“Sinner will reach the top, Musetti will have to play less” [ESCLUSIVA]

Its semifinals Rolex Monte Carlo Masters Davidovich Fokinar against Dimitrov and defending champion Sitsipas against Zaverev went into the file. The fight to get a place in the final was very close today Janik is a sinner, Who came in just two points in a remarkable fourth win against the Germans yesterday. Just about South Tyrolian, director Ubaldo Scanagatta Spoke in an exclusive interview with Paolo BartolucciTechnical commentator for Sky Sports Who teamed up with Elena Pero in the No. 12 ATP match yesterday.

Scanagatta: Paolo, I would like to ask you immediately for your opinion on yesterday’s match: How much did you like Jannik Sinar?

Bertolucci: “I liked him a lot because he was on the pitch and how he handled different situations. He then pays to stay Five years younger than Zaverev, Low experience and very low percentage of first ball. The sinner still needs a few pounds of muscle mass – not too much but a few more yes – but he is very young and has great qualities. It will reach the top, it is already at the top

Scanagatta: There has been a lot of exchange on the backhand diagonal, but it is Zverev’s favorite. We’ve seen some damp and some more variations over the last few days, do you think he didn’t feel like yesterday?

Bertolucci: “It must be said that he met a player who was left-handed in addition to Nadal, He’s probably the strongest, I think, more than Djokovic, in that diagonal. But this is also the preferred path for Sinar, so complete change was not possible. He tried a few times and undoubtedly struggled, but he probably wasn’t able to change the game that much with a few drop shots. Because he was always the victim of attack, he had the speed and depth of Xavier’s shots Even such a solution prevents thinking

Scanagatta: Honestly, though, one can be very optimistic about its future. What do you think is the best way to express yourself right now? Clay, because he has more time, or concrete, where he can give his ball more speed?

Bertolucci: “It simply came to our notice then. I think he can be Absolutely competitive in both cases. We can see on the grass and on the surface very quickly, but between the earth and the concrete I am quite calm. He will have great wins on both surfaces. What I noticed during the match is a technical path they are following together, but Xavier is 25 years old and this year we see him playing some damper for the first time, coming into the net a little more and trying to serve and volley. . The process began five years ago instead of the sinnerSo I’m very confident. “

Scanagatta: Let’s talk about the young Italians: I really liked Musetti in the first set of Schwartzman, then he dropped out at the initiative of Argentina and lost some of the field. How do you see his future?

Bertolucci: “We’ve seen in recent days, for example, from Cinar, how he got very well in the second, trying to lead the game from the start. Although it is clear that Playing four meters backAs Musetti does, this thing can’t be done. I repeat that, in my opinion, Musetti has a programming problem: He needs to play fewer tournaments and train more, progress in certain areas as is normal for a young boy. Playing every week I think this progress is more difficult to reach, then I do not know if he is ready to accept some changes. The arm is there, it has crazy qualities and it’s fast, but if you don’t make the displacement between the ages of 19 and 22, you run the risk of being too late later. “

Scanagatta: Cena recently changed coaches, have you noticed any differences in the transition from Piatti to Vagnozi? In contrast, Museti remains loyal to Tartarini: is it the right choice or is it better to change?

Bertolucci: “As far as Cena is concerned, I would say that something has been seen, a few attempts to say a short and a few more drops in the net. It is then normal for him to be in the comfort zone backcountry where he can play his rebounding shots. However, I believe that this process of change already exists Started last year. It will take a lot of effort and finally, He can lose a few games to get too vertical. He may miss some damp or some too many answers, but I’d love to lose, he does it that way. All these things he will find again in two or three years. It doesn’t have to reach the top now: It is clear that the sooner he gets there the better, but I think he still has two or three years left. The same goes for Musetti: the sinner felt the need Do something new, Variation. Young people are usually always in a hurry and sometimes they make mistakes because they have less patience, but can Museti is very patient and should be in a bit of a hurry

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