Is Vegan Diet Good for Dogs?

Its introduction and growing spread New eating habits And Food The alternative is not only about our world, but that Animals. A statistical study conducted today by the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom compares three different types of food. Dogs: The Classic omnivorous foodBased on food Raw meat (Said Ice) And plant-based foods (o Vegetarian) Research, published Plos one, Concluding that a vegetarian diet in particular seems to be associated with a better state of animal health. There is still study Rather early Based on A statistical analysisThus, according to the authors themselves, it needs to be studied in depth.

I study

The survey is based on owners’ online questionnaires More than 2,500 Dogs, Related to the health of their pets in the 12 months prior to the analysis. The researchers looked at their data, related to dog food and wellness, as measured by numbers Inspection By veterinarian, if any Medicine Guess and Presence Pathologies. About half of the dogs follow a traditional diet, about 33% raw meat diet and 13% vegetarian diet. There are confusing reasons in the study that there may be some weight, such as the age of the dog It was not homogeneous In all three groups.

Is ice diet good or vegetarian?

Statistically, according to experiments, the healthiest dogs are those that only consume Raw meat (Food Ice) Or those on a diet Vegetarian. The results will be displayedOne is apparently the opposite of the otherHowever, the authors point out that the eating style they believe in is probably associated with good health Vegan one. This bite stems from the fact that the average dog that followed Barf in the survey Significantly smaller And they often went to the vet. Although fewer visits appear to indicate stronger health, previous studies have indicated that dog owners who eat raw meat take less to test them. However, there is no direct evidence and these elements need to be investigated. In addition, researchers have focused 22 different diseases Which can affect the dog. At least one of these problems affects 49% of dogs who eat everything, 46% of dogs who follow an ice diet and 36% of dogs who eat plant foods.

How to treat your dog

This kind of study, which will become deeper and more detailed over time, is interesting “, Explains a Wired Marco MelosiVeterinarians, pediatricians and president of the National Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors (Anmvi) are not involved in the study, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.In my experience i Master Dogs to follow Food The details, as in this case, are also Be more careful For their overall health

But how to deal with your pet? “It must be emphasized – Explains Melosi – Than a vegetarian diet, if not supported by enough Complementary May be with supplements MalnutritionI am also important“Therefore, it takes a lot of attention and caution before recommending another diet instead of one.”If we think Evolutionary history Dogs, these animals have traditionally always been fed Mainly meat. There Classic dietSo omnivorous so to speak, it is Specially designed To contain all the nutrients a dog needs. “The veterinarian adds. “A similar concept applies to a regime based on raw meat or ice, from which they derive. Usually associated with vegetablesWhich can present a balanced eating style “.

Power supply on Vegetarian We have dogs Still little informationAccording to experts. “There are no long-term studies“, Explains Melosi,”So it will be important to gather more information in the coming years. It is understood that in some cases one Vegetable food Can be recommended by a veterinarian, in certain situations, with dogs Intolerance With animal protein or special pathology

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