Tennis, International Under-18 Tournament “City of Florence”: Italian hero

Italian heroes entering the finals of the 45th edition of the Under-18 International Youth Tournament “Citta di Firenze”. The wind bothered the players a bit but the beautiful sun brought a lot of people to the casinos club stand.

Two blues in the men’s semifinals. Lorenzo Ferry defeated Swiss Andrin Casanova 61-16 61 while Federico Bondioli defeated Slovenian Matic Kriznik 63-64. To win the final, Piedmontese Ferry will have to beat Serbian Branco Zurich (3) who beat 15 Cena Marathon runners after the under, somewhat tired, Niccolo Siavarela at 64 62. Instead, Bondioli will have to overtake Swiss Manfredi Graziani, who is adept at stopping Czech Kalina’s race 64 62.

“It is really important to be able to play in an international youth tournament again in Italy and for that we thank the Florence coach who managed it in spite of many difficulties – said Giancarlo Palumbo, national manager for men and women under 18 – the group is growing and showing these results.” We have a lot of arrows in our bow to keep up the Italian tennis. “

In the women’s division, Federica Urgesi is adept at beating Serbian Obradovic at 75-64 and will now face Neil at number one, Avialina Laskevich, who plays without a flag, beating her favorite Anna Paradisi at 63-63. “It’s going to be a tough match. But I’m fine and finding the rhythm with this wind is proof that we should always be careful – Urgesi says – my goal is to play a junior slam after the Australian Open point at Wimbledon.” Qualifying for the semifinals by showing truly impeccable tennis in the midst of many gusts of wind. The Sicilian tennis player defeated Polish Clerk 62 63 and will now face another Polish Olivia Bergler from the qualifiers, who is better than Englishman Mac Donald at 75 63.

Easter Day (April 17) will be a great youth tennis Sunday for the Florence coach who will play the women’s semifinals simultaneously at 10.30 and the men’s semifinals will be scheduled from 15. Then there will be a doubles final.

Double tournaments are also underway, which will conclude on Sunday 17 April, with the couple Evilina Laskevik and Ella MacDonald as favorites in the women’s draw against Brockman and Lange, while the bottom will challenge Pace / Urgesi Bergler Varul. In the men’s division, the blue pair of Zurich-Schwarzaler is against Billardo and Gandalfi, and at the bottom is the Ferry-Pereira Bondioli-Romano.

The press trophy was also very popular, with journalists engaged in a paddle tournament on two fields next to Sferisferio in the center of Cassin Park. The event was sponsored by Usi (Italian Sports Press Union) and the final tiebreak after an elimination round was played against Canino-Bernardini with the confirmation of the Tenarani-Majetti third-place pair Tati-Trifoni for De Ferdinando-Montaleni.

The director of the tournament is Giovanni del Panta and the referee for the event is expert Sebastiano Cavara.

Main and sorting scoreboard


(Scoreboard 32)


Bondioli b Kroznic 63 64

Graziani b Kalina 64 62

Zurich B. Civarella 64 62

Ferry B Casanova 61 16 61


(Scoreboard 32)

Laskevich B Paradise 64 63

Urgesi b Obradovic 75 64

Pedestrian b Lipiec 62 63

Burglar B McDonald’s 75 63

Free access to the Florence 1898 tennis club

During the event, entry to the tournament will be free and it will be a great opportunity for many fans who are able to see the future champions of world tennis live. Circolo del Tennis Firenze 1898 is located in the green lungs of the city, inside the Parco delle Cassin, with its centuries-old tradition and, above all, a place to enjoy fun and exciting encounters. Under the new Covid rule, plant capacity will be 100%, but access to basic stadiums such as stadiums and FPP2 masks will be required for access.

2nd Trophy “St. Larry’s Roda de Belegard”

The winner of the women’s tournament will receive the 2nd “Roda de Bellegard de St. Larry” trophy. The recognition was established in 2019 because Roda de Belegard was a player at the Florence Tennis Club and the first Italian champion for two years in a row. Her main commitment was social, which saw her as a volunteer on the front line during the First World War, a Red Cross nurse. Subsequently, the fate of Stigliano Hospital where he contracted the terrible “Spanish” flu, he died at a very young age of 28 years. He received the Silver Medal for Military Heroism for his commitment during the Great War.

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