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Guglielmo ‘Willie’ Stanardo also wore an Atlanta shirt as a footballer

Guglielmo Standard, Said Willie. An authentic icon of Italian football until a few years ago, it is today Champion of minority rights In the real jungle that is the sport in Italy. With a lean and athletic body like a chic short, not chosen by chance by one of his coaches, jokingly sure the game would be over before the name Guglielmo was pronounced. Thus, with his relentless forty years of indomitable zeal, with a remarkable career behind him to play on the most prestigious football field, Wiley has taken up the profession. Lawyer With special mention Sports law And the thorny moral and deontological aspects of that sector.

The issues and topics that he discusses in the courtroom and that as he teaches Lecturer of Louis in Rome. Born a Neapolitan, he proudly showed all the obvious signs of being an essential part of his origin: he cherished his parents and siblings and was proud to have an ‘old’ education for the influence of his family and his grandparents and the healthy environment where it was formed. In short, Stendardo is the classic good guy, handsome, including intelligence, entrepreneurial resources, a great desire Judgment And when it comes to defending the rights of the downtrodden and giving a voice to those who cannot claim them. He once called himself the ‘ideal man for marriage’.


Guglielmo Stendardo, 40, is a lawyer specializing in sports law

However, he does not feel ready even after various experiences. His focus is now exclusively on new professions which require application and maximum rigor.
“For me, football was not the obsession of my life – the former player says – what has always fascinated me is I studySerious one, which takes you deeper into every question by reading the thoughts of intellectuals, philosophers and mystics who have contributed to changing the world “. So it cannot be a coincidence that one of his favorite singers, needless to say, Franco Battiato, In which he knows every note, every word, until it becomes his favorite soundtrack of the day. In short, for Guglielmo i Moral values The focal point of its existence and Protection of the weakest factors Assuming absolute priority for him. What seems to be the reason for losing is actually a challenge, which is often won.


Stendardo coaches the Lewis team of excellence

He knows very well that there are strong inequalities in sports that need to be addressed as soon as possible. There is the problem of racial discrimination, the violence in stadiums which is the cause of many victims, often completely unknown. There are several protections to this Athletes Which is not often the case Not even classified as professional And without any social security, health or maternity assistance. Not to mention the risk of poverty for many athletes. Only a tiny minority enjoys those millionaire deals so shamelessly that it shows an insult. 90% not doing well at all. The little-known aspects that concern not only the football system, but the sport in general. So now Athlete Wiley has entered the field with the same strength of the past: a different terrain, and of course much more deceptive, but with the intention of creating the best goal of his life. Guglielmo Stendardo, in addition to his commitment as a legal professional, He coached the Lewis team to excellence And his Commentator Sports-loving For the rye network. There is also a book in preparation that tells about his life experience as a metaphor for football.


Willie Standardo is a guest in the magazine Lego. In the meantime, he prepared a book about his experience Life as a metaphor for football

Willie, where are we at the level of women’s protection in the world of sports?
“We are in 2022 and I do not know a woman in sports who is retiring as a result of her work. A very serious fact that condemns how everyone is treated as a professional is not de iure, And it also applies to important champions like Pellegrini in swimming or Roberta Vinci for tennis, who, unlike Serena Williams, did not benefit from any kind of contract capable of defending them. However, it should be emphasized that the problem that strongly affects the female universe does not exclude many other categories. Very few people know that professional competence in the strict sense remains the specialty of four sports: football, golf, basketball and cycling. Everything else is considered amateur and therefore does not seem worthy of any kind of attention in terms of the law. Hopefully, with the sports reforms scheduled for July 1, everything can change for the birth of a new image of a sports worker, regardless of gender and whether he is an amateur or not.

Questions for people with disabilities are also open …
“It simply came to our notice then. It is a category of highly trained athletes, often a source of pride for our national color. The world of persons with disabilities has also been regulated through sports reforms, somehow through the entry of persons with disabilities and amateurs into the military, which can provide minimal protection. Unfortunately, the inequality and myopia of many top managers has created a real cultural catastrophe, which should be repaired by continuing to work to give this department the highest status in the sports context. So a truly concerted effort is needed to convince everyone that disability is only in the minds of those who think so. However, it is unbearable that the four million people with disabilities in Italy have been deprived of even the most basic means of assistance and have been left to the detriment of all, on a kind of abandoned island. For example, the Melandri law on television rights should be applied in such a way that revenue can be distributed more equitably, for the benefit of the disabled as well as for the benefit of many associates who often have to be satisfied. With just a few pieces. “


Willie Stanardo, 40, a Neapolitan, is considered to be a person who is very close to his family, with traditional values, ‘growing up in the old style’.

Are ethical values ​​still in fashion in sports?
“They must be grounded, if they are not replaced by the idolatry of the money-hungry Moloch. We must remember that Olympic principles are primarily motivated by moral and economic values ​​only: therefore the principle of legitimacy must always come before economic, often biased, interests. Although I understand that sports in general, and football in particular, are entrepreneurial expressions capable of stimulating enough interest, just remember that it represents 2% of GDP, I cannot forget the moral aspect starting from the educational role. , Educational and beneficial physical plane. In this regard, it should be considered how the practice of sports, although we Italians are in fifth place, is able to save 80 million of the 215 thousand inhabitants, thanks to the positive impact on the health of athletes. And it is not necessary to reiterate how crucial the social benefits are, especially with the practice of team sports and their unified practice of respect and resilience. I would say that the main task of the family is to give proper rules and regulations to the children, to avoid creating myths of being first and foremost. Money is important, of course, but it can never end. If the world of football wants to attract the masses to the stadiums again, it must shut down the show business and act as a tool to make money, and that is, under the penalty of constant loss of budget balance, which is drastically reduced to collapse. In the absolute absence of credibility and ultimately stability “.


Standardo, professor at Louis University in Rome

What do you think about the problem of racist slogans in the stadium?
“Fortunately, we are dealing with a small minority of people who, in my opinion, should be isolated and adequately punished. Without explicitly generalizing this: those who make mistakes cannot get away with just washing their heads. Thanks to the strict law enforcement under Thatcher, English stadiums today are as safe as a theater: everyone knows that being wrong means being caught and immediately jailed. Ordering service is flawless and not Rose water People like us are able to take everything with them. “Anyone who practices racism must follow a decisive approach, otherwise it will be an endless problem that we will carry with us forever.”

What did he teach his students?
“First of all, I try to convey emotions in a reciprocal way. The point I want to emphasize is that success in any endeavor requires a great deal of courage and self-sacrifice, otherwise it is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve commendable results. One more reason to have a clear vision of the sports universe is to have a very precise training and never allow anything. Knowing well enough that sports is the third company in our country, many acknowledge its potential for career development: In this regard, I emphasize how much the future value of their future careers would be if they were interconnected with the social sphere and focused on problems. That they are part of it. My job as a teacher is to explain that because of the importance of sports it is essential that every aspect of it be regulated in terms of an ethical project of complete transparency “.

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