English Bulldog: 10 things to know before adopting

If you are thinking of adopting an English Bulldog, you must know a few things before welcoming him into your family, such as its peculiar features that will help you to fully understand the character and needs of this breed.

Her looks may make us laugh, her movements are a bit awkward and her nose is constantly calling, but they are still a feature that English Bulldog, A very popular dog not only in his homeland, England, but also as a much desired foreigner. This small mollusc is a good-natured, family-loving and calm person.

If you are thinking of adopting an English Bulldog, here are 10 things to know about this breed:

Loves peace

The English Bulldog makes a perfect companion dog for people of all ages. The creature actually likes very calm, quiet and serenity that surrounds it and even looks at it. It is basically a strange element of the nature of an English bulldog, who, though stubborn, does not give up relaxation.

He is certainly not an athlete

The English Bulldog is not only a very quiet four-legged friend, but also quite lazy. Of course each dog is different from the others, but usually prefers an English bulldog adventure and a cushion for sports, a kennel or better yet, a sofa. In fact, dogs need moderate physical activity, to avoid the hottest days altogether.

It gets fat easily

Lazy and also indifferent, yes, this is another aspect to take into account. The English bulldogs give up what they are given, tend to gain weight easily which is why they need to weigh the ration and not overdo it with extra snacks and treats. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you how much food your English Bulldog should eat.

It is a brachycephalic

Like the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog, the Pug, the Boxer and many other dogs, a brachycephalic dog has a genetic predisposition that is desirable and selected by humans for its appearance and physical characteristics. The dog owns today.

This condition is a source of unimaginable misery for animals, it is no coincidence that these dogs are subject to a long series of complications known as BAOS or brachycephalic syndrome which include: shortness of breath, syncope, exercise intolerance, heat stroke, regurgitation.

The breed, like the others, is actually very delicate

Can’t swim

Due to its short and massive structure and its weight which in any case is about 25-30 kg, so much for a small dog, the English Bulldog cannot swim. This species does not have a bad relationship with water, but because it does not know how to swim, it will sink like a rock because it will not be able to keep its head above water.

Whether near the sea, lake or river, the animal must always be monitored. Many English bulldog owners use life jackets to make sure their dogs are not in danger.

She loves children

The English Bulldog is also an excellent companion dog for young children. He likes to be part of the family and with his calm and good nature, he is the perfect dog for kids. She dealt very calmly with the kids in particular, also very patient.

The hair does not need to be taken care of too much, the rest of the body

The English Bulldog’s coat is short and soft, and brushing it twice a week is fine. Rather, they are other parts of the body that need further treatment. It must have wrinkles and creases on her adorable face which should be cleaned daily to remove the dirt hidden there and avoid skin infection.

A damp cloth soaked in plain hot water can also be used to clean the dog as this breed does not require frequent bathing.

He sleeps like a log, but snores like a human

The English Bulldog likes to be lazy for a long time, but perhaps it was understood. In fact, it sleeps about 14 hours a day, but it can’t really be said that the animal “doesn’t hear and can’t see itself” because the English bulldog snores and lots.

Being brachiocephalic, these Russian species have difficulty breathing because their palate is narrower and softer than their normal nose, which is why they snore when they sleep.

He was a bull warrior

You wouldn’t think so, yet this breed was once chosen to attack and fight bulls Bull baitA highly violent show that took place in medieval England until the nineteenth century and can be considered a kind of ancient bullfight, where bulls were attacked by bulldogs.

Hence the name of this breed, “bull dog or bull dog” but today it is undoubtedly a great companion dog that does not know what the word aggression means (like other animals).

It is one of the most popular dogs in America

The Bulldog is a favorite dog of the new continent, where the breed is on the verge of extinction after being banned in England. Bull bait, No one wanted to breed English bulldogs anymore.

Over the years, these bulldogs, as well as the French, have been the most requested dogs by the Americans, and by 2021, this breed has surpassed the others, ranking 6th in the AKC ranking of the most common dog breed in America.

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