Does your dog eat anything found on the street? Here’s how to turn it off

If your four-legged friend eats scrap food while walking or throws himself at inedible items found along the way, stopping is important. There are some simple techniques to teach your dog to stop eating on the street

Walking with your dog is usually a moment of relaxation and socialization, but it can be almost a nightmare if the animal is accustomed to brushing whatever is found along the way, with no desire to leave it there.

This behavior occurs in both puppies and adults and is said to occur when it comes to malnutrition PikaThe term refers to the animal’s unusual tendency to eat inedible things such as paper, sand, gravel and even excrement.

You should always pay attention to what the given dog eats, even if the animal has a habit of eating grass blades frequently, many objects thrown or abandoned on the street are dangerous to the dog because they are small or sharp. ..

Therefore, teaching your dog not to jump on food and much more can not only protect our friend from running into danger, but also make walking more peaceful for both the dog and the owner. Instead of forcibly opening our dog’s mouth, there are some strategies and commands that can be very useful:

Teach your dog the “drop” command

Leaves! Spring! Spit! There are many possibilities that the command offers, but it must be very clear for the dog to be able to work on the street. To make sure the animal receives it on time, train and treat at home with a doll:

  1. Take her favorite game and some snacks;
  2. Invite the dog to grab the toy, but do not let go when he grabs it;
  3. Bring a treat to his nose to get his attention immediately;
  4. When your dog is about to leave, repeat firmly “let go” or the expression you want to learn and treat him;
  5. Repeat the exercise a few times and before trying on the road at different points of the house where there will be more confusion.

It strengthens his emotion control

The temptation to grab some leftover food or a toy is a very strong urge in dogs but it can be controlled through proper exercise. Teaching your dog to control his behavior will also be helpful in other situations:

  1. Take your dog’s favorite snack or a delicious meal and grab my fist;
  2. Bring him to your dog and let him smell and lick your hand;
  3. Wait for her to calm down and open your fist as she sits down and show what’s inside;
  4. Close your hand again when the dog runs for the prize;
  5. When it is calm, wait a bit and if the animal is waiting, place the treat on the ground;
  6. Say “go” and reward your dog.

This exercise should be repeated frequently, prolonging its duration and gradually increasing the difficulty.

Face yes or no?

Preface is a controversial tool for teachers, some suggest it, others want it instead. If the dog has a health problem and you want to make sure nothing can enter its jaw, a mouthpiece may be indicated. There are many types of dogs on the market for specific needs.

Preface alone Dogs are not taught any behavior And this is not the solution to the problem, on the contrary, if not introduced properly, it can cause stress and fear in the animal that there will be a tendency to escape the sight of the object.

Other useful tips

To prevent your dog from being tempted to grab street items and food, make sure you:

  • Feeding the animal at least one hour before going down for a walk;
  • Always carry a biscuit with you to do the “Leave” command and the like;
  • Walking in a place without too much temptation in the beginning;
  • The dog walking beside you to follow his movements;

Also keep in mind that if you have adopted an abandoned dog that has spent part of its life on the street, it often shows a tendency to throw itself at food, driven by the instinct to survive and probably starve in its previous life. . Always keep this in mind. It’s not that he doesn’t want to listen to you, it’s just a survival instinct for those who have suffered (hunger, and more).

This attitude can be hard to blunt, but never say no. If, despite these exercises, there is no improvement, you may want to consider going to a specialized tutor who prefers to follow a zoological approach.

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