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Yes, dogs too Bother! Contrary to what one might think, a dog is not willing to endure everything for the sake of love. It is inherent in every social entity to experience the daily annoyances that often arise from living with others. Discomfort in the dog’s life occurs in different forms and in multiple levels: that InterspecificWhere it relates to other dogs, that is Very specialAnd that’s what it has to do with people EnvironmentalWhere it is inevitably immersed in climate, scent, lexical, architectural and urbanist perspectives.

Discomfort to insects and parasites

A clearly annoyed dog
In the picture: A clearly annoyed dog

There is never a better word than this Harassment Able to describe the physical and mental irritation caused by the presence of insects and parasites. Dogs, at certain times of the year, are disturbed by fleas to the point that scratching with the paw on the neck has become a Stereotype of the species. A common behavior used by all dogs to express a wide spectrum of discomfort. Annoyance caused by the harassing presence of insects can put a strain on the subject and provoke the onset of behavior. “Weird”Like, hidden in unusual and hidden places in the house. Today, thanks to veterinary research, there are effective anti-parasitic products on the market that can relieve dogs from this unpleasant condition.

Harassment of lasting love

A man is preparing to persuade someone
In the picture: A man is preparing a “poor” woman to get tired

Terms Bother It is most commonly used in humans, when a woman experiences an intrusive and stressful attitude from a man. We are not so wrong to do some comparative ethics. In dog areas, in fact, many women are victims of stubbornness and intrusion. Often it’s more than a game, a real stacking. A Harassment Performed with impunity in the eyes of all, as most people allow it to do, classifies prolonged obstinacy, as a “natural love conflict between animals.”

In the dog area we see these scenes every day but almost never try to mate in the presence of a woman in the estrus. In contrast, the harassment of a woman by a man that cannot contain her insistence is an expression of a behavioral flow, unfortunately very widespread among full and young male dogs. Behavior that should adequately intervene rather than pet partner by taking the advice of the dog trainer, communication specialist and dog social organization.

Discomfort in communication

We all have pictures of stray dogs in our minds Lying down happily Along a sidewalk or on the edge of a public building, in the middle of confusion. However, if someone tries to caress them, the same things will be ready to rise and move a few meters. Does this mean that they are not very sociable? Absolutely not. Dogs and humans, despite being two co-evolved species, have historically avoided intimacy in relationships. Things are changing today and dogs have taken over, especially in the big cities A social form And genetically matched animals are selected to perform the task.

The dog is “culturally” accustomed to making people happy and to get their attention even if it is inappropriate, to gain privileges and social credit that can be spent Affiliate level. The dog is a deeply flexible and adaptable social creature. Very attracted by the wealth and comfortable lifestyle that today’s people can offer him. Through selection and driven by new educational trends, the dog has become accustomed, compared to the past, to tolerate our most intrusive and misleading interactions at the communication level.

However, we should not mistake this tolerance as pleasing and we should not be sure of its peaceful and rebellious nature. Habits and habits. For all these reasons, we should know that our animal companion is everywhere Introduction to Canis lupus, Not only does it feel uncomfortable but it can react to get rid of it. Let’s think carefully about when and if a dog can be pet. We refrain from taking advantage of it. Let’s respect that, We learn to understand what he feels and what he wants. But above all, let’s not judge him and deny him, classify him as “crazy”, when one day he rebels and decides to bite that we’ve done him for years.

Physical discomfort

Physical annoyance can affect the mood of our friends
In the picture: Physical annoyance can affect the mood of our friends

The most common physical ailments are: arthritis and osteoarthritis, ear infections, dermatitis and “abdominal pain”. When a dog has this one or more annoyance, it can change Mood, Weakens vitality and becomes sensitive to social interactions. The dog suffers with great dignity though. It is an animal that is in nature A high pain threshold And enduring physical illness with resilience, much better than us.

Prolonged action on minor issues, however, can be confusing to change the configuration. Personality. This can make her intolerant of physical contact when she was not before. Our pet companion is Task Hall Continuous monitoring Avoid underestimating the dog’s physical condition, how to perceive variations and accurately assess their extent, or vice versa exaggerate the extent of the problem.

Before that, release him from physical discomfort You become chronic, His standard of living, and even his degree of sociality will be compromised. Let us always remember that a dog suffering from physical discomfort does not necessarily react aggressively but tends to isolate itself, impoverish itself and Shut yourself up. So let us be faithful to him and free him from annoyances as much as possible.

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