More rewards and opportunities: This is Mini’s richest slam

A paddle that develops at the speed of light, both in terms of popularity and in terms of the world of professionals, Mini’s slam paddle certainly couldn’t be seen standing next to her. Over the years, the top circuit of the national calendar has contributed to the spread of discipline in the country by providing satisfaction and visibility to our strongest players, and now aims to be a valuable vehicle for both the game and its main character. The big news of the 2022 edition, which started with the first match at the K Sport ground in Trigiano (Barry), This means a reward that is four times higher than in the past.

Last year each stage had a total of 3,000 euros, while it will be divided between men and women In twelve months it has even reached 12,500: 7,500 for the men’s open and 5,000 for the women’s open., With an inequality that results only from significant numerical differences in the case of inscriptions. And that’s not all, because in addition to the richer prizes for those who win, Circuit increased the prize money from 16 rounds (previously starting from the quarterfinals for men and semifinals for women), and extended free hospitality. From the second round.

Both are significant steps forward, as they increase the value and attractiveness of tri-color appointments.In an increasingly dense international calendar, both factors could mean a lot to players and thanks to a much bigger prize pool than in the past. They never look closer to the possibility of starting a real professional activity.

As mentioned, the 2022 circuit starts from Triggiano, One of the top centers in Italy in terms of activity, as well as the only club remaining on the calendar since 2021.. Others have all changed, and it is impossible to notice the absence of recruitment in Rome on the list, even in Padel, the Italian capital. It makes noise, but it’s not bad, since The game offers ample evidence of what has become a national phenomenon – even if it is no longer needed.With more and more structures able to host such important appointments.

The second will be played in the Milanese area, in a structure opened by former footballers Nicola Amorusso and Alessandro Budel. At the charming golf club in Tolsinasco Castle. The third will take place between June and July at Rimini’s San Paddle, the “cousin” club of the Ricion Club that hosted the final editions of the Italian Summer Championships, while the circuit for the fourth will make another stop south, at Rama Paddle in Naples in early August. Indoor Fifth and Sixth Stages: First New – and Great – Palavillage de Grugliasco (Turin), then Maremma, Grosseto Village.

However, the date and location of the final master remains to be defined, with the top 16 and top 16 qualifying for ranking with points distributed in each step. The total prize money for the final event was 15,000 euros, won last year by Marco Cassetta and Mauro Augustin Salandro for men and Chiara Pappasena and Georgia Marchetti among women..

Foreign players are allowed to participate in circuit tournaments, but couples are not made up entirely of foreigners. A move that has allowed many of our team to work with paddle players of international standing over the years.From which to learn level up trade secrets.

A peek into the entry list of the Trigiano event shows that this will happen again, as the top-50 Jorge Ruiz Guterres (who will play in the Serie A match with Matia Guerra at the Village Paddle Emola) is coming to Puglia. Italy-Argentina’s Denis Perino, who will form a very dangerous couple with the current Italian champion Marcelo CapitaniAnd another great player like Aris Patiniotis, who dropped out of the top 100 due to a major injury that kept him out for a good part of 2021, but still able to play at the highest level. All of Italy’s top players were also present: Cremona / Casseta, Cinicropy / Catanio, Majetti / Bruno and others. It is also worth keeping an eye on ex-professionals based in our country, Tamame / Calnegia, Italy-Argentina.

There are also many names on the women’s scoreboard, among which Julia Susarello and Chiara Pappasena are back as a couple. The Como and Romans together dominated the national scene year after year before splitting up in mid-2021. Running – but not in pairs – also New 35-over world champions Sara D’Ambrozio and Alessia La MonacoAlso other historical heroes of our movement.

Calendar of Slam Paddle by Mini 2022 Circuit
3 Stage: April 18-24 K Sport Trigiano (Barry)
Stage 2: 30 May-5 June Paddle Tolisinasco (Milan)
Stage 3: June 27-July 3 Sun Paddle Rimini
Stage 4: 1-7 August Rama Paddle Naples
Stage 5: 3-9 October Palavillage Turin
Stage 6: November 21-27 Village Grosseto
Final Master: Date and location will be set

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