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Toronto. A dog – a pit bull – has become a nightmare for dog owners in Trento. He has already become the hero of violent attacks on other dogs, which unfortunately led to the death of a four-legged dog. It’s definitely not the dog’s fault, but for those who don’t control it and don’t let go.

The situation is serious and animal rights activists in Jampa Trentina have offered their reflection.

“Repeating that the dog has no responsibility but mismanaged, we are contacted that last Saturday in Canova, North Trento, another dog, another, was attacked by this pit bull.

Fortunately, the dog attacked, 8-year-old Rebas you see in the picture, escaped. He has been given medicine, given antibiotics, he is certainly very scared, like his owners, but at least he is alive (remember that another little dog did not make it recently).

Ribas owners went to the police station to lodge a complaint. But here they found it Our law does not provide for reporting in this case, Since this is not a man who has been bitten. However, they forwarded a report. They then approached us to understand how to protect themselves, because now they, like other dog owners, are afraid to go for a walk with their dog. Can we answer?

The dog in question is now known to policeHonestly he doesn’t show an aggressive attitude towards people, but there is no doubt that sooner or later it will happen that even a person will be bitten in an attempt to protect your dog.

We have tried to find out and understand exactly what was done here in Trentino in a similar situation and some action can actually be taken.

In a previous case, the mayor (at the time it was Mayor Andriatta) issued an ordinance, parts of which we report:

Ancillary and Emergency Ordinance relating to protection of public safety from dog aggression (extended by ordinance of 03/08/2015 18/07/2019)

Art. Article 1: Owner of a dog is always responsible for the welfare, control and management of the animal and is responsible for both damage to the person, animals and things caused by the pet, both civil and criminal.

Art 1 Article 7: Based on the criteria for bites, aggression or other risks, municipalities, based on the recommendations of veterinary services, decide as part of their work to protect public safety, dog owners are bound. Run training courses. Costs related to the training course are borne by the dog owner.

Article 3, Article I: … After a bite or aggression, veterinary services activate a process aimed at ensuring the animal’s psychophysical condition and proper management by the owner.

In certain cases, the owner was obliged to:

– Take out a civil liability insurance policy for losses against third parties

– Obligation to always wear a shirt and face mask outside the house

– See a behavioral veterinarian

– Chemical emissions

– Ways of rehabilitating qualified dog educators for behavioral re-education in collaboration with behavioral veterinarians.

Here … we don’t expect too much (maybe …), but We appeal to Mayor Franco Yaneseli And in the Veterinary Service of Trento, so that at least one rib is used and, above all, pressed on this dog.

It is not possible for a person to be afraid to go out with a dog. We hope that no one will ever live the experience of the owner of Rebas, who saw the poor Rebas pitbull look like a pit bull for a moment, helplessly witnessed the pain and panic of his dog, and only a miracle was avoided. Serious Consequences .. Come to Ribas, come back soon and we hope you will be able to come back peacefully for a walk soon.

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