Farewell to Parma, Rafael Rinaldi: Artist and Intellectual

Mourning and deep sympathy in the world of Parmar culture for the untimely death of versatile artist and fine-tuned intellectual Rafael Rinaldi, who died on Sunday, at the age of 65, after a long illness with courage and dignity.

Actor, singer, musician and director, Reynolds was born in Naples in April 1957, began his artistic career as a drummer in the city of Neapolitan and then went on to study guitar. Artists like Piscopo studied as an actor, gained experience in vocabulary and singing and radio broadcasting, and then attended stage and theater specialization schools across the country.

The news of the artist’s death, who arrived in Parma 35 years ago and who started working with the Calandrino Theater Company and was able to germinate a deeper humanitarian and artistic partnership in the city, conveyed a message of much sympathy and intimacy. His beloved wife, the poet Alma Saporito, with whom he lived in his chosen district of Oltreent.

“Rafael Rinaldi is gone – so wrote Councilor for Culture Michelle Guerrero – a man of artistic and human sensibility who has left a deep imprint on the minds of many in our town. He has dealt with his illness with courage, unique strength and power. Which reflects his way of interpreting the world and life. “

“You were the Maradona of happiness, you were our music made up of notes and anecdotes. You made us better with your smile, the wisdom to survive on earth. Your peaceful walk with the alma mater. That’s you: poetry. Safe shelter knowing how to dream.” … Flannery of life “, how Antonio Mascolo, finding pictures capable of embodying the feelings of many, many friends, remembers his late friend, who immediately became” the good spirit of this isolated city “.

Those who have had the good fortune to meet and therefore, inevitably, love for Rinaldi is due to his generous, caring attention to others. A generosity that, despite a long month of illness, forced him to share the fight against evil through a kind of diary made up of words and pictures posted on social networks to give courage and hope to those who were in it. Same situation

Selfless, Raphael, in his contagious and vital creativity, on the way to the stage of life every day, as well as in the moment of greeting his friends and with the life of inventing a life every day, when curiosity and passion at the moment when the screen has to fall. Her condition worsened when the artist herself wrote in a post to many of her friends on April 7: “I love you.” No one could doubt his great goodness, it was the instantaneous and subtle human sympathy with which Raphael knew how to understand who he had.

If Raphael knew how to leave an unforgivable mark on those who knew him, his vision was to enter a room capable of welcoming you, and even before greetings and hugs, the artist would leave a deep mark, as well as important stage performances, as well as those of his people. Thanks for the catalyst for the ability, strength and talent to relate to him, for realizing the potential and for the confidence in those who worked with him.

Recall that pianist Enrico Fava, one of the founders of the cultural organization Vosinart, along with Rinaldi, Alberto Padovan and Luka Ariano, was: One of the poetic-musical partnerships between Lucio Dala and Roberto Roversi, where Ruff has devoted himself both as a writer and as an actor and singer, has created an amazing show, even if he was “already good.” His own attitude: He knew how to surround himself with people who showed different talents, then weaved something very personal. In addition to being a great artist, he was an artist. A powerful catalyst of aspirations, projects and dreams, he There was a very generous man who left an important legacy for the city, an intellectual legacy that we carry. I will try not to. “

The legacy of a fertile existence that is not lost, as Gabriella Corsaro wrote in a post on Sunday morning, addressed her friend who died at night: “But nothing has been won about you and your existing concrete, elegant and valuable art remains. You have the good fortune to know that you are leaving a mark of beauty in them but also in those who have only met your eyes.

Among the artist friends who voice their voices to accompany Raphael on his final journey, as well as author Tito Pioli for whom Raphael “will be the one who teaches God to laugh at Neapolitan, who will donkey Napoli wear shirts, who will give St. John a caproni and a poem by Mary Magdalene We will put your voice in the cup of coffee so that we can make you drink every morning “, a loving promise from a friend.

“You have enriched us all with your generosity, your zeal, your sensitivity and your intelligence. Now we are all poorer. A whole town is poorer. Recognizing you was a specialty. You were an example even in sickness. Fighting like a lion.” “Where there was music, poetry and humanity, you were present. Always,” said his friend Primo Giroldini.

“I have to thank you: for your great generosity and above all for your smile. Your smile, your sympathy has always accompanied you and hugged us all in a big hug. You were an exceptional, authentic, true artist., Always a source of inspiration for everyone.” “I don’t want to talk about death,” wrote the poet Emanuela Rizzo. “Because you will never leave me. You are unique and so will you be. Rest in peace but keep laughing and having fun, even there. You will always be with us in everything we do. A big hug to Alma too. “

With his wife Alma, Raphael shared not only a refined sensitivity to art and a profession for the most authentic and sincere, but also a love for the most endangered and exposed living creatures. The two fall in love deeply, the 18-year-old cat Bixio, which comes from the street name where Alma and Raphael found him, abandoned him for a few months, and immediately decided to adopt him.

And the prospect of a final farewell to Bixio, as described by Alma, was crucial to a more humane farewell, comforted by all the beloved affection: “Raphael fought to the end, never losing weight, showing himself generous to others. Will be able to go home where Bixio, our cat, for whom she has been waiting. I must thank all the staff at Little Daughters for allowing me to take her to her room, for the last farewell. I was afraid to ask, but its Needless to say: Talking to psychologists and doctors I told them how much we both loved Bixio and they told me I could take him: a great possibility. I put him to bed and Raphael was able to do it. Kept her close for a long time.In addition, I could stay day and night and was allowed to meet friends by appointment.The youngest daughter, where we Having found merit and humanity, allow a very dignified and sweet way to go along: I think it is right to say so “, concludes Alma, who shows the same generous attention to others even in moments of pain which has always attached him to Raphael and many mutual friends. .

It will be possible to bid farewell to Rafael Reynaldi on Wednesday 19 April, starting at Picol Figley Hospice and leaving for Valera’s Sala del Comiato at 3.45pm.

Lucia de Iona

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