Why don’t you ever feed the hedgehog dry cat food

How to feed a sick or injured hedgehog rescued? Never give dry food to cats. On the other hand, if you see a hedgehog in a healthy and calm state, remember that it does not need to be fed. We don’t need people to get their food. These are wild animals, capable of defending themselves. Not pets!

Hedgehogs are not uncommon for those who have gardens or live near forests. Even if the temptation to approach and caress this gentle creature is strong, it is always best not to disturb it and leave it in its natural habitat.

Offering them food and controlling them is, in fact, not a good idea at all because they will lose their familiarity with food and will no longer eat those insects that are harmful to plants and the environment. So many people make mistakes Offer garden hedgehogs for cats. Let’s find out why this should never be done.

Hedgehogs cannot be fed

What to do, however, if you come across an injured or sick hedgehog, after all, how to feed it? Let’s move on. The first thing to do is to gently take the animal with gloves and place it in a box next to a hot water bottle to restore its body temperature. Then contact a wildlife recovery center immediately.

You can contact the Forestry Corps or Brigade to find out where your nearest is. While waiting for the experts to take care of the hedgehog, you can give the animal some water. If you have dry food for cats in your home, avoid giving them to hedgehogs because they are not suitable, although they are still used by many people to feed them who are not well prepared for this.

Wildlife Center Il Pettiroso explains, “Cat food for hedgehogs has been given for a long time, although it was not made for them, and so in various unsuitable ways. Working with came from the rescue of British hedgehogs. In Europe, feeding cat food to rescue hedgehogs is common because it is a cheap, easy alternative and a great way to lose weight when they are malnourished and sick. The pet hedgehog has been a staple of the community for years, and kibbutz is still the most widely used staple food in the world. “

Dry food for cats is, in fact, very harmful to hedgehogs, which they may encounter. Obesity, hepatic lipidosis, cardiomyopathy and renal insufficiency. In general, dyes and “flavored” foods should be avoided.

The most suitable food for hedgehogs

So what is the most suitable food for this species? Hedgehogs are mammals that are primarily insectivorous, but often also omnivorous. Here is what would be the ideal food for their body:

Insects and snails
Eggs and some meat (lean raw)
Minimal amount of plant material (especially easily digestible fruits or vegetables)

“Between a wet and dry meal, moist is a good one – explains Centro Fana Selvatica il Petiroso – because hedgehogs run the risk of not drinking enough and causing kidney problems (like cats, since kibbutz is actually more” salty “). Less fatty and A meal without high quality protein and flour is definitely good (something that is almost always there).

All of these tips should be followed when finding a sick or injured hedgehog to help. If you see a healthy and peaceful hedgehog, remember that it does not need to be fed. We don’t need people to get their food. These are wild animals, capable of defending themselves. Not pets.

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Source: El Petiroso Wildlife Center

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