At Easter we make a choice of peace: we do not eat meat

We are the epidemics of an epidemic, we are terrified by a war that has brought an image into our homes (and our hearts and minds), even if it does not fight within our borders. Destruction Durable. It makes sense to ask for precision to reduce or better eliminate its use in these days of celebration. Meat (And fish)? Honestly, yes. Pictures of the war showed us how people who had fled their homes took any pets with them. There are even those who have brought bird cages. I thought that if we were refugees we would do the same, we would never leave a dog, a cat, or even our hamster. We have developed a higher form Ethics, Which includes animals as living creatures who suffer and rejoice. And they have the same emotions as us.

So why do we go crazy in front of the slightest suffering of our dogs but every year billions of cows, pigs, chickens die? This moral schizophrenia is at the heart of a beautiful book in the blackie edition of journalist Henry Mans. Which is actually called, I love animals. Mans also notes the absurdity that cartoon and comic characters are often animals that children love. Yet often those same animals end up on even the smallest plate. Which They do not notice the conflict Precisely because no one points to him, everyone behaves as if it were normal.

Will we treat people differently? Some people like them until they like something that is a little unbelievable (how many people sleep with dogs and cats and can’t do without them?), While others consider them as meat instead, in fact, Slaughterhouse? And if it is true that unfortunately we do not treat people the same way, at least we know that it is wrong, our ethics tells us that it is morally very serious to treat the lives of two people differently. But not for animals. If we want to have an Easter without violence, we must have an Easter Avoid killing animals. Sheep, especially lambs, are transported by truck in inhumane conditions so that they come to our table after slaughter. A word, “kill” that doesn’t stop us. And these are baby animals, yet it doesn’t stop us from eating.

There is another reason not to eat meat and Easter and its peace values ​​are closely linked. War brought the planet from a moment when, albeit frighteningly, it seemed that the environmental question was finally returning to the center of the agenda where it was only Re-arms, And it works the consequences. With due respect to climate change, all governments are trying to run for cover Buy gas By someone, so that it is not taken from Russia. Meanwhile, the climate crisis is intensifying. We will see it this summer, when temperatures will return to very high and we will have to fight the fire. In this situation it seems that we citizens can do little. And that is partially true. Yet there is a measure capable of working directly into the climate crisis: reducing or eliminating meat. If everyone did that, deforestation would be dramatically reduced, because so much food would not be needed. There will be more land to cultivate and, above all, climate-emission emissions will be greatly reduced, e.g. CO2 And Methane. And if it is true that the greenhouse effect is war, then not eating meat is the choice of peace.

After all, I’m not mentioning that meat is reduced or eliminated It is a choice that is good for your health, Because it seems less important to me, even if I always wonder how much meat there is in our restaurant, in our canteen, but also seeing how much meat is in the heads of different dietitians who just seem capable. Offer protein foods, which go much more fashionable. As if it is not necessary to ask how compatible a diet is with our life (as well as our health) in the world. I think that already the causes of animal suffering and the causes of environmental catastrophe are a relative pleasure that may be enough to overcome, for the reason that those who do not eat meat. His steps will not be reversed Even if it was good for everything, because the palate became accustomed to the wonderful taste of pulses, vegetables and cereals.

So am I a vegan? Am I vegetarian? I have mistyped in the past. I don’t want to use any of this Labels, Because I believe that reducing / eliminating meat is not a matter of substance and purity. And labels can backfire on those who use them, as critics may catch one or the other vegetarian influencer while eating cheese sandwiches or fish. It’s a silly critique, but that’s why Is It is better not to use labels And, as I said, notice the object and not the purity. What does this mean? Basically, don’t eat meat or cold cuts or fish. Diet based on legumes, cereals, vegetables, a little cheese (a little), very few eggs. End of story. Am I a vegan? No. Am I a vegetarian? Not even, because sometimes I ate pasta with clams or grilled squid. I do not eat meat? As I said, Prime numberIn fact, I do not buy any. But if I go to someone’s house and this one cooks meat and I have no choice, I eat it. As a matter of education so as not to create unnecessary controversy. Because there is one thing worse than eating meat: It’s ruined.

This is why I am talking about a diet that looks at substances and not in ideological detail. Do me a favor this Easter. Don’t eat mutton and cut meat (and fish) as much as possible. Avoiding ideological conflict, which is useless. Not eating meat is a choice of peace and it is a choice that should be made in a way, at this point in human history Decided. Without proclamation, without justice, with realism – if you eat a drop, it doesn’t matter, What matters is how much it decreases each day – and at the same time the recognition of its deeply moral character. We can do so little for the world and so for ourselves, let’s do it! We will be much more morally compatible when we feel frustrated at the death of our animals. Of course, we don’t feel affection for cattle and pigs and that’s normal, but it’s not a good reason to eat, just as we don’t feel affection for people away from us. But suppressing them will never happen to us. Let’s think about it.

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