against him) Bepe Merlo, Who taught me to hold the racket in both hands to backhand; I confuse the memory of their conflict, but one of them had a cramp (probably Stuart) and the game was interrupted for quite a while. Here in Monte Carlo, Stuart lost another American, Tony Vincent, in 1956. Only 66 years old From that day and 1956 was the last two films of Grace Kelly and the year of her marriage to Rainier III. Stuart was a very tall Californian who also played well in basketball. The last USA finalist since then was Aaron Crickstein, Student of Bolettiari, last Spadia semifinalist in 1992 and 2003. Cricstein played and lost a crazy match at the US Open against Jimmy Connors in ’91.The match I commented on with Roberto Lombardi for Tele + and whose video was replayed thousands of times during the US Open every time it rained and still had no roof, because it was a truly epic match with Connors that literally drove the public. Did 6

Come back to us, and apologize for the excessive Amarcord degradation, find the winner of this Questoderby, Fritz-Korda, or the man who was sentenced to death by Djokovic, Fokina (Those who have already arrived here want to encore one of the quarters) or Guffin Another one who lost to Djokovic here (2017). Speaking of Serbs, I had a long and interesting exclusive interview with Goran at the Sergio Tachini stand. Ivanisevich. You should be able to read it in the morning. I can guess he told me that Novak is sick, has a high fever (40?) In recent days, but he didn’t say anything, he didn’t look for any alibi. Goran, who has also spoken of Knoll’s complete “experience” in recent months, told me: “I did not want him to play. It’s up to me not to play. ”

Admirable truth that proud Nole did not find excuses.

The fact remains that the two youngest players in the Round of 16 are the two of us Small big hero. Cena was not really thrilled at a match against Finnish Rousseau that Gianluca Sartori reported in his chronicle as “full of mistakes on both sides” – 28 winners only, 79 free errors! – When Laurie Guidobaldi instead of Musetti rolls his eyes at the continuity of his skill, the backhand top-spin lobe, which looks like a tracer to passers-by. This is his second win at No. 9 in the world, Schwartzman a year ago Acapulco, Auger Aliassime this Wednesday as a lion. If, while he is here, Lorenzo should visit the casino, I would recommend that he bet on 9.

Schwartzman’s answer will be more difficult, However. We all agree with what his coach Simon Tartarini told me. This time Argentina will definitely not underestimate him, so far he has met her … at his own expense in Mexico. But Lorenzo, we’ve already noticed several times, that if he starts well and the public develops him, he goes wild. Playing against a player who doesn’t give you many wins, Even if you serve poorly, you can still rebrake, which is a wonderful emotional help. We’ll see. I’m optimistic enough, though, that “roller coaster” Tartarini told me in his colorful language.

And Sinner vs. Rublev? Janik’s victory in Barcelona. In Vienna, there is no sign of a normal blister being injured at the start of the match for the withdrawal of Rublev Cena. I haven’t seen Rublev or Sinar play well, so it’s like playing roulette with red or black… oh no, what am I saying? Red will just come out, they are both red. I’m curious to see the weirdness of bookmakers. We publish them every morning, especially when two Italians are competing. Or, I’d forget, even if it’s not our headline news: the two Italian boys in eighth place are also two “messengers” – now they say, testimonials seem out of fashion, it’s less glamorous – Intesa Sanpaolo. Better to bet on them (and not in casinos).

However, several sponsors also seem to be focusing on Italian tennis: Raneri III is dotted with the Italian brand, Generally, Ripley, Valmora, Maserti, Sergio Tachini.

Lorenzo Sonego during the tournament in Monte Carlo, testimonials Valmora

The latter is now a Franco-American brand, but how can we forget its origin and its founder? I believe that the intention of the new owners is to get Sergio Tacchini back on track, if he accepts, perhaps as honorary president, because enthusiastic French entrepreneurs seem keen to revive the history of a brand that dates back to the seventies and eighties. And in the nineties, he became known around the world as a “wearer” – not an ambassador and not a testimonial – like a champion. Nastase, Kodes, Fibak, Connors, McEnroe, Gerulaitis, Cash, Wilander, Sampras, Ivanisevic, Gabriella Sabatini, Djokovic And … I’m quoting from memory, but I was missing another very well known and promising tennis player, yes, of course, Ubaldo Scanagatta! It was a deal that was supposed to ground the Novara company financially: 8 shorts, 8 T-shirts, 10 pairs of socks, at least eight cuffs, a jumpsuit, a long-sleeved sweater and a sleeveless, but initials USall ‘heart height. I still have some … archaeological findings.

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