Wandering dog Abruzzo, thousands of dogs saved in 2021 but 500 killed within structure

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L’AQUILA – Annual report required by law on the subject Prevent pets and stray animals. In Abruzzo, the latest law in chronological order is 47 of 2013, and it holds local health authorities and mayors accountable, almost all competencies in this regard. An issue that is being reconsidered at the national level, largely because of the difficulty of small municipalities and the fragmentation of interventions. Meanwhile, the picture of the regional situation tells us about a region that is fully involved in the problem of stray dogs where the regional law provides for multiple measures and conflicting tools: from activation, now in 2000, SIACRAThe Abruzzo Region Computerized Canine Registry System, which provides both the implementation of the Regional Canine Registry and the insertion of microchips for registered dogs. Birth control through disinfection Stray dogs (male and female) are found in the area and owned.
“The limiting factor – as specified in the report – is that such resistance, however, is formed by the time required for a single intervention to take effect, considering that veterinarians hired by SL companies are already fully exploited for other work.” To complicate matters, even in 2021, the epidemic intervened, which not only slowed down the civic awareness initiative but also reduced the training of new JUFIL guards or security agency volunteers, whose role is decisive in emergencies.

The Abruzzo region is also equipped with a Green numbers And an agreement with University Clinic of Teramo University For expert intervention on stray dogs: 191 patients 2021, mostly adult subjects, many (31%) breeds, mostly Maremmano Abruzges, Lagoto, Setter, Beagle, German Shepherd, Pit-Bull and Maremmano Hound. Services for these stray animals unfortunately cost the taxpayer 341 thousand euros.

Then there is the chapter on hospital admissions.

There are 5 i Sanitary kennels (Public shelters and primary reception facilities are designed and operated by ASLs to care for, catch, find and / or abuse stray dogs, as well as perform isolation and monitoring of biting dogs and cats. In healthcare canals, health is ensured by appropriate ASLs.) .

Then there are 11 Refugees (These are public structures designed for permanent shelter for dogs and cats, built and operated by individual or related municipalities and hill communities. ‘Regional Register of Associations. 6 Kindergarten (These are personal structures intended for permanent shelter for dogs and cats. Veterinary assistance is guaranteed by the owner through a registered veterinarian, who is also responsible for the health of the structure.)

Number fears continueBecause they do not consider the undeclared: In 2021, 2,891 dogs entered the Abruzzo Health Canal. Of these, only two hundred owners have been returned. 1200 have gone through shelters, another 1200 have been adopted by individuals, 90 have died in the health canal. Finally, one hundred, so-called “mayors’ dogs” have been reintroduced into the area. As of January 1, 2021, the subjects present in the sanitary canals were 127, as of December 31, 145. In the shelters, until January 1, 2021, there were dogs present More than 3 thousand, Just under 3 thousand as of 31st December, more than one thousand were adopted annually and 372 victims. About 500 people, including health workers and shelters, who died in the Abruzzo structure, we do not know because of illness, old age or what. However, it is a tragedy that so many animals are forced to end their lives in the canal.

In front of cats, the situation is worrisome and often underestimated. After all, it is not noticed, but in reality the presence of free cats must be managed, and is managed, even within the thousands of jumps and boundaries here, by the operators of the structure, volunteers and associations.
Instead ASLs are called upon to implement birth control interventions in cat colonies, providing for electronic identification and registration in SIVRA. They also prescribe prophylaxis and treatment if necessary.
Well-organized colonies therefore allow animals to lead a better quality of life where health, food and interaction with humans are ensured.
By 2021, total n 3,570 cats Which leads to n total. 23,171 cats Registered in the registry on 31.12.2021. The cat colonies are n until December 31, 2021. 1,677.
The Abruzzo Region Veterinary Service concludes without meaning: “Therefore stray dogs can increase the risk of stray dogs because stray animals are not usually neutered. Stray dogs have been the cause of road accidents, causing damage to livestock (for which a rule should be introduced to support such damaged livestock farms in the Abruzzo region). In both urban and rural areas, with contamination of insects (rats, mice), cyananthrops, and insects that pose a potential source of potential danger to humans. Dogs are abandoned for straying, and on average more than 80% of these animals have a high risk of accident, abuse, or misery. Vacation your pet, They decided to abandon it. Even after that 30% renunciation is registered after the start of the hunting season, When a dog proves incapable of hunting, it was caught for that purpose. It also costs a lot for stray dogs. In 2017, in Italy, for example, they were spent on keeping dogs in shelters প্রতিদিন 402,031.00 per day Euro when € 146,741,315.00 was spent annually. This figure was obtained by multiplying the number of dogs by the minimum amount required to ensure adequate maintenance of the animals, according to a circular from the Ministry of Health.
We must aim for the citizens of Abruzzo to make an important gesture, such as helping animals in distress, while being conscious of choosing a conscientious and courageous lifestyle, which always requires great commitment and constant sacrifice.
The fight against stray dogs and cats has long represented an essential objective of the veterinary police in our region and, therefore, of all operators in the sector: AASSLL, the municipality, security agencies, Jufil Guard, each with their own skills, their own experience, to do it exclusively or mutually. Their will
Institutions responsible for combating this phenomenon are rarely known by the population to perform the tasks imposed by regulations and solutions that are often difficult to implement, so in the Abruzzo region, regional tolls are established. The number of freebies for stray and pet-related problems has certainly provided in recent years and for a higher segment of the population, raising awareness about the proximity of organizations to both combat the phenomenon and provide concrete protection for pets. That information concrete intervention to steer citizen-user activity in the right direction.
The results of our efforts in recent years have been summarized in previous data and tables on stray dog ​​prevention areas, a mirror of intensive activity in the area, coordinated by the Regional Veterinary Service and also managed by private government veterinarians and regional protectionists. . Volunteer Jufil Guard.
While there has not always been a proper recognition of the activity performed, the results, even if achieved with difficulty, certainly encourage us to continue the activity in the direction already adopted.
The spread of a culture of responsible possession was, of course, an essential element in the fight against stray dogs. It was understood that the root of the problem needed to be worked on, eliminating the phenomenon of abandonment: awareness campaigns have certainly changed this phenomenon, managed to reduce the number of abandoned dogs. In addition, pet adoption information forms need to be more consistent, so that people are more aware of their choices and the consequences of adopting a dog or cat, so that they are not invited. Decisions are only guided by the emotion of the moment and are therefore hasty or wrong. “

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Sanitary kennel cat colony, a sanctuary for Abruzzo dogs

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