Basketball Le Mura won Game 2 but that is not enough: Ragusa goes to the semifinals

Gesam Gas e Lus Luka – Pasalacoa Ragusa 60-53 (20-17; 37-29; 50-42)

Basketball Le Mura Lukka: Aji Ne, Pellegrini Ne, Natalie 19, Dietrich 12, Parmesan 3, Gianola 8, Cacazmarkzic 10, Mikoli 6, Valentino Ne, Gili, Frastasi 2. All .: Andreoli
Pasalakua Ragusa: Romeo 5, Kaceril 2, Bucchieri, Spinelli, Tumeo, Santucci 3, Hebard 12, Taylor 22, Ostarello, Sammartino, Kuier 9. All .: Recupido.
Referee: Mauro Moretti, Matteo Lukotti and Maria Giulia Forni
Note:: Kaczmarczic and Santucci out for five fouls

The Walls He won 2 games in the fourth play-off with Ragusa but did not reverse the goal difference. Thus ends the season of Gesam Gas and Luc Lucar, which, however, dreamed of Palatagliat by knocking out Ragusa in Game 2 of Poule Scudetto’s quarter-final in the women’s A1 series of basketball.

Ragusa could not find fertile land Lucca’s nuts And failed to ensure the success of the first leg, where a 63-75 win came for the Sicilians. As a result, unfortunately, the goal difference in Game 2 was not reversed, which prevented Red and White from advancing to the playoffs.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing: “Thank you so much from the heart that we want to scream tonight with all the breath we have left. Thanks to the team, without distinction, for how it honored the shirt and shook Italy. Thanks to Luca and Lorenzo for shaping and guiding this group and to Edo and Enio for their endless, everyday, silent work. Thanks to Rosana, Itor and Doc for their professionalism and dedication. Thank you to all the members who have done their utmost with infinite passion for the thousand works of the season. Thanks to the sponsors, we wouldn’t be here without it. Finally, thanks to the wonderful audience: This evening was really great and made the scoreboard less bitter. Sincere thanks to friends of the basketball club Luke and especially to Walter, who removed the chestnuts from the fire this evening, the last-minute goal problem was solved. Happy Easter to all. “


A Gesam Gas e Luce Lucca from the book Heart Sicily wins quarter-final retiree match 60-53 after failing to recover -12 immediately. Passalacqua Ragusa advanced to the semifinals but the red and white, yet another house victory of a season that is yet to be made, came out to the thunderous applause of John Friend. A year to celebrate as a team, which has been completely renewed since the last championship, is able to continue to grow in the A1 series and react without ever looking down at the strategy of fate, which was revealed in the form of Sydney Weiss’s breakup. Crusader. And the flu virus that ruined most of the roster at the climax of the tournament. A team, combined with work done by technical staff and clubs, has brought Luca back into the elite of Italian women’s basketball. After a +12 draw at 60-48, the locals delivered Coach Recupido’s team’s highest body rate (52 rebounds against Gesham’s 41) in the final 2’30 ‘.. Decisive for the green-and-whites, anticipated by Familia Sure in the next round, a great Asia Taylor performance. Out of a lack of qualifications, faded for only a few adverse episodes and perhaps a pinch of inexperience in this kind of challenge, gave life to a great joint experiment with three baskets in red and white double figures (Natalie, Dietrich and Kakmarkzic descending order) and everyone else for their brick cause. Able to deploy.

To look for the company, depends on the starting quintet formed by Andreoli Kaczmarczyk, Miccoli, Parmesani, Natali and Dietrick. Ragusa answers with Cuer, Haybard, Taylor, Santucci and Romeo. Iblea, free from 1/2 of the 24 numbers, opens the match at a PalaTagliate that has already begun to erupt with warmth and support for her loved ones. Red and White take the lead in the game, climbing 8-3 after Dietrich’s placement and running for the Recupido cover calling for a time-out with 6’33 ”. Back in Perquette, Cuere and Santucci’s triple score brought the score back to parity. Mikoli took care of the office game with five points in a row. Ragusa, as great as it is, does not turn by an inch. Like two boxers who give a lot in the center of the ring, Asia Taylor responds to Kazmark’s basket. Lucca 20-17 ahead early quarterly close.

The hosts said goodbye to the second period. 8-0 is signed by five points of partial diatrix, placed and triple, and by the “bomb” sent to the scoresheet by Kaczmarczyk for the passing 28-17. Ragusa immediately responds with a 0-6 partial, always shield with Taylor, which brings the difficulty back to -5. An adrenaline jolt for the triple look of Francesca Parmesani, who again hit the arc with the evening’s highest scorer Giulia Natalie with 19 points. We go a long way in 37-29 for Luke with the feeling that the company is possible.

In the third quarter the greens-whites implemented a more aggressive defense that paid their dividends; 0-7 partial, where ordinary Taylor and Haybard differ, price 39-36. To stop the red and white bleeding, minutes after the suspension called by Andreli, Natalie was touched. Carlotta Gianola’s Undersized Basket, Good Impact from the Bench with Eight Points, is a Lucar symbol that doesn’t want to give up. The last ten minutes opened at 50-42, opening Dietrich’s triple 53-42. Romeo knocks out Santucci for five fouls, carrying Ibli on his shoulder with a high school basket. Kuer and Taylor make several laps from the bezel; The image of 11 free throws for red and white against 27 for Ragusa is eloquent.

A magic of Christmas brings Gesam Gas and Luc Luca to 60-48, +12 parity in the first leg. The final, like three days ago, smiles at the greater coolness of Ragusa which, thanks to experience and two more trips from the charity line, qualified for the semifinals.

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