A painless knockout: Gianni’s magic cheats, Pro responds but Fior is safe

Fiorenzuola will also take part in the next Serie C championship They will do it despite the knockout, 16th season, pro Versailles have been remedied on the field, able to recover the initial difficulty signed by Gianni, leaving crucial shots in the second half with Cristiani and Vitali. After the goal, Mr Tabbiani was fired for protesting.

So a painless knockout, but one that pushes the Waldensians out of the playoffs who will be on stage at the end of the day in the presence of a Gianna in Pavici who can’t take the wrong move: the last square fight with Legnago avoiding too much open.

At Piola, a good first half where Fiore showed his normal offensive action which led to a Guiani being in a compassionate state. After Gianni and Picini missed a few goal chances, Piacentini found the target of advantage with a pearl from Gianni. The Pisa-owned winger found an incredible trajectory on the left, more than forty meters away, after Rizzo’s erroneous suspension, killing Piedmontese fans.

In the second half, Pro Versailly drastically increased the engine’s revs and in the middle of the fraction, convincing Kristini alone in the penalty area, he found a 1-1 lead. A goal that gave wings to the hosts who, from last nine, found the overtaking network: Vitaly’s left-footed strike, from the edge, who left no room for Burigana. In the final, the efforts of Bruchi and Pro Versailles were in vain, thus improving their playoff position.

Pro Versailles-Fiorenzuola 2-1
Markers Gianni at 43 ‘pt; Christini at 11 and Vital at 36
PRO VERCELLI (3-4-1-2): Matteo Rizo; Cristini, Auntie, Aurelato,; Iezzi, Vitale, Louati, Crialese (from 26 ‘st Gatto); Della Morte (from the 18th Bunino); Comey (from 41st Minelli), Panico (from 18th Luca Rizo). (Randic, Valentini, Rolando, Clemente, Machioni, Secundo). Herds Lerda (bench, Nardecchia).
FIORENZUOLA (4-3-3): Burigana; Danovaro (from 38 ‘St Potop), Ferry, Cavalli, Dimarco; Piccinini, Nelli (from 20’st Oneto), Stronati; Gianni (6 থেকে from Mamona), Mastroyanni, Sartore (6 ′ from St Bruchi). (Battaiola, Ghisolfi, Junno, Geres, Fiorini, Curarino, Arondini, Guglieri). Pashupal Tabiyani.
Judge: Andreano in the morning.

In the second half
At 46, Bruchi’s free kick-bomb, but Rizzo was able to climb over the crossbar.

At 36, after an intense level of pressure in the area, Pro Versace gave an overtaking shot: the ball bounced off the edge of the penalty area and sent the ball into the corner, with a great left in the fly. Posts to the right of Burigana. Immediately two changes: Stronati and Danovaro outside, Junno and Potop inside. Shortly after the goal, the referee protested by drawing a red card to Mr. Tabbiani and the Ligurian coach.

At 33, Gato misses an incredible goal: from two steps, including the plate, he forgives Burigana and greatly enhances his goal. An episode of great pressure from the Piedmontese who collected corner kicks in the series.

At 11 ‘, close to the Pro Versatile scoring: Burgundy’s header from the center of the area, Burigana’s great intervention on the crossbar. A minute later, Brugesani again, this time diagonally, questions Burigana which deactivates. But in the following corner, serious negligence where Christine at 13, signs 1-1.

Mr. Tabbiani’s first change: Sartor who came out of a tired Guiani and also inside Mamona and Bruchi who were wounded. Ten minutes later, Pro Versailles still couldn’t create a headache for Fiorenzuola, who now acts as a throw-in without forcing speed.

A replacement after the interval: in Bruges instead of Yezi. For Mr. Tabbiani, there is no correction after the rest.

The first half
A good first half ended: an open and balanced match, Gianni thought about it in the 43rd minute, with a remarkable 40-meter lobe, to give Mr Tabbiani’s team the advantage.

At 43′, Gianni’s Eurogol, who from 40 meters, finds Rizo outside the post and scores a stratospheric goal. Right award for winger, best on the field so far.

Tired episode of the match against Fiorenzuola, who of course managed to control the efforts of a PRO Versailles who relied on an unexpected Della Morte attack without too much concern. Among the Rossoneri, Dimarco left-handed difficulty, often and voluntarily taken over by opponents.

At 27′, a great opportunity for the Rossoneri: those attacking from the right side of Piccinini who, after sowing the seeds of panic in the middle of the area, left a “suffocating” left that deviated and disappeared at the bottom. Significant opportunities.

At 23 ‘, Creelis’ cross from the left and Christini’s header which sends the ball from the post to the left of Burigana.

At 14, Pro Versace shows up with Della Mort, who was released for the shot, to see Burigana ready to defuse a left throw from twenty meters.

At 6 ‘, one step away from the Fiorenzuola facility: thanks to a rebound at the edge of the area, on the right, to kiss a ball for Gianni, who enters the area, throwing a left-footed round very central and counter. By Matteo Rizzo. After a while, another attempt, this time with Sartor on the opposite side, but a conclusion at the bottom.

Pro Versailles and Fiorenzuola are on the field, a match valid for the last day of the Serie C Championship. Rosoneri is looking for points that will be valuable for mathematical salvation, but which will increase the chances of reaching the playoffs at the same time for Serie B. Pro Versailles has already achieved a goal aimed at improving its position on the grid. Rosonari made his seasonal debut for the Lone goalkeeper from Padua, with Piero Burigana replacing Battaiola. For the rest, a few training flashes, including the offensive trident consisting of Gianni-Mastroyanni-Sartor.

Pro Versailles-Fiorenzuola 0-0
PRO VERCELLI (3-4-1-2): Matteo Rizo; Cristini, Auntie, Aurelato,; Yezi, Vitale, Luati, Krialis; Death; Come on, panic. (Randic, Valentini, Mineli, Rolando, Bunino, Clemente, Rizo, Macioni, Secundo, Gato, Bruganity). Hards Lerda (Bench, Nardechia).
FIORENZUOLA (4-3-3): Burigana; Danovaro, Ferry, Cavalli, Dimarco; Pikinini, Nellie, Stronati; Gianni, Mastroyanni, Sartore. (Battaiola, Potop, Ghisolfi, Junno, Bruchi, Oneto, Geres, Fiorini, Curarino, Arondini, Mamona, Guglieri). Pashupal Tabiyani.
Referee: Andreno de Prato

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