Synchronized, SIS Rome wins Italian promotion title

Even two years later the Romans are the best and as a team they have won a prestigious title. Coaches Chiara Urbinati and Laura Burtone: We worked hard and the success of 2020 was not easy to repeat. We are Lazio’s first company and one of the best in Italy in the publicity sector

Synchronize a moment of the SIS Roma exhibition

(AGR) Success in Roman swimming continues. In the National Synchronized Swimming Event FIN Propaganda Junior, Senior and Absolute categories confirmed the hero and winner, possession, or rather recurrence (already won in 2020), SIS Roma Girls won the Italian title. The race held at “Gianni Gambi” in Ravenna’s municipal swimming pool last week confirmed the progress of the sport and, above all, the great participation and interest surrounding it.

Synchro is a specialty that makes you dream. Synchronized Swimming, in fact, has been named by FINA Artistic Swimming since 2017, a water sport, a technical-integrated discipline that combines swimming, gymnastic elements and dance, where athletes choreograph water with music. Competition and competition returned to Ravenna after two years of rigorous training in the pool due to the epidemic.

“It simply came to our notice then. – Chiara Urbinati, technical manager, with Laura Barton of SIS – says we were in February two years ago to take home the Italian champions in various specialties. And this time we had to make sure we did well. In the same way, we were “special seeing”. A responsibility that we have felt on our skin. After the difficult moments of facing the sport, the excitement was already felt as we crossed the edge of the swimming pool together with about 360 athletes from all over Italy for the other 32 clubs and events present. ”

The heroes in Saturday’s first race were immediately junior category athletes (NoAgo and Ex-Ago divisions) who performed the following exercises:

– Written by Junior Duo No-Ago couple Elena Morello and Sara Occhipinti

– Junior Duo X-Ago performed by Chiara Pol and Camilla Basan

– Junior No-Ago team: Emma Leo, Sophia Spizicino, Ludovica Antonini, Benedeta Francini, Georgia Primavera, Matilda Costa, Viola Picioli and Sylvia Elisei

Performances were at an all-time high, and the competition grew louder and louder: the pair, formed by Elena and Sara, finished first in 31 rehearsals and the qualifying session with an elegant and believable performance.

“In the final – continuing Chiara Urbinati – where the top 11 formations are back in the water, our athletes were able to achieve a great result, even though they did not qualify, and finally won the bronze medal with a score of 65,833. Shortly after the pairing of Chiara and Camilla, he showed great technical prowess and won silver with a score of 66,033. And confirmed the promise. “

It was during the team competition, probably the most spectacular in the discipline. Squadron that the Queen Race and competition in this game has always been intense, starting among the SIS favorites.

During the final edition of this event, in fact, it was the Capitoline team that came out victorious and again the Roman athletes were looking for an Encore. Giallorosi was seen second in the classification to reach the final at the end of the qualifying session, after a performance with several errors. The character needed to be brought out to achieve the goal. In the minutes prior to the performance, the girls sought the right concentration under the guidance of instructors Chiara Urbinati and Laura Burton. There was a moment of great excitement, then the speaker turned on and the emotion disappeared.

“The final performance of the girls was flawless, we witnessed a very high level of competition, the performance of Sis was precise, bright and flawless. – Chiara reports – They took a leap ahead of their opponents by more than one point, finishing in first place with a score of 66,767 and winning the title of Finn Propaganda Italian Champion for the NoAgo Junior team. Crying and hugging seals the real emotional moment for everyone: the last few months have been hard to remember, when everyone’s life has changed since March 2020 … the result is a taste of reality, a return to reality no sport and no passion to share with all Italian clubs Yes, moreover, the important results obtained on this day filled us with pride and kept the morale of the group high, preparing it for the next session of the day. “

Sunday’s heroes were athletes in the senior and absolute divisions, and Sis Roma competed with three choreographers:

– No-Ago, a senior duo of Livia Ranieri and Rebecca Pinella

– Complete no-go team performed by Camilla Basan, Sofia Spejicino, Ludovica Antonini, Julia Bellucci, Livia Ranieri, Rebecca Pinela, Elena Morello and Sara Ochipinti (Chiara Pol Reserve)

– A complete no-go team consisting of Eleonora Livi, Claudia Lamonaca, Giulia Casino, Benedata Francini, Georgia Primavera, Alice Bocardelli, Ariana Visca and Matilda Costa.

We immediately started with the Duo Race (a session without a final) where we saw the couple Livia and Rebecca confirming the outcome of the last Italian Championship with silver and a score of 64,900. Also in this case, Cis Roma is the first club in this particular Lazio.

The final team match, the final scheduled, saw Cis Roma go into the water with two formations and especially after the qualifying session, where both teams returned to the top 8 who will compete in the final (the only company to achieve this result). Giallorosi is fifth with a team scoring 63,000 and is clearly ahead of the other team with a score of 68,333, which is almost two points away from the second placed team. The final, with which this event ended, has been a great performance for both teams but unfortunately, not as credible as the previous qualifying round; One team finished in sixth place and the other, as in the previous day’s duo match, dropped from first to third place, second to tenth place, returning home with a bronze medal.

“We worked hard and it wasn’t easy – remember Chiara and Laura – we first tried to give these girls stability and peace in the last two years because we felt it was what they needed most. Today, what makes us most proud. That is, despite the difficulties, they did not give up and kept their passions and dreams alive. We are very satisfied with the results and return to Rome because, again, we are the first club in Italy to prove Lazio as one of the best clubs in Italy in various specialties and publicity. The result is that we’ve dedicated ourselves to President Flavio Gistoli, who has always been very close to us, allowing his athletes to train at the highest level, providing them with everything they need. These results are the result of a great team effort. “

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