The sun in the heart warms the Ukrainian refugees. At 8 in the House of Charity in Legano

Legano – There are three generations of the same family: Grandmother, mother and an 11-year-old son. A 20-year-old lawyer with his psychologist mother. Still, A 28-year-old fashion designer And a cat, the only one whose picture we publish (Under) They are Ukrainian refugees hosted in Legnano on the top floor of the Open House of Charity. In the parish of Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesu (In other photos), Best known for its soup kitchen. 10 places, currently occupied by 8 refugees, All women (except minors) And two available for last-minute emergencies.

One Quiet and welcoming place, Those who fled the war, probably left family members to fight. Like the young designer who has a soldier husband in the hell of Mariupol. And the lawyer, who has a sister in front. «We thought at first to make them feel some human warmth – explains Malpensa 24 Valeria VanosiThe president of the Il Sole nel Cuore Association, which set up the reception center – most of them want to return to their home country, but as long as they are here they will have to help with every need.

A grant center has been set up

The House of Charity was at the center Ready in just two days at the end of March, Including beds and booths, does not ask for contributions but relies on the good hearts of volunteers, citizens and local companies. “We don’t want money from anyone, Just as we do not tell anyone who wants to contribute – Vanosis is interested in underlining – simply, we point out what is needed and whoever wants to provide it for us. This is how they came up briefly Full bed with mattress, provided by a company Those who wanted to remain anonymous but whose owners said they were happy “because we saw where our offer went”.

Same for Washing machine For, donated by Bernie Carlo Elettrodomestici of Busto Garolfo Dryer and television From Fratelli Cozzi dealership in Legnano, for i 100 bath towels and as many towels For the face of the Tognoni family (owner of Idea Sposa Atelier) and Sheets, mattress covers, duvets By a group of friends who let the refugees who arrived in Legnano sleep for the first time in a decent bed after a few days of travel.

Vanosi: “A lot of service, but above all the warmth of the people”

Il Sole nel Cuore combines goodwill with clarity: also for this reason Does not raise funds, but “kindly” satisfies every needMaterial goods or through Free service to professionals. A cultural mediator, a psychologist, about twenty dentists and dentists, a doctor for minor emergencies and even a veterinarian (for cats). Everyone willing to do their part for free. “But first of all there is warmth, there is humanity – comments Valeria Vanosi – they thank me, but it was right for our association, I would say automatically, to make ourselves available.”

A Thirty volunteers del Sole nel Cuore (on the 70th day of the association), together with Parisians and other citizens, meets daily needs, e.g. Get medicine, food and clothing, with a doctor or for a clinical examination Adapted to the season: Those who survived the bombings came in winter clothes and will have to change soon. Upon arrival, Ukrainian refugees were asked to fill out a form on any pathology, ongoing treatment, allergies, food intolerance. Those who have taken the youngest of them to the mountains one day are organizing the same Spend Easter on the lake. And between one outing and the other, profiges were opportunities First hand touch solidarity That surrounds them.

The other day, for example, Vanessa always tells us that two of them were with the doctor and left at a pastry shop in the center to buy prescription drugs at the pharmacy. When they found out who those two customers were, Restaurant owners offer their breakfast. “Il Sole nel Cuore is also helping other refugees. Since the beginning of the war, Many have called us to find out what we are going to do And how they can support us. We do not know for how long – the president of the association concludes – but of course our commitment will continue as long as it is necessary.

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