Desi also surpassed Bernarezio in the Brianja Derby, almost hosted the playoffs, is a de facto guest at Sea Gold

DESIO – One is one step away from the playoffs, the other is one step away from C Gold 7 Rimadesio Desio and Vaporart Bernareggio. In the derby held the other night in “Pala Moretto”, the first defeated the second 81-60, driven mainly by the trio of Gierelli-Molteni-Sirakov. The win could give life to coach Gabriel Gherelli’s side, who redeemed two external stops at Bologna and Vicenza, to complement the championship. For Bernarezio, however, it is virtually over and the team will probably have to restart from Serie C. The great generosity of the Reds, led by Ingroso and Adamur, was not enough to capture a decisive significant success.

First Fourth – Desi also immediately pointed to the law, pushing himself to 7-0 after halfway through the quarter. Bernarezio tries to get closer with a triple from Guttierez but the evening star Gearelli brings the hosts back to the six-plus. Thanks to Tudeschini for the new Reds introduction always in part. Adamu responds to another basket of guerrillas and brings the visitors back just four points. A good rapprochement between Gierelli and Vanzelve took off again for Dacio, Bernarezio appeared in a perception crisis and made two free throws from the Ingroso line. Hosts can take advantage of this to draw a fascinating furrow flying between them and the guests at 16-7 which goes to the first quarter archive. Guerrero has already proven to be an authentic factor in his double figures with his ten points.

Second Four – Nasini drops a triple and signs a plus twelve, Ingroso responds with the same coin. Vangelve made one of the two from the line but Ingroso is still very inspired by the archery shot and packed the second triple in a row. And there’s a three-point solution that comes out of his hand when he answers in a Leo basket. Vangelve sinks the blade but Lison comes close to the intern: 25-19 after three minutes and the game is still open. Desi, too, came back to increase the volume with a 30-21 play by Gierelli and Molteni. De Meco tries to reunite the guests from the line where he puts two of the two but Gierelli again answers with a triple which confirms his golden hand at the realization stage. After Nassini’s triple, coach Mickelloni called the end of time to see his men donate dangerously. In the restart, however, Desi also struck again with Galazji’s triple and Nasini’s free throw, leading Long Range 39-23.

Third Fourth – Bernaregio tries to stay awake but Galazi makes another triple that leaves the hosts with a clear 42-25 score. Sirakov hit from below, Ingroso responded with two free throws. Dacio continues to be remarkably comfortable with solutions from the Arc, and this has been demonstrated by the two thrusts of Molteni and Sirakov. At 56-30, Desio Micheloni called his team for another conceliabolo that could stop the bleeding of guest points. Guttierez tries to give Bernarezio the reverse oxygen, but Guerrero, in a counter-attack, sends Dacio the most at twenty-six. Pirola does one of the two from the line, but Dacio immediately shakes the replica with a dunk of vangelv introduced by Majoleni. Lison’s interns put heart and determination into it and answer with Todeschini and Adamu: 60-37 and a half minutes from the end of the fourth. Adamu himself embroidered five free throws on target and hit a double response from the Vangelve charity line: Deshi also finished the third quarter with a twenty-point lead or 62-42.

Last quarter – De Meco guesses a triple from the corner, but Majoleni crushes indiscriminately with the help of Nasini. Coach Mikeloni panicked a bit and hired a technician. To a Dank of Adamur, Ingroso answers most of his team’s mood, Molteni. Vanzelve had a minor altercation with De Mako, both of whom took the coach but had to give up color for five fouls first. Nasini chuckled a triple and did well in two homework from the Majoleni line. Bernarezio tries to hit a shot with Ingroso but Leon responds. Georgette is breathing new red with reverse. Leon runs in the fifth foul and the game ends for him. Dacio abruptly took the lead, creating two more chances in Majoleni’s free throw. Georgette sends Bernaregio to the basket but Sirakov responds immediately. A triple guest from Giorgetti confirms the good mood of the player but a free throw for Desio sets the final score in his favor for Desio 81-60.


Remadesio Aurora Desio: Gierelli 19, Molteni 15, Sirakov 14, Majoleni 10, Nasini 10, Galazi 6, Vangelv 6, Rossi 1, Baso, Pierchak, Truchetti. Coach: Gabriel Ghereli.

Free throws: 11 out of 18, 32 rebounds (Majolini 7), 19 assists (5)

Lison Intern Bernarezio: Ingroso 17, Adamu 13, Todeschini 6, Gatti 5, De Meco 5, Georgette 5, Pirola 4, Quartier 3, Lanzi 2, Capelletti, Marara, Isa. Coach: Emanuel Mikeloni.

Free throw: 10 out of 17, rebound 37 (Adamu 7), Assist 13 (Ingroso, Todeschini, Quarterly, Lanzi, Capleti 2).


Francesco Janiboni from Bologna, Chiara Betini from Fainza (RA)

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