Woverines graffiti on Russian tanks destroyed in Ukraine

In response to the “Z” massacre by Putin’s army, some Russian tanks destroyed by Ukrainian artillery were photographed with “Wolverines” graffiti painted in Ukraine with paint cans written on the wreckage. This is clearly a tribute to the American resistance of the film Red morning An action film from the 1980s by John Millias that captures a prelude to World War III. The plot follows the KGB-led communist invasion of Cuban and Nicaraguan troops on U.S. soil as an ally of the Soviet Union, and forms a group of local boys who use the name Muscat Wolverines in their high school. A guerrilla, like the real partisans, against the invading enemy.

According to the Daily Mail website, the photo of the first tank was shared by Ukrainian Oleg Tolmachev after the Russians were forcibly withdrawn from Kyiv. The tweet was shared as a tribute to the “Red Dawn” film, as a tribute to the war in Ukraine, but in reality it was later discovered that the “Wolverines” existed and that they were a Ukrainian resistance group active from the beginning. Of war. In early March, Daniel Bilak, a Canadian lawyer of Ukrainian descent who immigrated to the country about 30 years ago, spoke to the leader of the Ukrainian “Wolverines” online news outlet Gijero. Daniel Bilak reveals that he named the group “Red Dawn” in honor of the heroes of his childhood in the 1980s.

Gzero reports that in the weeks leading up to Vladimir Putin’s order that his troops enter Ukraine on February 24, the Wolverines hold weekend military training sessions in forests and camps outside Kiev. Speaking about a week after the start of the war, Bilak said the Wolverines were conducting night patrols to maintain order and capture Russian personnel.

“Red Dawn” aka “Red Dawn” (originally the title Ten Soldiers) was released in 1984 with a screenplay directed by John Millias (Big Wednesday). Barbaric paradise. The cast includes a series of young stars of the eighties, including Charlie Sheen, Leah Thompson Back to the future And Howard DuckC. Thomas Howell who will be hunted down by Ratgar Howard a few years later Hitcher – The long road to fear And I will be its hero The soul is manAnd of course Patrick Suez and Jennifer Gray who will team up in 1987 Dirty dance – forbidden dance. Despite mixed reviews from critics and accusations of being too violent for a teenage audience, “Red Dawn” proved to be a commercial success, grossing $ 38 million against a budget of $ 17 million.

We also have to mention the bad remake Red dawn – red dawn In the 2012 film Chris Hemsworth, The Thor of the Marvel, Josh Hutcherson is known as Pita Melark. Hunger Games And Jeffrey Dean has appeared in the Morgan TV series in the role of the infamous Negan The Walking Dead. The first draft of the screenplay, updated with today’s time, shows the protagonists fighting terrorists in the Middle East, then turning to production with Chinese invaders who later became enemies of North Korea. The remake of then-newcomer Dan Bradley offered a bad copy of the original, which was nominated for the worst prequel, remake, rip-off or sequel at the 2012 Reggie Awards, but won an unbeaten run that year. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Curiosity about “Alba Rosa”

  • “Red Dawn” was the code name for the Iraqi military operation that captured Saddam Hussein on December 13, 2003. Writer and director John Milias was honored.
  • The film has entered the Guinness Book of Records for the most violent film ever. According to their estimates, there are 134 incidents of violence per hour or 2.23 per minute.
  • Two members of the CIA arrived on the scene after receiving information about a Russian tank in the area. They were relieved to hear that the tanks were only for a movie.
  • Writer and director John Milias carried a loaded pistol on set with him.
  • The film was banned in theaters in Finland. The reasons for the ban were excessive violence, disagreement with Finnish foreign policy, and the film was considered “too anti-Soviet.” The film was later released in home video format.
  • The scene of Soviet paratroopers coming to Calumet to fight the Wolverines is reminiscent of the scene of the arrival of French paratroopers in the 1966 film The Battle of Algiers. In both films, paratroopers come to the rescue of the freedom fighters.
  • In front of the house, A video game written by John Milius about the North Korean invasion of America, widely borrowed from the movie Red Dawn. A large billboard at a school sports stadium featuring a notable “Easter egg” film reads “Go Wolverines !!!”. The plot of the remake in turn Red morning 2012 borrowed heavily from the Homefront, including the use of a United Korean threat, the use of rural and suburban settings for initial action, and guerrilla warfare.
  • In video games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2The game campaign where the Russians invade the United States is called “Wolverines!”.
  • Opponents’ change in the 2012 “Red Dawn” remake, from Chinese to North Korean, was a commercial choice, relying on potential acquisitions from China as well. The production cost is less than $ 1 million to convert Chinese to North Korean opponents. An opening sequence was changed that gives a brief overview of the background (Chinese “redemption” after the North Korean-led invasion turned into a US debt), the two scenes were reunited, and digital technology was used to change Chinese symbols and dialogue in Korean.

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