“Alone under a bomb with 50 dogs for weeks, half shocked”, the dramatic story of the Chernihiv vet

Fifty dogs have been trapped under a bomb at the Chernihiv Veterinary Center for more than a month, of which 26 have died. This is the story of Tatiana Didenko, a 40-year-old veterinarian and the founder of an animal shelter in the Ukrainian city on the Belarusian border, which has been under siege for weeks by the Russian army.

“The center will be four years old this summer. I opened it and it is my responsibility. For this reason – Dr. Adenkronos says – I decided to stay when the war broke out and even when my family offered me to flee, I refused: I could not imagine being able to abandon the animals. If it weren’t for me, they would starve or kill each other. ‘

On the other hand, 26 of the 27 dogs that died during the attack died from the shock. “The center is located right in the area where the war took place. We were virtually always on fire,” explained Tatiana, who was completely alone with the animals at the shelter for more than two weeks, hitting four rockets between March 8 and 28. The founder remembers each of those moments perfectly, but especially “March 15 – he says – a date I will never forget for the rest of my life: in the morning I saw an unmanned aircraft flying over the center. In the evening another plane fired a rocket into our yard. The cage was very close. There was a big fire and I had to put it out by all means to avoid burning the animals, the clinic and everything else. ”

But what frightened him even more was the feeling of helplessness at seeing dogs go crazy, suffer and die slowly. Not that it’s not hard to see an animal die from its wounds, but psychologists die slowly and it hurts me a lot. ” There is nothing more offensive to a veterinarian than this “those who say that war is the last thought about animals. These people should witness their death and understand how it feels.”

When Russian troops withdrew from the north and the situation in Chernihiv improved, another emergency began for the veterinary center: many dogs and cats were left behind by those who had fled the war. “During the siege month, one or more animals did not come to the shelter in a week, then twenty came in just two days. Today we have 260 animals, 200 dogs and 60 cats with a maximum capacity of 180, ”said Dr. Didenko. To deal with the overcrowding, the center decided to accept only injured animals who needed specialists. “We teach people how to treat animals with mild problems at home and we release those who believe they can survive on their own, because unfortunately we can’t keep them all,” said the founder of the veterinary center. , Also involved. In the vaccination and disinfection of rabies in Chernihiv dogs and cats, to prevent the number of strays from increasing further.

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