Four Italians are playing in the qualifying round today

S. Tsitsipas b. D. Schwartzman 6-2 6-7 (3) 6-4

All tennis fans around the world will be envious of the moment they were entitled to Central Court tickets for the April 15 Monte Carlo Country Club. Four matches ended in the third set, More combative and exciting than the other. The day ends at 11 o’clock Stefanos Citcipas’ crazy win against Diego Schwartzman in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Monegasque’s reigning champions Mille seemed to be closing in on the match as they prepared to win the title, with a sensational blackout giving El Peke a comeback and a tie-break. With inertia – especially in the public eye – for him, the Argentine pushed himself to 4-0 40-30 in the third set, but with a nerve test, anyone would think he could give up after the previous 30 minutes of shock. Seatsipas found the compass and reversed the most exciting match of the tournament.

It looked like he would be able to save energy before meeting Alexander Zaverev, who had been on the field for more than 3 hours to defeat Janik Sinar a while ago. Instead Stefanos was forced to work overtime by the usual liberal Schwartzman, for whom the Greeks were almost sorry during the final handshake. Seatsipas is leading 6-3 following the example of Zverev. 2-0 on the groundRoland Garros 2021 including the semifinal match that the Greeks took home in five sets

Match – Digito got off to a false start immediately after opening the challenge, fresh from a sweaty win against Lorenzo Musetti on Thursday: in the first round of his game, two unnecessary errors gave Sittsipas a 3-0 lead. Player with well forehand Greco, who took a break from his opponent for a poorly calibrated dropshot. A fine point gave Sittsipas a chance to play for another break point and Schwartzman, after saving two, finally ruled out the possibility of a very bad first set resumption for him. Double foul for No. 5 ATP and 4-0. Some movement started in the sixth game, when 30-30 Diego came out of the left diagonal with the backhand winner in line for the first time. This is how he won the first match of the match.

The game in which Sitsipas, 5-1, served to bring home a very quick set (just 30 minutes) was very significant in the economy of the match, thanks to many mistakes by the Greeks, Schwartzman was able to gain. Despite having some pitch and great forehand to save a break point, the second game came for Argentina. However, he failed to serve a second time in the first set. He lost the serve to zero, losing the set 6-2, with the same score he lost first against Musetti.

15 unforced errors for Schwartzman in the opening set, a number that clearly states the difference in scores between the two. In the second set, however, there was more security in the defending champions’ game than in Diego’s negative day. The break came as early as the previous set, and when the Raniri III field stand was abandoned by spectators who preferred a nice fish meal over a boring match, Sitsipas increased 6-2 4-1. It is difficult to summarize what happened from here. A heinous game of Greek playersClosed with a short ball in the middle of the net and a double foul, he throws On-serve Set. The spectators at Central then pushed for another third set like the previous three matches on this long day. “Ole, ole, ole, ole, diego, diego!” It was a chorus that rose after each point, even making Argentina laugh.

In the twelfth game, two risky double fouls did not compromise the time of Schwartzman, who occupied the tie-break. However, we entered with a completely different sensation than 10 minutes ago. Sitsipus began to rush too fast, greatly missing the shots with which he confidently led the game 6-2 5-2. And the double fault that sent Schwartzman to a 3-1 lead in the tie added to the fear of the defending champion, who granted a double mini-break without stopping three smashes! With the 19th Unforced Error on set (all concentrated in the final stage) The set ended in the hands of Dieguito, who was the match favorite against all oddsGiven the conditions of Stefanos. 2-6 2-5 to a fraction of 25-10 for Schwartzman.

The third set was opened – as if it weren’t enough – with a coaching caution to Stefanos and Apostolus Sitsipus, but what seemed to be the real deciding factor in this episode was Schwartzman’s attitude. From the very first game, the Argentine proved to be the best player on the pitch, more active and able to find winning solutions on both sides. But did not wait for the expiration Seatsipas, who allowed a break in the first serving game, completed the second survey with a foot foul. It is almost tiring to see such a brilliant player lose himself in just a few matches. The two winners put Digito ahead 3-0. After almost hitting his opponent and closing a point of pure frustration, Stefanos trailed 4-0.

When the match seemed to be over, a good portion of the spectators began to cheer for the Greeks, in response to the Davis Cup slogan that continued for Argentina from the end of the second set. Missing a 5-0 ball, which would have definitely killed the match, was unfortunate at the Diego break point, the tape was next to the sitseps who were shortened to 1-4. The backhand down the line revived the defending champion. Leading 4-2, El Peck tried to repel the attack of his opponent, who was much more confident and less loyal than the invisible version of the central episode of the match. A perfect lobe gave the Greek a break point after a 34-stroke exchange. Then an unforced error by Schwartzman for a counter break, 4-3: Viewers who have previously sided with one and the other player have only begun to applaud the two.

Sitsipus has regained his senses. He made a few artist points, one of which cleared the first 5-4 ball for El Peck, but he made a few more mistakes. Of course there was another Lob Practically won by Stefanos at break point: 5-4 and service! Another reversal in the face of the most exciting match of the week. Saved a break point with the service Boris Baker dives with a winning volley Tsitsipas to reach the match point and finally stop the game. The losing vision of the defending champion, sitting on his own bench after the win, described the match perfectly.

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